JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 Review

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JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

Are you ready to take your workout up a notch? The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 offers a generous 39 inch round bouncing surface that is ideal for your rebound training. This personal trampoline comes complete with the workout DVD that everyone is raving about.

Rebound training is fun, but it is so much more. It can help you to lower your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and improve your balance and your posture. It is a fun aerobic activity that is easy on your joints and the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 can help you reach all your fitness goals.

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Flex Bounce III Technology

The 39-inch bouncing surface is large enough for side to side movements and also adds to the feeling of stability for the novice. The bouncing surface is adjustable so you can control how much bounce you get out of the pad. Flex Bounce III Technology allows you to adjust easily the tension of the bounce surface. It is a great option that allows you to challenge yourself as you get better at rebound training.

Patent Pending Arched Leg Supports

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 has a patent pending for the arch leg support system. The arched legs provide superior stability and support. It is a nice feature that allows the user to not have to worry about tipping over during even the most extreme workouts.

Features and Specifications

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is chock full of features that make it a favorite choice:

  • EnduroLast 2 cords that have been tested up to two million jumps!
  • Super quiet Permatron mat
  • 6-inch padded petal skirt
  • 12.5-inch frame height
  • 42-inch footprint
  • Industrial-grade stitching
  • Six arched legs–non-tipping and stackable
  • 16 gauge steel frame construction
  • Maximum user weight: 250 pounds
  • This is a highly durable personal trampoline.


This trampoline comes highly recommended by people of all ages and fitness levels from the mature athlete to the professional trainer.

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