Vuly Thunder Trampoline Review – Why Every Backyard Should Have One

Never heard of Vuly? Us neither, until a couple of months back. Although the company is relatively new, it has turned the trampoline industry on its head. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Vuly has only been in business since 2008 but already one of the biggest names in trampolines.

Cadillac of trampolines and the brand is the master of bounce. But what about the Vuly Thunder has got everyone jumping up and down with excitement? First and foremost it was the first soft-edge trampoline to be released, and unlike other trampolines, it uses leaf springs instead of the traditional coil ones. Also, the net and mat are sewn together to form one piece. Together, these three features make the Vuly Thunder one of the safest (and bounciest) trampolines around.

What we like:

  • The Vuly Thunder is a well-made, solid trampoline and is available in three sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large
  • With a weight capacity of 330 pounds, it is suitable for the whole family
  • It is built with safety in mind and includes a self-closing door
  • The leaf springs allow for an upright bounce, reducing the risks of injuries
  • Vuly Thunder offers customers parts at half-price for life
  • It is one of the best trampolines currently available on the market

What we don’t like:

  • There is no getting around the fact that this is one of the more expensive trampolines around
  • Some users have mentioned that the color on the enclosure fades after a while, but this could be more to do with exposure to the elements rather than the quality of the material

But what else can you expect from a trampoline with a reputation for being one of the best, and most expensive, in the world? And is it worth the hefty price tag?

Carry on reading to see why we think every backyard needs a Vuly Thunder.

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When it comes to trampolines, size really does matter. For larger families, the Vuly Thunder is available in X-Large, which measure 3.m in diameter. When you have spent a small fortune on a trampoline, it is better to go for the bigger one. This way it can accommodate growing kids, and a growing circle of friends.

The Vuly Thunder is also available in a medium size that measures 2.5m in diameter, and a large, which is 3.2m in diameter.


Remember, the size of a trampoline doesn’t determine how much weight it can support; the weight limit does. All three sizes of the Vuly Thunder can hold up to 330 pounds, which is very impressive considering most trampolines have a limit of approximately 250 pounds.

How much the trampoline itself weighs is also important. And the Thunder Vuly range is heavy. The X-Large is around 550 pounds, so you know it is stable and won’t tip over or blow away.


The Vuly Thunder includes a number of features that make it one of the safest trampolines around. Our favorite feature, without a doubt, is the edgeless design. The safety enclosure and mat are joined and connected to the frame, which means jumpers can land anywhere without hurting themselves.

The poles bend outwards, so there is less chance of someone jumping into them, and the leaf springs are under the mat, stopping little fingers and toes getting pinched or mangled.

The durable safety enclosure features a fine mesh and is one of the tallest we have seen, and the self-closing overlap makes entry and exiting that little bit more difficult. While it is a bit of a tight squeeze for some adults, smaller children won’t accidentally fall out.


When a trampoline is considered to be one of the best in the world, you expect it to made with quality materials, and with longevity in mind. And in our opinion, the Vuly Thunder exceeds expectations.

The frame and poles are rust and weather resistant, the netting is both UV protected and resistant, and the enclosure is made of durable polyethylene. There are no bolts, or screws so nothing can come loose and assembly is easy.


The Vuly Thunder comes with some very cool accessories that you didn’t even know you needed. First up is the shade cover that lets you jump without worrying about exposure to the sun. It also keeps the mat cool on those scorching hot summer days. Even better than the sunshade though is the tent. Yes, a tent! You can create your very own indoor bounce experience, or give the kids a camp out they will never forget. Because the wall and roof are separate, you can install it the way you want.

There is a basketball set, a water mister, a loudspeaker for music and a wheel should you need to move the trampoline from one spot to another.

Tweens and teens will love the tramp deck that lets them practice all their skateboard, wakeboard or snowboard moves without worrying about falling. And the HexVex print on the mat is a great way to keep everyone entertained with games like trampoline twister. Of course, kids can use their imagination and make up their own games too.

Jumping to a Conclusion

Would we recommend the Vuly Thunder Trampoline? In a heartbeat! Yes, even though it costs more than what you would expect to pay. In the long run, it will work out more cost effective than replacing cheaper option every year or two.

Also, as more schools cut down on recess, there has never been a more crucial time for us to ensure our kids are getting as much physical exercise as possible when they are at home. The Vuly Thunder, together with the basketball set, the skateboard deck and the HexVex design on the mat will keep your kids bouncing for hours at a time.

While it is quite a bold statement, we think that the Thunder is the benchmark that all trampolines should be measured against.

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