Trampoline Accessories

There are many add on accessories for your trampoline that will increase the safety and longevity of your trampoline. There are even accessories that will make your trampoline jumping experience way more fun. Most of all the accessories I am going to explain in further detail can be used on any of the trampolines on the market. Let’s keep the investment of your trampoline looking in the best condition as possible.

Trampoline Basketball Hoops

Trampoline basketball hoops are growing wildly popular. Trampolines are fun but sometimes it’s nice to have other things to do besides just jumping. It is a fun accessory you can add to your trampoline for your kids to play with. The basketball hoops encourage children to be more active outside and a love for the sport basketball.

Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop

The Jump slammer trampoline basketball hoop is a great addition to any trampoline. This basketball hoop is a ton of fun and can be hooked on easily to most trampolines. It comes with a foam ball and is height adjustable for little kids to even teenagers. The kids will have a ton of fun playing together this summer with their jump slammer basketball hoop.

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Trampoline Ladders

Your trampoline purchase likely came with a standard mesh ladder. how safe is it really? Most standard trampoline ladders have sharp edges, and the stepping area is small. Many injuries that happen on a trampoline actually happen when people are getting on and off the trampoline.

Using a better ladder will ensure your safety for a stable entry and exit into your trampoline. You will have something strong and sturdy to hold on to when getting in and out of the trampoline. If your kids like to move fast, it may be a wise investment to upgrade your ladder. Check out our recommendations for trampoline ladders.

Pure Fun Wide 2-Step Universal Trampoline Ladder

The ladder is made from strong galvanized steel which will allow your ladder to withstand the elements of the weather over the years. This is a 39-inch-high ladder, which is the typical height of most trampolines. It can easily be attached to be used to climb into your trampoline. It has a textured honeycomb surface that will prevent from slipping and falling off the ladder.

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Skywalker Trampolines Wide-Step Ladder Accessory Kit

The Skywalker trampoline ladder kit is another amazing ladder that can attach to most all of the trampolines on the market. It has a pad on the top of the ladder that will help prevent wear and tear. Another unique feature is the two mesh pockets on the side of the ladder. These pockets are super cool because you can put your shoes in there so they don’t get dirty on the ground.

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Trampoline Wide Ladder & Trampoline Slide

The Jump slider is a great unique option for a trampoline ladder. It is completely flat instead of having places to step. It is made from the same material as the trampoline; so, it has the soft springy nature. It is easy to climb up and it is more fun than a regular ladder. It can be folded under the trampoline that way you can mow the grass around the trampoline. All in all, a unique climbing ladder to get into your trampoline.

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Trampoline Shoe Holders

Some trampoline ladders that you can buy do not come with a shoe holder. I think where we place our shoes when we bounce on the trampoline is important. You can purchase a show holder separately that can attach easily to your trampoline. As you come on the trampoline and off just put the shoes in there and they are safe and secure while you play. They won’t get muddy or dirty which is a very important thing to me!

SkyBound Black One Pouch Trampoline Shoe Bag

This trampoline shoe mesh bag can be attached to any trampoline. It has straps that can easily be placed on the trampoline frame or even inside the trampoline on a top rail. It can be used to fit one pair of shoes per bag so if you want a few more I suggest purchasing more than one. You can also fit trampoline toys inside these bags. They are the perfect little pocket for shoe storage or toy storage.

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Trampoline Lights Accessories

Trampoline lights can be a very useful accessory. They can be used to see at night when you want to jump on the trampoline. Its hard to see when its pitch-black dark outside so a few lights can really make a different. Some trampoline lights come in different colors and some even come with attached music. Check out our two recommendations below.

Skywalker Sports LED Trampoline Lights

The Skywalker brand is very trusted for all their trampoline products. These LED lights are great because it will allow you to be able to see outside while you are jumping on the trampoline. This set comes in a two pack and these are light sleeves. There are two sleeves and there are 20 LED lights on each sleeve. They will Velcro attach right to the poles of the trampoline. They are also rechargeable and will last eight hours on one charge.

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Trampoline Music & Lights

These lights come in strands that can be hung up. They are meant to be hung on the outside side of the tent. the reason being is that you don’t want to have the kids pulling on them. They are easy it install and fit just about every size trampoline enclosure. Included is a small Bluetooth speaker that can connect to your phone. You can play music while you jump on the trampoline.

