Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline Review

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline Review
Little Tikes 3ft Trampoline

If you have a toddler than you are familiar with the Little Tikes name. Little Tikes offers a wide range of high-quality toys that are well known for being dependable and durable. The Little Tikes 3 Foot Trampoline does not disappoint. It is made of durable high-quality materials and is geared up to bring hours of jumping fun for toddlers.

Big trampolines are just not practical for little people, The Little Tikes 3 Foot Trampoline allows jumping fun for little people without any worry.

If you’re on the fence about a big trampoline, read our top overall reviews to see if it’s the right size for your kid(s).

The first time I saw it I fell in love. I saw it in the play room of my son’s nursery school.

The Little Tikes name goes a long way in swaying me what toys to choose for my son. As soon as you see you will understand why it is the perfect trampoline for your favorite little person.

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Perfect Size

The jumping surface on this trampoline is just the perfect size for little feet. It is not too big where the children will feel overwhelmed, but it is not so small that they do not have enough jumping surface. It is just the right size.

Down the Middle Handle Bar

I have seen a lot of these “personal jumpers” for kids with the handle bar off to one side. Active children do not want to stand in one position and face one way to jump they want to be able to move around the trampoline but still feel safe.

The handle bar on the Little Tikes 3 Foot Trampoline is positioned in the center of the trampoline so the children can “walk” around the trampoline and still hang on. It is a great safety feature.

Features and Specifications

  • Little Tikes 3 Foot Trampoline offers some great features, and you know when it has the Little Tikes name it is going to be well made.
  • Perfect for children from 3-6 years
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to move
  • Holds weight up to 55lbs
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Metal and plastic construction
  • Sturdy handle bar for safety
  • Circular padded edge cover
  • It takes minutes to put together and is easily moved from room to room. It is a great way to let the kids burn some energy.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Little Tikes 3 Foot Trampoline got high marks consumer. Everyone loves the big chunky handle that goes across the middle of the trampoline. Of course, that was not the only thing that people were buzzing about in their Little Tikes trampoline reviews.

The webbing, as opposed to springs that give it its bounce, was also a popular feature that people were talking about. Springs are dangerous, so the webbing alternative is an excellent safety feature and a great choice on Little Tikes part.

There were some negative comments about the tightness of the jumping area when the trampoline is first put together. The tightness of the jumping area is because of the webbing that is used in the construction. There is a break in period that is talked about in the literature that comes with the trampoline

Overall, this is a good option for any family with toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary age children. It has all the features you could want and, of course, the Little Tikes brand name which means it is a quality piece.


There are so many benefits that a trampoline offers. It is a great way to let your little one get some exercise, it helps to improve balance and is just something fun for them to do.

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