Best Trampoline Socks: Why You Should Wear Them

Trampolines have become popular again and today trampoline parks can be found in most major cities around the world. It’s easy to see why people are jumping up and down with excitement.

Trampolines aren’t only loads of fun, they’re also a great workout for everyone from aged three, all the way to 103. As far as fitness goes, trampolining is characterized as a moderate level of exercise, which means it’s in the same group as gymnastics, light yoga, and calisthenics.

Trampoline socks are an additional resource to keep you safe while jumping on a trampoline. In this article you will find the best trampoline socks for jumping, doing tricks, and keeping your feet safe and clean from dirt. Check out our top picks of the best trampoline socks below!

Rymora Non-Slip Anti Skid Grip Socks

Rymora Non-Slip Anti Skid Grip Socks can be used for pilates, yoga, martial arts, dancing, trampolining or for around the house. The soles are cushioned for extra comfort and the non-slip anti-skid grip ensures you’re safe on all surfaces.

They have ventilation bands that keep your feet cool and there are no toe seams, for added comfort.


  • They are available in various adult sizes and in teal and purple
  • The seamless toes ensure extra comfort


  • Limited color choice
  • They’re not available in children’s sizes

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LA Active Grip Ankle Socks – 6 Pairs – Baby Toddler Infant Newborn Kids Boys Girls Non Slip/Anti Skid

These are the perfect non-slip socks for toddlers and young children. The grippers on the bottom will prevent falling and can be used in a variety of activities. The sock is made from a cotton blend that keeps the socks soft and breathable. Extra padding has been put around the cuff by the ankle this makes it easy to slip them on and off your child’s feet.

The socks come in five different sizes. The sizes go by the age of the child. They come in both men’s and women’s designs and are unisex. You will get a pack of six socks. There are nine different color options to choose from; there are basic colors like white and black, and also multi-color packs.


  • Anti-slip protection all over the bottom of the foot
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Unisex design with five different sizing options
  • Six socks value pack
  • Nine color options to choose from
  • Made from a soft cotton material


  • They begin to pill after a few washes.

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Colorful Non-slip Socks ABS Gymnastics Trampoline Socks

These adult non-slip socks are made especially for trampoline and gymnastics users. The socks are made from a blend of cotton, polyamide, and elastane. The grippers on the bottom prevent you from slipping and sliding around on a trampoline or slick floor.

The elastic on the top of the sock helps your feet breathe during physical activity. There are four different sizes to choose from. They are unisex so both men and women can use these socks. You can also choose from a wide color range and value pack size.


  • Non slip bottom with a breathable athletic top
  • Can be used on a trampoline, gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, Pilates, and so much more
  • Unisex design and comes in a wide range of colors
  • Premium gripper dots on the bottom made in Italy.
  • Affordable price point
  • High quality blend of cotton, polyamide, and elastane.


  • There are no grips under the toes, which is important if doing ballet or tip toe exercises.

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Deluxe Anti Slip Non-Skid Socks

Deluxe Anti Slip Non-Skid socks give you a good grip on any surface, making them the perfect choice for yoga, gymnastics, parkour, trampolining or even if you’re just walking around the house.

The socks have good ventilation and are quick-drying, which means you don’t have to worry about damp feet.

They’re available in medium, large and x-large sizes.


  • The arch support ensures a snug fit
  • They’re durable and won’t lose their shape even after washing


  • Not available in children’s sizes

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Yoga Socks for Women Non-Slip Grips & Straps

These cute women’s non-slip socks can be used for a multitude of different things. They can be used for Pilates, yoga, in hospitals, at home, on trampolines, and so much more. The bottom of the socks contains the silica gel that stops you from slipping and falling like regular socks.

The material of the socks is made from breathable cotton that has a ballet inspired look with the crossed elastic straps. The socks come in a variety of colors and you will get two pairs to use.  At one size fits all the socks will generally fit women sizes 5-11.


  • The soles are extra padded to provide comfort that way you don’t feel the silica gel on your feet
  • The criss cross strap not only gives you a cute look but also keeps the socks firmly on your feet
  • Perfect for all types of uses, the hospital, ballet, yoga, in hospitals, and on a trampoline
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Very affordable price point


  • Your feet slide slightly in the sock during activities. This is due to the one size fits all only.

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StopSocks Trampoline Socks

StopSocks Trampoline Socks are ideal for yoga, parkour, athletics and of course for trampolining. They’re available in various color combinations and come in small, medium and large.

The socks have a non-skid, rubber sole that reduces the risk of falling and slipping, and they give you a firm grip on any kind of surface.


  • They’re comfortable
  • Available in funky color designs
  • The anti-slip grip sole keeps you from slipping on any kind of surface


  • There’s nothing we don’t like about StopSocks

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Gaiam Yoga Socks | Toeless Grippy Non Slip Sticky Grip Accessories for Women & Men

These non-slip socks are actually toeless. This is a very cool and unique feature of these socks. The open toe design allows you to have a breathable foot but it also gives you more balance when doing yoga, gymnastics, dance, or barre. This is a one size fits all sock so it doesn’t matter what size you are. This is also a unisex sock so both men and women can use it.

There are ten color options to choose from. The grips on the bottom of the sock are arranged in a cool design to make it more pleasing to look at. These socks protect your feet from foot fungus and excess sweat that could cause bacteria to grow on your feet. This is a great multi-purpose sock set.


  • One size fits most men and women
  • Cool toeless sock design
  • Perfect for all sorts of activities including jumping on a trampoline
  • Available in different styles, color options, and value packs.
  • Helps to prevent bacteria and foot fungus from growing on your feet


  • The grippers work great but when they stick to the floor your foot still slides around inside the sock

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Best Trampoline Socks

What are Trampoline Socks? Why Should You Wear Them?

Trampoline socks are essentially non-slip socks that are stretchable. The main reason for wearing these is to avoid causing damage to the soles of your feet, but they also assist with:

  • Preventing your toes from getting stuck in the trampoline
  • The grip sole ensures a firm hold on the trampoline
  • They protect your feet, as well as other people’s when using the same trampoline

We definitely recommend using them for safety and hygiene reasons, but it’s a good idea not to:

  • Share socks at public trampoline It’s not hygienic and can lead to all sorts of diseases
  • Wear them for too long as they can make your feet damp and cause a few problems

Are Trampoline Socks Hygienic?

Yes, Trampoline socks are extremely hygienic. The socks prevent your feet from coming in contact with harmful bacteria or foot fungus. If you go to a trampoline park it is always important to wear trampoline socks. It prevents you from getting anyone sick as well as getting yourself sick. Even if you are jumping on your own trampoline, it is a very good idea to wear trampoline socks.

Who Can Wear Trampoline Socks?

Anyone can wear trampoline socks. Children, toddlers, seniors, teens, and even adults can all wear trampoline socks. Trampoline socks are used for a wide variety of things besides just trampolines. You can use them for at home use, in a hospital, different fitness activities, and so much more.

These socks are made in either one size fits all or sometimes they will have a few different categories of sizes. Most of the socks I have reviewed above are unisex which means both men and women can use them.


As you can see trampoline socks can be used for so many things besides trampolines.  Trampoline socks work great to help you perform special tricks on trampolines, keep your feet hygienic, and helps to avoid injuries.

The best trampoline socks have grippers on the bottom of the socks to keep you firmly in place while jumping on the trampoline. Did you find a pair of trampoline socks above that you like? Let us know which one you choose to go with.

And there you have it. Our top trampoline sock choices. Ready, steady, bounce!

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