What’s The Recommended Age For Trampolines?

Recommended Age for Trampolines

A trampoline purchase is a huge purchase and one that can’t be decided in an instant. The age of your kids strongly impacts the trampoline you buy. As a parent, you want to ensure that your kid(s) are safe when they start trampolining.

With that in mind, let’s dive into trampoline age and how that affects your next purchase.

Here are some common questions when it comes to trampolines and age:

-Are my kids too old for the trampoline I want to buy?

It’s possible you’re not sure what size to buy. You’re not ready to commit to the biggest and most expensive, but you don’t want them to compromise with a small trampoline. It would be a wasted investment if they were too old and big for the small trampoline.

-Are my kids too young for the trampoline I want to buy?

This is the exact opposite problem as the first question. Your kids might be young, and you’re not sure if a big trampoline will ruin their experience. Are there any downfalls to buying a trampoline that’s too big? Won’t they just grow into over time?

-Can older kids still jump on a trampoline? What are the weight limits?

Backyard trampolines are solely meant for kids under the age of 10. Sometimes, older kids want to jump. In fact, teenagers love to jump on a trampoline because it provides an adrenaline rush when they reach new heights. They will always try to do cool trampoline tricks, so keep an eye out.

And it’s not just teenagers. Some parents want to jump on the trampoline. Is it possible to find a trampoline that is right for the youngsters but can also support the “big kids”?

-What about mini trampolines for kids aged two and three years old?

image of trampoline age recommendations 2If your kids are young (under age six), then it’s possible a big backyard trampoline isn’t the right one for your family. Mini trampolines are a great way to introduce youngsters into the world of trampolining. After they graduate from the small one, they will be begging for a big backyard version.

General Trampoline Age Recommendations

Please note that our advice is merely suggestions. Trampoline age recommendations are nothing that’s set in stone, so be sure to make the final decision on your own.

Trampoline Age Under Three

While it’s not impossible, we believe children under the age of three should not be jumping on a backyard trampoline. If your kids are under the age of three, then we recommend you choose a mini trampoline.

Click here to read about our favorite mini trampolines for kids.

Trampoline Age Four To Ten

This age range is the “golden age” for trampolining. If your kids are closer to age four and your family is small (two or fewer kids), then we recommend starting with an 8-12 foot trampoline. A 12 foot trampoline is still perfect, even when the kids are around ten years old.

Of course, if your kids are closer to the age of ten, then we recommend going with a larger trampoline. We suggest a trampoline that is 14 feet or bigger. It will allow your kids to transition into it as they grow older than ten.

Trampoline Age Eleven To Adult

Once your kids become teenagers, it becomes next to impossible to get by with a small trampoline. If you have any hopes of handling teenagers and adults jumping, then you must purchase a trampoline that’s bigger than 14 feet.

Our favorite trampoline has always been the Skywalker 15′ Round with safety enclosure net. It’s the perfect trampoline for the growing family; it’s going to last and be there when your kids grow up.

Is there anything we missed? Good luck with your next trampoline purchase. Stay jumping!

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