Best Trampoline Covers For Winter

Sounds of laughter draw your attention out the kitchen window. You smile and spend a minute watching your kids bounce around inside the trampoline. With winter fast approaching, you realize the jumping is going to have sit out a season. Then the thought hits you. There’s no way your trampoline will be able to withstand the harsh elements that come along with winter. You wonder if you’ll have to break the whole thing down, or if they make trampoline covers for winter?

Will a Cover Protect your Trampoline Outside in Winter Months?

There are two answers to this question, depending on the severity of your winters.

  • Severe Winters: Experts recommend breaking down your mat, protective netting, pads, and springs for harsh winters. No one will be using the trampoline outside anyway. They say to leave the frame up without a cover, though a trampoline anchor kit is a good idea in areas prone to high winds.
  • Moderate Winters: Why break your mat down when foul weather will turn fair again in a matter of days? Here’s where trampoline covers for winter come in real handy. Opt for a full cover, or take only the netting down and cover the mat. Use trampoline anchors for high wind storms.

Some Trampoline Winter Maintenance May Be Necessary

If you break down your mat, pads, netting, and springs, your trampoline shouldn’t require any winter maintenance. You may consider anchors to hold it down against strong winds. When trampolines are left standing, however, some winter maintenance will help protect them.

Remember to remove the cover after storms dump rain and snow. Excessive snow can weigh down and damage the springs if left too long. Covers can also trap in moisture, and once the sun comes out that can lead to mold. Get that cover off and let your mat air dry.

Trampoline Covers for Winter, Fall, Summer, & Spring

Just a quick word on trampoline covers before reviewing a few of the better products. They can come in handy during winter months, but their use extends far beyond one season. Summer, fall, and spring will beat down on your mat with all their elements. Taking the time to cover your trampoline when it’s not in use will add years of life and keep it looking brand new.

Best Trampoline Covers For Winter Reviews

Exacme Round Trampoline Weather Cover Rain Snow Sun Shade Protection

This round trampoline cover will fit trampolines ranging in sizes from 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, and even a 15ft trampoline. This trampoline cover is very versatile and it will protect your trampoline from rain, dust, UV light, snow, wind, ice, and even sleet. One of the best ways to protect your trampoline is by using a trampoline cover.

The cover is very easy to install. It comes with S-hooks that attach right onto the hooks underneath the trampoline. When you are ready to take the cover off it is very easy and simple. You will have your trampoline ready in a matter of minutes.

The size will affect the price of your cover because it’s obvious that a 10ft trampoline and a 15ft trampoline will not cost the same because the 15ft trampoline uses more material. This is a cover for round trampolines only.

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Skywalker Trampolines Weather Cover

One of the most unique things about this trampoline is that it comes in different sizes as well as different varieties. This means they offer oval type trampolines, rectangle, and round trampoline options.

The material used on this trampoline is a waterproof vinyl PVC which is very strong and durable. If you have the cover on your trampoline when it is raining, the water will roll off of it. The cover is also wind, water, snow, dust, and UV ray resistant.

The cord is made from strong heavy-duty materials that will keep the cover of the trampoline securely in place. You can even hook it onto the V-rings for extra security. This will prevent your cover from filling up with air or water.

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14ft Forest Green JumpSport Trampoline Weather Cover

Most trampoline covers won’t fit over the mat properly without removing the enclosure. The poles that hold the netting prevent the cover from wrapping over. JumpSport’s 14ft trampoline cover offers one of the only designs that fits around enclosure poles.

The JumpSport 14ft trampoline cover uses Velcro straps and buckles that fix onto each enclosure upright. They secure the cover where enclosure poles meet the frame and mat. Heavy duty PVC coated polyester material makes up the cover. Bulkier than other models, the JumpSport cover weighs 17.6 pounds.

Total dimensions open up to 19.6 x 15.5 x 6.6 inches on this canvas like cover. It secures easily and has a mesh center for water drainage. Durability and ease of use propel the cost of the JumpSport trampoline cover higher than most. It’s worth it if you want a superior cover.

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Jumpking Laminated 15 Round Trampoline Weather Cover

Durable polyester material comprises the Jumpking Laminated Round Cover. This trampoline cover fits any 15ft round trampoline. It is a mat only cover that includes attachable hooks for securing onto the frame.

Total dimensions of the Jumpking 15ft round trampoline cover are 180 x 180 inches. It weighs 6.4 pounds and folds up into a compact tarp when not in use. Perfect for protecting the mat from long stays in the sun or bad winter storms, the Jumpking trampoline cover keeps natural elements from doing harm.

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Pure Fun 12ft Trampoline Cover

Weather won’t beat the Pure Fun 12ft trampoline cover with its heavy duty polyethylene design. A waterproof cover with drainage hole in the center, Pure Fun covers wrap over the round frame of the trampoline mat and secure to each leg pole. Complete dimensions of the Pure Fun trampoline cover are 180 x 180 inches.

Users review it as a great cover for ease of use as it takes a few short minutes to secure. Drawbacks about using the cover in areas of high wind deserve notation. A few users claim it will tear apart. This unit is also difficult to secure with the enclosure netting and poles still in place. For the cost, it makes perfect protection from the sun and rain.

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How to Choose a Trampoline Cover For Winter

Before you make your final decision on what trampoline cover to purchase consider these categories while you do your shopping. Below we have categorized important things about trampoline covers. Take all of these into consideration.


Ask yourself how the weather is in your area? Do you get a lot of rain? Do you get a lot of snow where you live? If you said yes then I highly recommend you getting a trampoline cover. Weather can wear out your trampoline mat. The cover acts as a barrier and protects the jumping surface from a multitude of different things.


The size of your trampoline will also need to be factored into your purchase. Some products may not offer a cover in your size or type of trampoline. So make sure you are looking closely at sizes before making a purchase.

Closing Thoughts

The painful truth about trampoline covers for winter is that they may not be appropriate depending on where you live. Harsh winters that involve extended layers of snow will ruin your mat with a cover on. Your best bet is to break everything down except the frame.

If you live in an area that sees foul weather breaking to fair, however, you’re in luck. There’s absolutely no reason to forsake a trampoline cover. Last but far from least, trampoline covers will extend your purchase if you use them in any kind of weather. There’s one simple rule. Cover your trampoline when you finish using it.

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