Trampoline Lights – How to Light Up a Trampoline

Trampoline LightsHave you been looking to add some pizzazz to your trampoline? Have you been in the market for some stylish lights to string around your trampoline? Then you are in luck because I have taken the time to personally review the best LED lights for trampolines.

Trampoline lights add fun to your trampoline space. It instantly transforms your trampoline into a stylish light show. They are also great for those summer evenings when you need some light to see while playing on the trampoline. Trampoline lights are a perfect way to enhance your trampoline experience.

AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights

These classic string lights are great for so many things; one of the things they are great for are lighting up the frame of a trampoline. These string lights are made from a high-quality copper and plastic blend. This makes them very flexible that way you can connect and shape them to any surface. The string comes with 100 Led lights for the trampoline. These trampoline lights are all powered by a solar panel that can be steaked into the ground super easily.

No Batteries Required

One of the most unique things that these trampoline lights offer is that you do not need to use batteries. These lights are powered from solar energy. You can put the solar panel into the ground and during the day when the lights are off the sun’s energy is powering the solar panel, and at night the lights will automatically come on.

This is great because, during the summer, kids love to jump on the trampoline until very late at night. Now they will be able to see while they jump, and you won’t have to worry about them not being able to see.


  • This is 33 feet long copper wiring that has over 100 LED bulbs.
  • You have two different color options, warm white or just white.
  • These lights are powered by a solar panel that can be steaked into the ground.
  • The wiring is made from high-quality copper and is very flexible and forgiving depending on where you decide to put the lights.
  • The lights are wiring are waterproof.


  • If you are not careful, they can get tangled up very easily.


These are a very affordable way to make your trampoline more fun, as well as safer. You children will be able to play later into the evening while keeping their visibility on the trampoline. The price is very affordable, and the lights are very good quality. I am glad that they are powered by solar panel because some other light brands I have used eat through batteries.

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LITOM 12 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

This product is a trampoline spotlight. These spotlights makeup twelve LED’s and have 600 lumens. They come in two different color options and have a solar panel, so no batteries are required to use these trampoline lights. These lights can stay on either six or twelve hours. They have an auto-brightness function, so if it is darker, the lights are brighter. They are perfect to put in the yard in front of the trampoline. This will allow the kids to play, and you will be able to see them from the house.


Depending on how dark it gets during the day or at night, the solar light has a function where it will automatically adjust its brightness depending on if it is pitch dark or just dusk. The light intensity will change automatically to adjust to the outside brightness. You can also choose how long you will like the lights to stay on. There is a twelve-hour mode and a six-hour mode.

Waterproof and Weatherproof Technology

Another great thing about these trampoline spotlights is that they are waterproof and weatherproof. That means if it starts to rain outside, you do not need to turn off or even go remove your lights because the rain will not harm them. Also, if you have severe heat, the spotlights will not overheat and will be fine outside. Even in the snow or front, the solar panel and spotlight will be fine outside in these weather conditions.


  • Comes in two different color spotlights warm white or white.
  • You can adjust the angle of the light and steak it into the ground wherever you want.
  • Twelve strong LEDs that makeup to 600 lumens.
  • The light is powered by a solar panel on the top of the spotlight.
  • It has a few different modes you can choose from for how long you want the lights to stay on.
  • Waterproof technology


  • If you have other lights next to these, the light might affect the auto-brightness on these lights, making them appear to be dimmer.


These are very moderately priced trampoline spotlight lights. They come in a pack of two which I really like because you can place these lights in two different pots around the trampoline. I love that again, there are no batteries, and the suns energy powers the lights. I like the auto feature because, on those summer days when it stays lighter later, the light will adjust the brightness when they are on.

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Nekteck Solar Lights Outdoor, 2-in-1 Solar Spotlights

This is another spotlight option for your trampoline. These spotlights have 200 lumens of LED power and work great either steaked into the ground or screwing into a wall or wood frame. The lights have a 180-degree angle which will help you to place your light in front, on, or even beneath your trampoline. This time you have the option to get a multicolor pack and with children you know they will really enjoy that color.

Three Color Options and Four Pack Option

This brand is unique because they offer three different color options; warm white, white, and multicolor. Now if you weren’t using these lights to light up a trampoline than you might go more traditional. I personally find the multicolor option great for children because this makes their trampoline space more fun. You can also have the option of ordering a four-pack instead of the standard two-pack. The more lights, the merrier!

180 Degree Angle

These trampoline lights have a great angle. When they are positioned either in the ground or connected to something with screws, you will be able to adjust the angle to whatever you want to shine the light on perfectly. The angle will work up to 180 degrees so no matter where you want to play the light you will get more range in where you can turn and position the light.


  • These spotlights have 200 lumens LED lights.
  • These lights use solar panels to power the lights.
  • They are water and weather resistant.
  • These lights can be placed in the ground or mounted to a wall with screws.
  • Two brightness modes which are either always on or auto, which means they turn on when it gets dark.
  • The lights can be adjusted by the angle up to 180 degrees.
  • Three different color options.


  • The warm white color is a little too yellow inside the light.


These lights are very cost comparable to the other spotlights I reviewed. I do like that these lights are still weather and water-resistant. I also like that there are two different modes to choose from. I wish the light area was bigger, but you can always buy more lights to light up a bigger area.