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Trampoline Stakes

Stakes are a great way to protect both your trampoline and the surrounding areas from damage. Trampoline stakes are a great addition for people that experience harsh seasons. It’s not based on sleet and snow, but rather, how much high winds you experience.

If you’re in an area that is known to experience this weather, we strongly recommend investing in some trampoline stakes. There have been reports of trampoline getting picked up during heavy winds; a few reports claim that trampolines have smashed into houses.

The only way to really prevent this from happening is to get trampoline anchors or trampoline stakes. You put the stakes into the ground and that secures it from moving around during any situation. You will have piece of mind when that heavy rain/wind storm comes that your trampoline isn’t going to go anywhere.

Eurmax Trampolines Wind Stakes Heavy Duty Safety Ground Anchor 

This set is a set of four heavy duty steel stakes, once these stakes are in place, they will hold the trampoline down strong against heavy winds and weather. These stakes will work well in all different types of climates or soil type. It will work in the sand, dirt, grass, and even rocky soil. These stacks will fit any trampoline that has a leg diameter up to 2.8 inches.

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Trampoline Spring Tool

A trampoline spring tool is an important tool that will help pull springs into place. This can be very useful tool when not only setting up your trampoline for the first time but also replacing springs that may get damaged. Have you ever tried to pull one of those springs? There are so incredibly tough to pull and it is hard on your hands. This tool makes everything so much easier.

SANJOIN Trampoline Spring Pull Tool

The Sanjoin spring tool is made to look like a t-shape.  It has a plastic handle with a finger groove grip. It is a universal trampoline hook that can be used to set up any trampoline you may buy. It eliminates the force you would use to pull these strong springs into place. This tool makes life easier allowing you to easily put your trampoline together.

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Trampoline Springs

Trampoline springs are very strong but after a few years that start to lose their tightness and won’t be as bouncy as they once were. If this happens you can always look into buying replacement springs. They are very affordable and they usually come in a value pack so you will be able to replace more than one spring.

SkyBound Galvanized Trampoline Springs

The Skybound brand is a very highly recommended brand because they make so many great trampoline accessories and products. This pack of 15 galvanized steel springs are a great option to have on hand in your garage. If you notice one of your springs to break or become worn out you can grab a spring from your pack and replace it in a matter of seconds. Keeping your trampoline repaired will give your trampoline more years of life to be used.

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Trampoline Replacement/Safety Pad

Trampoline pads are very important because they are what protects you from the springs. You don’t want to be jumping on your trampoline and step on the springs because it is going to hurt very bad.  Trampoline pads can sometimes come with the purchase of a trampoline, but if they don’t there are many options to choose from when buying a pad for your trampoline.

Replacement trampoline jumping mats are another accessory to think about. Over time the jumping mat will get worn out. There are many reasons this can happen, elements from the weather, stress on the trampoline springs, or not keeping up with regular trampoline maintenance. It is important to know even if you are doing everything right that one day your trampoline mat might need to be replaced.

Mat replacement is another product that you can buy and replace yourself. They are affordable when you consider the cost you spent to buy the trampoline in the first place. There are a good accessory to buy a few years down the road when you start to see tearing and ripping in the mat.

SONGMICS 8/12/13/14/15FT Replacement Trampoline Safety Pad

This product is a safety pad to protect you and your children from jumping and landing on the hard-tough springs. It is very easy to install as long as you choose your perfect size for your trampoline. The pad is UV resistant so you won’t notice a color change or bleaching from the sun. the pad is also water resistant which will protect the springs from getting rusty. This is a perfect option if you do not have a safety pad or are in the market to replace yours.

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SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mats

Another fantastic product from Skybound! This replacement trampoline mat is a product that you will use to replace your mat when it becomes damaged. This mat is durable and features heavy-duty stitching and strong rings to keep the mat more intact. The replacement mat also comes with a spring tool to help you connect everything easily together. Simply choose your size diameter of your trampoline and you will have a new mat.

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Trampoline Mat Repair Kit

If you don’t want to spend the time or if you don’t have the money to purchase a brand-new trampoline mat, you can try repairing it. This trampoline mat repair kit can help you patch up areas on your mat before they turn into a big project where you need to replace the mat totally.

