Zupapa Trampoline Review: 12 – 15 Foot Safety Certified Models

Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you. Unless the name is a trampoline that cares nothing for safety. As a main concern, safety should be one of the first considerations when looking to purchase a trampoline. What’s more, any company can throw a tag on a product claiming it’s safe. It’s always preferable to receive safety information from an outside source, and no organization does product safety better than TUV. Sharing the most important fact first in this Zupapa trampoline review, they all come with the German TUV safety stamp of approval.

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Intro To The Zupapa Trampoline Review

With Zupapa trampolines, you can cross safety off the list. There’s still plenty of other factors you’re looking for that make a trampoline the right fit. Of course you’ll want to know what steps towards safety the trampoline offers. Features and specifications come next.

It’s important the trampoline fits where you want it to go and that it holds enough weight. A two person trampoline may not be the best choice for a family of 6 to 8 people. Ease of assembly, durability, and price are other huge considerations every purchaser must take into account. The Zupapa trampoline has the right answers for many a household.

Zupapa Trampoline Models & Specifications


Zupapa trampolines come in one basic model type, but offer options in three different sizes. Take a look below:

  • 12 Ft Zupapa Trampoline
  • 14 Ft Zupapa Trampoline
  • 15 Ft Zupapa Trampoline

Specifications Of Zupapa Trampolines

The size you choose while ordering, but all other specs remain consistent. Zupapa trampolines use a heavy duty galvanized steel frame. The poles measure 42 mm in diameter and their walls are 1.5 mm thick. Height of the net enclosure is 6 feet which combines with the 2 feet 10 inches of the frame giving a total trampoline height of 8 foot 10 inches.

Mat material is polypropylene and sizes change with the trampoline size. The 12 foot Zupapa has a 10 ft 5 in mat while the 14 footer comes with a 12 ft 4 in mat. Finally, the 15 foot Zupapa trampoline has a  13 ft 3 in mat. Each size trampoline also comes with an increase in springs. The smallest 12 foot model uses 72 springs and the 14 foot trampoline jumps up to 96 springs. The largest 15 foot Zupapa bounces with 108 springs. All springs are also galvanized steel and 7 inches in length.

Zupapa 12 and 14 foot trampolines offer a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. The largest 15 footer goes up to a capacity of 375 pounds. Final specs include polyethylene mesh netting, blue polyethylene and PVC frame cover, and a galvanized steel ladder. Sets also contain a users manual, rain cover, trampoline safety pad, and 1 T-Hook.

Key Features

Features help define the value of a trampoline as much as finding specifications that fit. One feature you’re already aware of is TUV safety certification, though more specifics will show through here. This thorough Zupapa trampoline review reveals quite a few features other trampolines do not offer.

Galvanized Steel Frame

It isn’t atypical for a trampoline to use galvanized steel. In fact it’s the norm due to it’s strength and rust resistant properties. The Zupapa difference shows in the thickness and diameter of its steel poles. Many trampolines won’t even give these specs, but Zupapa delares them proudly. A wall thickness of 1.5 millimeters and pole diameter of 42 millimeters adds safety in support to make a sturdy frame.

Longer Net Poles With 2 Steel Joints

Typical height for most trampolines won’t go over 6 feet. Zupapa trampolines sit right at that mark with an additional 2 feet 10 inches in account of frame height. While these are some of the better dimensions you’ll find in a trampoline, it’s the pole lengths that add an extra measure of safety. Net poles on Zupapa trampolines run down nearly the length of the frame poles where they attach in two separate places.

More Galvanized Springs Than Most Equal Size Trampolines

Zupapa springs show another feature where they go above and beyond most trampolines. These galvanized steel springs are 7 inches, longer than the usual 5 ½ or so most trampolines employ. Better for safety and for providing more bounce is the number of springs in each Zupapa trampoline. Consider the following when comparing Zupapa to other standard trampoline models:

  • 12 Foot Zupapa Trampolines Use 72 Springs – Most 12 Footers Use 60
  • 14 Foot Zupapa Trampolines Use 96 Springs – Others Use 88
  • 15 Foot Zupapa Trampolines Use 108 Springs – Typical Models Use 96

Heavy Duty UV Resistant Polypropylene Mat

Polypropylene offers the durability and stretch that trampolines require, and is the usual go to material for the bouncing mat. Most trampoline mats do offer UV protection. It’s critical due to the damaging effects sunlight can have on the material. Zupapa trampolines have all of the above, plus are a bit beefier in fabric than most mats.

Blue Polyethylene Pole Covers & PVC Foam Spring Cover

A full PVC cover surrounds the perimeter of the trampoline between the frame and mat. This cover offers 13 inches of padding that goes both frame and springs. Blue polyethylene pole covers pad the netting uprights. Both features add safety and protection to all trampoline users.

Full Trampoline Cover

A purchase of any size Zupapa trampoline includes a complete cover. Protection against the elements during periods of non-use adds years of life to a trampoline, but only if you have a cover. Your only other option would be to break down the trampoline for storage.

Safety Net Enclosure

A 6 foot tall polyethylene safety net surrounds each Zupapa trampoline. You’ll find a reinforced zipper entrance above the ladder attachment. Safety nets do exactly what their name suggests. They keep people from falling off the trampoline and getting hurt. Zupapa adds reinforcement to the net frame with those double jointed poles. Padded covers surround each pole to prevent bumps and bruises.

Heavy Duty Steel Ladder

Zupapa trampoline access comes by way of a galvanized steel ladder. It’s a simple 2 step ladder that attaches below the trampoline entrance zipper. Zupapa again uses a thicker grade of galvanized steel. Ladder dimensions include 38 mm diameter rungs with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm.

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Concluding The Zupapa Trampoline Review


Benefits abound as you read through this Zupapa trampoline review. Stronger frames with longer poles, higher spring counts, TUV safety certifications, and a full trampoline cover recap a few examples. What else is there? Ease of setup stands out as another feature, when you compare the Zupapa to other trampolines. Connection points are already drilled out and intructions are clear cut. Zupapa trampolines also come along with a 3 part warranty:

  • 6 Month Warranty On Pads & Enclosure Nets
  • 1 Year Warranty On Jumping Mat & Springs
  • 3 Year Warranty On Trampoline Frame


While ease of setup with Zupapa trampolines is better than most, setting up a trampoline is no minor task. Zupapa trampolines do ship in three separate boxes, but they still weigh quite a bit. It’s about 215 pounds total weight. Plan on a good 2 to 3 hour project when it’s time to set up the trampoline. User reports state that one person can accomplish the task, with some difficult in frame and spring attachment. Finally, you’ll want to look for a trampoline anchor kit if wind is an issue in your area. Zupapa trampolines do not include them.

Final Verdict Of The Zupapa Trampoline Review

Value is at its highest when you find a trampoline in a price range with models that come nowhere near its offerings. Zupapa trampolines do just that by going above and beyond in nearly every feature. Enhanced features start with safety and go right down the list to frame, mat, springs, enclosure, and so much more. Take a very close look at Zupapa trampolines before you go with another brand. You probably won’t look back.

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