Trampoline Sprinklers

Do you own a trampoline? Have you wanted to find a way to add a water system to your trampoline? Now you can by adding a trampoline sprinkler system to your trampoline. A trampoline sprinkler will cool down your children on hot summer days. Some sprinklers work by spraying out a mist and others by spraying water.

Check out the best trampoline sprinklers on the market down below. These are all affordable options and can quickly be assembled on top any trampoline or under any trampoline. Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite.

Trampoline Sprinkler System

There are some specific products that are designed to fit on a trampoline. These two products are the best trampoline sprinkler systems you can buy on the market. They easily attach to your trampoline to give you endless fun.

Artbeck Trampoline Spray Water Park Fun

This trampoline sprinkler is the perfect way to cool down during a hot summer day. We all have stretched the garden hose to the trampoline but it doesn’t quite do the trick.  This easy to attach hose will take no time to set up. Everything you need to set up the trampoline sprinkler system will come to you at the time of purchase. The hose is made of premium materials that are completely safe and durable. You can choose between 32 feet or 39 feet which is perfect for all trampoline types.

Perfect Way to Cool Off

This is the perfect way to get your child outside on a hot summer day. When you have attached sprinklers to your trampoline not only will it make it so much more fun but it will also cool off your child. When the sprinklers are turned on, it will make the trampoline up to twenty-five degrees cooler than the outside temperature. This is perfect for children who want to play outside, birthday parties, pool party, or just for some simple relaxation.

Easy to Set Up

This water sprinkler system is very straight forward and easy to set up. You need to start by attaching the water pipe to the trampoline net. Then you will attach your garden hose to the water pipe. This will allow the water to flow into the water pipe. Once that is down, you can connect the rest of the house around the perimeter of the trampoline. You can attach it easily with the zip ties included.


  • This is a sprinkler add on for your trampoline.
  • It will lower the temperature on the trampoline to twenty-five degrees lower than the outside temperature.
  • You can choose between a 32-foot hose or a 39-foot hose to connect around your trampoline.
  • You will be able to adjust the water flow by the joint. This will allow you to choose the pressure that your children can handle when on the trampoline.
  • The hose comes with cable ties that will be used to put the hose in place around your trampoline.
  • You will connect the hose right into your water pipe/hose outside to give the hose a water supply.


  • You might need someone to help you during the installation process to help hold the hose while you tie it onto the trampoline.


This is a very affordable and budget-friendly way to be able to achieve a fun way to play on the trampoline. This will cool you down and provide hours of fun. This is a great thing to have at birthday parties or even pool parties. The setup can be done very easily; you just might need someone to help you hold the hose up while you tie it.

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Bobor Trampoline Sprinklers for Kids

Have some fun this summer by adding a sprinkler to your trampoline. If you don’t have a pool, then you understand how hot it can be on those summer days. Have the Bobor trampoline sprinkler make things easier for you by cooling off your children and getting them outside to play. It is super simple to assemble and can attach to any type or shape of trampoline.

Summertime Fun

Are you and your children ready for some summertime fun? This trampoline sprinkler will provide you with hours of fun during those hot summer days. You can easily attach this sprinkler to your trampoline with the zip ties included with your sprinkler. Once you connect it to your garden hose the fun can finally begin, and your children can begin jumping while being sprayed with water. This is a perfect way to relax and cool down.

Three Sizing Options

This sprinkler set offers three different sizes to choose from. You can choose between the 26.2 ft, 32.8 ft, or the 39 ft option. Depending on what size and shape trampoline you have will impact your decision on what size you buy. The sprinkler set is extremely budget-friendly and affordable, so the difference in size and price is not a significant difference.


  • You can choose between three different sizes of hose – 26.2 feet, 32.8 feet, and 39 feet of hose.
  • There are two types of ties that can be used to tie the hose to the trampoline.
  • The hose will be put on the rim on the outside of the trampoline, so your child will not be able to grab it to pull it down.
  • All you need is to connect a garden hose to this trampoline sprinkler hose. This will turn everything on and allow the fun to begin.
  • Keeps you feeling nice and cool during those hot summer days.


  • You may need someone to help you set up the sprinkler around the perimeter of the trampoline.


This is a very affordable way to enhance the fun level on your trampoline. Even if you have a rectangle shape trampoline, you can still easily wrap the sprinkler around the perimeter of the trampoline. If you are unsure what size to purchase just go ahead and measure the outside of your trampoline to which size to purchase.

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Sprinkler Under Trampoline

You can also choose the option of buying a regular sprinkler and putting it underneath the trampoline. This is a great budget friendly option. Here are the two best sprinklers I found for under your trampoline.