The kit comes with two round laser cut pieces of trampoline mat. These pieces will not start to fray and fall apart. You will take the glue provided and put some on the round piece of mat, and now you can cover the ripped area on your trampoline.

Let it dry completely, and you will have a perfectly fixed trampoline. There are also gloves that are provided for you in this kit, so you don’t have to worry about getting glue all over your hands. This is a very affordable way to fix your trampoline mat without having to buy a whole new trampoline or mat.

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Trampoline Weather Cover

A cover is the best way to add years to your jumping pad. Your trampoline pad might advertise the fact it’s UV resistant, but the sun has a way of wearing down all products. It’s a matter of time before the sun causes damage to your pad. Even the rain can really mess up your trampoline.

In addition, the harsh winter months will shorten the life of your trampoline. Not only the weather itself but the debris that flies around with it. A soaked-up leaf that rests on your trampoline for months can cause a great amount of damage. It is an important product that gets overlooked, but then you pay for the damage later.

Skywalker Trampolines Weather Cover

This trampoline cover offers a wide variety of sizes and different types of trampolines. It can fit round, oval, and even rectangle trampolines. It is made from a waterproof vinyl PVC material which will make any rainwater run right off of it. It is also UV resistant so it won’t bleach from the sun’s rays. It also comes with a heavy-duty cord that will secure the cover in place to the trampoline. This will prevent it from flying up in the wind.

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Fun Trampoline Accessories

Trampolines are very fun, but have you ever looked at all the fun things you can add to your trampoline to just add to the fun? Nowadays, there are so many products that you can buy to add on to your trampoline such as, basketball hoops, soccer accessories, volleyball accessories, and even water sprinklers. Yes, so much fun can be had on your trampoline. Adding these accessories to your trampoline will ensure that your kids will get outside to have fun and to put down the video games and iPads to have some good old-fashioned fun.

Skywalker Trampolines Kickback Game Accessory

This accessory is really cool because it is a kickback game. Do you have a soccer lover in your family? Do they like to kick the soccer ball against the house? Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore, with this trampoline accessory you can hook it to the bottom of the trampoline legs and it will create a net with a target. You child can spend hours kicking the ball back and forth to see how many times they can hit the target.

This net can fit most trampoline sizes, just take a look at the sizes they have available. The lower net also prevents anything from getting under the trampoline. There have been many times where my kids have had to stop jumping on a trampoline because our dog wanted to sit under it. The net is springy so it will shoot the ball back towards you for continuous play time!

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Skywalker Trampolines Volleyball Net Accessory

Another fun accessory is the attachable volleyball net. This net can fit any size trampoline because it is adjustable to different sizes. It is very easy to set up. You simply attach the next to one of the poles and the other end needs to be placed into the ground. It is made from polyethylene which has been tightly woven together. The pole is made from strong steel and coated with weather and rust protectant. This is fun not only for children but the adults too!

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Skywalker Trampolines Sure Shot Lower Enclosure Net Accessory 

This is another kickback game option for you. The target is larger on this particular one but the concept is still the same. It will fit trampolines that are 12 feet to 15 feet. It has tightly woven fibers to keep the next springy and safe. This will prevent anything from getting under the trampoline and also adding some fun.

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H&G lifestyles Outdoor Trampoline Water Play Sprinklers for Kids

It’s summertime but its way to hot to go jump on the trampoline! I have the perfect solution for you; let me introduce H&G water sprinklers for the trampoline! This is such a great accessory because it will let kids have fun and get cooled off while also staying active this summer!

This sprinkler system is actually very easy to install. It attaches directly on the next and can be used with any size trampoline that you own. they use a brass nozzle that is made with the highest quality flexible tubing to bend it around the trampoline. If the children touch them, they are safe and will not hurt them. They will spray the water out in a mist form. Nothing electrical is required, just hook it up to the hose or tap water line.

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In Conclusion

As you can see there are many options for safety features as well as fun accessories that you can add on to your trampoline. In my opinion, all of these accessories are important and will provide you with value! Take your time deciding what will work best for your best trampoline. If you have any questions about the trampoline accessories you see here, feel free to ask!

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