Ultega Trampoline with Safety Net 14′ Review

Ultega Trampoline with Safety Net 14 Feet

Ultega Trampoline with Safety Net 14 Feet caught my eye when I was recently shopping for a trampoline to surprise my children. I like to do all the research that is necessary before I buy something, especially where my kids are concerned. This model piqued my interest because it offered some of the great features I was hoping to find.

Price point was very important to me but I did not want to give up any safety features. I also wanted something large enough for all the kids and their friends to be able to use. The Ultega Trampoline with Safety Net 14 Feet model really fit the bill. It met all of my requirements like pricing, safety and being made from high quality materials.

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Great Value and Size

This is a great value for the money. It is a full sized trampoline that is nicely priced. You get all the great perks of a full size trampoline like a large enough jumping space for the whole family without having to pay a lot of money.

Weight Limit

Weight limit is another thing to think about. This trampoline features a 200-pound weight limit. This means you may be able to have one adult and one child on at the same time. This could also be two to three children at the same time.  The weight limit is important because if you have a large family and want to all jump together this trampoline wouldn’t work for you.

Replacement Parts

If you need to, it is very easy to find replacement parts for this trampoline. This trampoline is an extremely popular brand so the company has separate parts such as springs, mats, nets, and much more you can purchase if you need to. This is a huge perk when you go with a major brand like the Ultega.

Benefits of this Trampoline

  • There are 88 springs in this trampoline which means they will pull tighter and give you a batter bounce
  • The trampoline is made from strong galvanized steel that will keep the trampolines stable and durable
  • The safety net completely surrounds the trampoline at 360 degrees
  • Perfect amount of jumping space for a few children or even an adult and a child
  • Very affordable pricing for a 14ft trampoline
  • UVC resistant padding over the springs, keeps the color and

Galvanized Steel Base

The galvanized steel base ensures that the unit does not tip over. The base is of heavy duty construction and can easily keep the trampoline upright under some pretty rough conditions. The 4 legs keep the trampoline exactly where you place it.

Features and Specifications

  • The value of this trampoline is that you get top of the line features for a not so top of the line budget:
  • High-quality UV resistant jumping mat
  • Trampoline safety net
  • 8 padded poles for added safety for the surround
  • Durable net to protect jumpers and keep debris and bugs from getting in
  • Galvanized spring connectors

This trampoline offers the latest features at an affordable price.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Hands down the biggest determining factor for purchasing this trampoline for most consumers was the price point. It is hard to find a quality trampoline at the price point the Ultega Trampoline with Safety Net 14 Feet is available at.

Before I make any purchase I like to see what other consumers have to say about a product and I can say I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ultega Trampoline with Safety Net 14 Feet got high marks across the board.

The best advice is to read through the instructions, check all the parts and lay them out BEFORE you start the assembly. It is a lot easier to start assembly once you have everything laid out.


This is a great budget-friendly full-size trampoline that offers many of the bells and whistles of the models that are twice as expensive.

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