Melnor 65003-AMZ MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

This is a regular sprinkler that can be used in your garden, but we use it for under our trampoline. This sprinkler has a 4000 square foot range making it able to water your grass as well as cover your entire trampoline. The sprinkler comes with a turbo motor that does not cause puddling and works smoothly and efficiently. This sprinkler is guaranteed to last many many years. It also comes at a very affordable price range.

Wide Coverage Range

This sprinkler covers a huge area with its range. Depending on where you place this sprinkler, you should get over 4000 square feet of coverage area for your sprinkler. In this case you can put this sprinkler under your trampoline, and the sprinkler will move back and forth covering the entire trampoline area.

Garden Hose Adaptor

This sprinkler also comes with a portable adaptor that can connect to any garden hose you may have. You can also connect it right onto the sprinkler, but just in case yours doesn’t fit you can use this adaptor to help make it work.


  • Great coverage of area up to 4000 square feet.
  • Mini oscillator.
  • It can be adjusted to four different settings.
  • Turbo motor will make the motor run smoothly as well as it has an extended life.
  • It can quickly be connected to any water hose system. It also comes with an adaptor to connect to anything.


  • The instructions for set up could be better.


This is a very affordable option to get your children cooled off during hot summer days. It is especially fun to stick this sprinkler under the trampoline and allow water to shoot up to cool you down. The oscillator could work a little better, but overall the entire system works well.

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Kadaon Lawn Sprinkler Automatic Garden Water Sprinklers

This sprinkler rotates up to 360 degrees and has three sprinkler heads/ arms that spray at a forty-five-degree angle. As the sprinkler sprays, the water will go in different directions. This is perfect for under a trampoline because it will cover 3000 square feet of space. There is also a patented water saying design on the sprinkler that allows you to adjust certain aspects of the sprinkler.

Patented Water Saving Design

This sparkler has a patented design that helps reduce water waste and water. The design of the sprinkler heads can be adjusted. You can adjust the water density, size, and even the scope. This is one way to have fun without having to worry about huge puddling or excess water from coming out.


  • This sprinkler comes with three arms or sprinkler heads attached to it that will rotate.
  • This has a water-saving design that can adjust the water density and amount.
  • Easy to connect to any water hose.
  • The sprinkler should cover 3000 square feet.
  • Extremely budget-friendly and affordable.


  • It is fragile, so if it is dropped it could break easily.


This is the most affordable sprinkler we have reviewed that you can use for your trampoline. Even though it is very cheap in price it doesn’t have cheap materials. The sprinkler works very well and does a great job at cooling down the kids outside. The rotating frame I fragile, so try not to drop it. Other than that, this is a great contender for the best trampoline sprinkler.

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How to Install a Trampoline Sprinkler
There are two simple ways to install a trampoline sprinkler. The first way is to but a trampoline sprinkler that is designed to attach to the trampoline’s frame. These sets come with everything you need to easily attach the sprinkler to the frame. They use a hose system that has a bunch of time holes for the water to come out. You can attach the sprinkler to the frame with the zip ties that come with it. Then you easily attach the sprinkler hose to a garden hose and let the fun begin.

The other way to install a trampoline sprinkler is by buying a regular sprinkler and sticking it underneath your trampoline. This is done very easily after you unpackage your sprinkler you attach your garden hose to it and it should begin to work. You can place it underneath the trampoline, and it will shoot water up and get your children soaked for hours of fun.

Can You Jump on a Trampoline that is Wet?

Yes, you can jump on a trampoline that is wet, but you need to keep in mind that when a trampoline is wet it can be very slippery. The jumping mat does take some of the impact of the jump, so it isn’t dangerous. Make sure you follow (safety trampoline guidelines) to keep your children safe while playing. So yes, you can add sprinklers or play on the trampoline after it has rained and still be safe.

Can You Jump Higher on a Wet Trampoline?

There is no evidence to support this claim that wet trampolines make you jump higher. Some people think that you can actually jump higher, but there is no way to prove this unless a company does a study on it. Now a lot of water could actually affect the rebound on the trampoline. So, if the trampoline is completely soaked with a huge puddle on it, then it is a good idea to wait until it is dried to jump on it.

As you can see from this article, a trampoline sprinkler is a great way to add fun to your trampoline. On those hot summer days cool off with one of these trampoline sprinklers. I hope that you found an option that works for you and that your children love it!

Let me know down below which trampoline sprinkler you choose. Also, if you have any questions, leave them down below!

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