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Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

These string lights are designed to give small spaces pop. These lights come in the warm white color, and these long strings have 300 LED lights. The light is very bright and will definitely make a difference wherever you decide to hang them. What makes these string lights unique is the special eight different light show modes that these lights will do. These lights can withstand a light rain as long you don’t get the power controller wet.

Eight Different Modes

One of the best features of these string lights is the different modes you can choose from. Each mode will do something different and unique to display the lights. The modes are combination, waves, slo-glo, sequential, slow fade, twinkle, flash, or just on. These modes make the light so much more fun than them just being on. They are perfect for over a trampoline because it will add a level of fun to the space.


  • These strings lights have eight different modes of the ways the lights will twinkle.
  • Each set you purchase will have 300 LED lights on them.
  • It’s a simple, easy decoration that you can connect to any surface such as a trampoline frame.
  • Very bright light will help add light to any space you are putting the lights in.
  • The lights are waterproof and can withstand light rain.


  • The only color that is offered is the warm white color.
  • The string can get tangled up very easily.


These string lights are priced on a moderate level. They are not the cheapest and not the most expensive, either. They are made of high quality, and they can easily be attached anywhere. In our case, we are attaching them to a trampoline, and they hold up great around the frame. They are just bright enough to still be outside playing in the trampoline in the evening.

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Skywalker Sports LED Light Sleeve Accessory for Trampolines

As you may know, the Skywalker brand is known for their trampoline and their trampoline products. These LED sleeves can be attached to the frame of your trampoline, and each sleeve has around twenty LED lights. There are Velcro straps that are connected to these sleeves which make the lights extremely easy to attach to the trampoline. This honestly takes less than a minute to attach. These lights are rechargeable and will have to be recharged after each use. The battery power of the lights lasts right around eight hours.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

One of the unique features of these trampoline lights is that they are rechargeable. They only take two hours to charge from a USB port, and the charge should last a full eight hours when turned on. These are great to have charged up, and when your children want to go play on the trampoline in the evening, you can easily attach the sleeve, and they can play.


  • These LED lights fit most all trampolines.
  • The light sleeves come with twenty LED lights.
  • The lights have eleven different light options.
  • The fabric is weather and water-resistant.
  • The lights are rechargeable and can be charged by a USB cord.
  • The sleeves can be connected to the trampoline by the Velcro strap.


  • Quite expensive for only a small strip of lights.


These are very fun lights that you can add to your trampoline. I like this product because it is specifically designed for trampolines. I love that there are eleven different light modes because you can really customize the lights and make it fun for your children. I like that it is rechargeable that way it won’t eat through batteries. This is expensive, in my opinion, based on the size of the light strips. I would need way more than just two to light my trampoline up.

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Bounce Pro 12′ Trampoline with Flash Light Zone

This is an actual trampoline that you can buy and set up in your yard. This trampoline has lights that come with this trampoline and will be easy to install. This trampoline is made from a strong galvanized steel frame, which means it will be very sturdy and durable. The jumping mat is made with a UV resistant material that will keep your jumping mat strong and will make it last much longer.


  • This is an actual trampoline that you can purchase that already has lights that come with the trampoline.
  • The frame is made from a super-strong galvanized steel.
  • The jumping mat is UV resistant, so it will not fade from the sun.
  • The trampoline comes with a flash light zone.
  • The trampoline has lights that are attached to the trampoline to make bouncing more enjoyable as well as you will be able to jump on the trampoline in the evening time.


  • More expensive buying a complete trampoline set.


This is a great option if you do not already have a trampoline. This trampoline already comes with lights, so if that is what you are looking for then great. Most of the products I have reviewed for trampoline lights are for people who already have a trampoline to put lights on. The price is very reasonable for the fact that you are getting a great trampoline with all the features.

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How to Light up a Trampoline

There are a few ways that you can light up a trampoline. There are some companies that make actual trampoline lights for trampolines and others that people have found that work great to light up trampolines. So, here are a few ways you can light up your trampoline to make it amazing.

Trampoline with Light Underneath

There are some led lights for trampolines that can go underneath the trampoline. This will light up the trampoline from the bottom up. I like how a bottom light really illuminates the entire trampoline. This is great if you want a light to just light up the trampoline for evening jumps.

Trampoline Solar Lights

There are also solar lights that can be steaked in the ground or even screwed into the trampoline.  These solar lights use the suns energy to power the lights. These lights do not need to be recharged, and they don’t need any batteries. That is the best part of these lights because some products eat through batteries.

Solar String Lights

There are also solar string lights that can be put onto a trampoline. These lights are fun because they can be strung along the entire frame of the trampoline. These make the atmosphere so much fun on the trampoline because these lights can come in different colors, and they also can have different light show modes. These are very affordable lights that ban be put anywhere.

Christmas Lights

Classic Christmas lights can be used on trampolines as well. Just remember that Christmas lights aren’t usually LED lights. Christmas lights usually are not powered by solar panels; they usually need to be plugged into a power adaptor. As long as you watch the Christmas lights, and remember to unplug them each night you could definitely use them on your trampoline. There is another drawback to using Christmas lights, and that is that they need to be plugged into a power adaptor, so you may need to have your trampoline closer to a power adapter or extension cord to use the lights.


As you can clearly infer, a trampoline with lights is way more fun than a trampoline without lights. You can change the way your trampoline looks by adding lights, and most of the products I reviewed are very affordable. Kids will love the light on the trampoline, and it will allow your children to play outside on the trampoline even in the evening time. Check out all the best trampoline lights above and if you have any questions about them, leave them down below.