The Ultimate Round Trampoline Buyers’ Guide

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If you’re new to the trampoline scene, then you may be surprised that there aren’t just round trampolines out there. In fact, a trampoline can be shaped like rectangles, squares, octagons, ovals, and probably other shapes we don’t know about.

We’re going to keep it simple in this article: We review the top round trampolines. After reading this page, you will feel comfortable you’re buying the best round trampoline for your family.

Why Go With A Round Trampoline?

Round trampolines are perfect for almost any type of family. Whether it’s your first trampoline or not, the round trampoline is a perfect fit.

Round trampolines tend to give a softer bounce than the rectangular trampoline. Because of the shape, jumpers are forced back into the middle of the pad. For this reason, it’s considered safer than the rectangular shape (if your kids are novice jumpers and not training for gymnastics)

Round trampolines also come standard with more selection and lower prices.


The round trampoline the most demanded by consumers and almost every trampoline brand has a round model for sale. The competition has driven down the prices; round trampoline brands are always looking to undercut the competing brands.

Round Trampoline – Overall Winner

image of Skywalker Trampolines Round TrampolineSkywalker 15′ Round Trampoline

If you’ve read any of our other trampoline reviews, then you familiar with our Skywalker love affair. While everyone is open to their opinion, we don’t think there’s doubt when it comes to overall trampoline winner.

The SpringFree trampolines might be deemed safer due to their innovative design, but the price point is not realistic for most people. The SpringFree trampolines cost around $2,000, which makes it quite an investment.

We’re huge fans of the SpringFree company, but the price will always hold them back from being the top round trampoline on the market.

The Skywalker price point depends on the size, but you should not be spending more than $700, even on their largest model. You should expect to pay around $500 for your next Skywalker round trampoline.

The trampoline comes standard with an enclosure net, which is something that some of the lower quality brands cannot add. It also comes with a spring pad that helps reduce the chance of injury.

The best quality of the Skywalker is the solid build and the fact it’s going to last a long time. The other trampoline brands that compete at this price point have products that don’t compare.

Some reviewers have complained that the instructions are difficult to understand. It’s not the majority of reviewers, but it’s good to know about the one thing that people don’t like about the Skywalker. If you’re interested, check out our page that helps with trampoline setup. We were able to find a trampoline setup video; the video showcases a Skywalker trampoline.

Safest Trampoline

Springfree 10 ft Round TrampolineSpringFree Round Trampolines

As mentioned above, the SpringFree trampolines are amazing, but they fail with their price. Paying $2,000 for a trampoline isn’t something that many families are willing to commit to. If price isn’t a deterrent, then we highly recommend the SpringFree.


You’re signing up for the safest trampoline brand on the market. There’s not denying that the SpringFree trampoline is safer than the Skywalker (no disrespect to Skywalker). The company invested a ton of money into development, and now the consumer (you) are paying for it.

Some customers have complained that the SpringFree trampoline doesn’t bounce the same as regular trampolines. It seems that the SpringFree trampoline has a bounce that “sinks in” the jumper. The result is a jump that’s not as high as regular round trampolines.

It’s a minor complaint considering that you are getting the safest trampoline on the market. Trampoline statistics are horrifying to look at. If you go with the SpringFree, you can sleep easier at night knowing you’ve significantly reduced the chance of your kids getting injured.

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