Skywalker Rectangle 15′ Trampoline Review

The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure, 15-Feet

The Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure, 15-Feet is a perfect option for yards where a round trampoline just won’t fit. The rectangular shape is ideal for any yard, and while it is a generous size the shape is a space saver.

It has a tight fitting enclosure that keeps the jumpers nice and safe. My yard is an odd shape yard. It is long but not very wide. I wanted the kids to have a fun place to play and this trampoline fit the bill.

Most trampolines are round, and they are so hard to fit in the yard unless you have a very large yard. This trampoline fits nicely in the corner of the yard and frees up the rest of the space.

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Rectangular Shape

The rectangular shape is a stand out feature on this trampoline. It just makes it so much easier to fit into any yard space. The 15ftX9ft of pure fun is a great innovative shape for a trampoline. It is a professional style trampoline with a backyard family fun price.

Fully Padded Spring Pad

The spring pad on this model is fully padded which makes jumping so much more comfortable and also adds to the durability of the trampoline. This is a quality made trampoline which is obvious by the details like the fully padded spring pad.

Weight Limit

The weight limit of this rectangle trampoline is 250 pounds. This should allow you to have three or four children all playing at the same time. You should also be able to have an adult and two children on at the same time. The possibilities are truly endless. This is a good size weight limit for the Skywalker rectangle trampoline.

How Big is the Jumping Space?

The size of the trampoline mat is 7.75′ x 13.75′. This is much bigger than the round trampolines that you typically see. This will give multiple children plenty of room to do jumps and tricks. One of the best things about the rectangle shape is the gymnasts who get this trampoline have plenty of room to practice moves.

What Gauge of Steel is Used?

This trampoline, as well as other Skywalker brand trampolines, are made with a twelve-gauge steel. This will make the trampolines very strong and stable, causing it to hold in place, not buckle.


To assemble your trampoline, it is recommended to follow the assembly instructions that come with your trampoline. This is a larger rectangle trampoline, so it will take a little longer to assemble. Expect to be outside working for over three hours.

Some tools come with the trampoline to make it easier for you to assemble. The spring tool helps to pull the springs into their correct space. Believe me; this is an amazing tool because, without it, it would take you much longer, and it could hurt your hands.

Safety Features

Safety is everyone’s number one priority when purchasing a trampoline. Think about your children who will be jumping on the trampoline and what kind of boundaries and safety features you want to have in place for them.

This trampoline comes with a safety net. This is vastly important, especially if your child is a gymnast and will be practicing tricks. The net will catch your child from falling off the edges.

There is also a protection mat that goes over the springs of the trampoline. This will preserve the life of the springs as well as cover them they way no feet or toes get stuck inside them.

The trampoline is also coated with a material that makes it rust-resistant. Rust can be a danger because it eats away at metal. This coating stops that from happening

How Much Space Do You have?

It’s always a good idea to measure your outside space before purchasing a trampoline. The Skywalker Rectangle 15′ Trampoline is very big compared to traditional round trampolines. Make sure if this is the trampoline you want to purchase because it is amazing that you have measured out a space for it. Do not put the trampoline on concrete, decking, or patio material. It should always be firmly on top of a dirt or grass ground.

Features and Specifications

The features of this model are impressive. The extra care that was taken with the design and construction are what make this trampoline stand out:

  • Extra wide spring pad that is UV protected
    Galvanized steel frame made to stand up to all the elements
  • Unique T socket construction of the enclosure frame to prevent twisting of the frame
  • Patented buttonhole feature that attaches the net enclosure to the jumping pad

Customer Reviews and Scores

This product received an overwhelming number of positive comments for the construction and the materials that were used in crafting the trampoline. This is not your typical round flimsy trampoline this feels like a trampoline should feel. It is solid.

The one complaint has nothing to do with the quality of the trampoline but was relative how the trampoline ships. It arrives in 3 different boxes. It is unfortunate it doesn’t arrive all at once for a customer.


If quality is important to you then this is the trampoline you want to buy. It has a sturdy galvanized steel frame that can stand up to the elements. It feels like a professional grade trampoline.

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