How To Measure and Replace Trampoline Mat

Trampolines are an American classic and have provided countless hours of fun for both children and adults alike. With trampoline sales exceeding 50,000 annually, it is quite evident that trampolines are one of the most beloved sources of fun and entertainment for families.

From doing double flips to dunking a basketball, there are endless ways on how you can have fun with a trampoline. Aside from the entertainment value, trampolines are also a great source of exercise. Rebounding and jumping on a trampoline has numerous health benefits such as shaking off loose toxins in your body and helping to strengthen your muscles.

Why Trampoline Mats Wear Out

However, even though they are built to be durable, trampoline mats can wear out and pose a threat for potential injuries and accidents. This page will teach you to the different reasons why trampoline mats lose their strength and must be replaced. Additionally, you will also see how to measure trampoline mat as well as how to replace trampoline mat.

There are many reasons why trampoline mats will wear out. Over time, any sort of purchase will wear how. However, here are three of the top reasons why trampoline mats wear out. If you already own a trampoline, make sure to keep on eye on these things so that you can ensure a long life for your trampoline.

1. Exceeding the weight limit of the trampoline

Trampoline Weight Limit

Trampolines all have their weight limit based on their sizes. When too many people are on the trampoline at the same time, they exceed the weight limit and the mat of the trampoline begins to get overstretched and starts to sag. It is important to always keep in mind the weight limit of the trampoline before crowding it. If you ensure you that you follow the weight limit set by the manufacturer, you shouldn’t have any problems.

2. Exposure to outdoor elements

Outdoor Trampoline
Trampolines are primarily stored outside and this leaves them prone to many weather-related causes of wear and tear. Rainwater can affect the integrity of the mat and the springs of the trampoline. Heavy snowfall is one of the largest causes of wearing out a trampoline mat since the large weight of the snow on top of the mat causes it to overstretch and sag. To ensure your trampoline lasts a long time, make sure it is protected from weather elements.

3. Tearing of mat from accidents and mistreatment

Trampoline Tearing

Another cause of trampoline mat wear and tear is through accidents and improper treatment of the mat. Large branches falling or use of fireworks close by are some of the ways trampoline mats could get torn and damaged. Children tearing holes and misusing the trampoline can also result in the wear and tear of the mat. Anything that could be potentially sharp should be kept off of the trampoline at all costs. Even if it doesn’t seem that sharp from the first glance.

How to Measure Trampoline Mat

If your trampoline mat is showing signs of wear and tear, the safest thing to do is to replace the mat. While it might seem like replacing a trampoline mat might be complicated, all it takes is a few steps. The first step is to understand the size of your trampoline mat so that you purchase a mat that is the right size. Follow the steps below on how to measure trampoline mat based on the shape of the mat.

Square or rectangular mats

These are the easiest to measure since all you need is a measuring tape to measure the width and the length of the mats. Simply measure from one end to the other and you will have the dimensions.

Circular mats

Circular mats are a bit trickier but still quite simple. For circular mats, you simply need to measure the diameter of the mat in order to get the correct dimension. One way you can do this is by measuring the widest area of the circle and checking it from various parts of the mat. Another way to measure circular mats is to fold the mat into an exact semi-circle and measure straight part of the semi-circle.

How to Replace Trampoline Mat

There are two things to keep in mind when learning how to replace trampoline mat. The first thing is to get the ring count of your trampoline. You can simply do this by counting all the rings on your trampoline. The second thing to keep in mind is the measurement of the trampoline springs. You can measure your trampoline spring by removing one and measuring it from hook-end to hook-end.

Finding the Right Replacement Mat

Keeping this information in hand will help you to quickly identify the correct type of replacement, whether you are at the store or shopping online. It is crucial for the safety of everyone to ensure that the replacement mat you purchase should be of the right size, have the correct amount of ring holes and be appropriate for the spring size of the trampoline.

When it comes to choosing the right type of replacement mat, there are numerous options that you can go for depending on your personal preferences and budget. To help ensure you select a quality replacement mat, below are a few recommendations for trampoline mats.

Skybound Replacement Trampoline Mat with Free Spring Tool

The Skybound Trampoline Mats are made to better outlast and outperform most original mats that come with the trampoline. Skybound Trampolines provide superior performance and quality due to fact that it is suitable for frames of most sizes and is quick and easy to install.

  • Additional rows of stitching to ensure maximum security and longer life.
  • Thicker V-Rings that are stronger and thus allow you to jump higher and harder.
  • Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial to ensure the health and safety of anyone who uses the trampoline.
  • 5-year warranty that is on par with the best in the industry.
  • Easy returns in case you decide against it.

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Trampoline Pro Replacement Mat

Trampoline Pro Replacement Mats are designed for maximum fun and excitement for your kids and the whole family. The quality and bounce of the mat will make your children feel like they are touching the sky while building great memories. Trampoline Pro brings with it numerous benefits. Trampoline Pro also comes with a spring tool and clear instructions on how to replace trampoline mat.

  • Heavy Duty Permatron that provides increased strength and durability of the mat.
  • Quality and durable weave.
  • 4-Layers Reinforced UV resistant stitching.
  • Weather Resistant so you won’t have to worry about leaving it outside.

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You should replace your trampoline mat whenever it is worn down past the usable state. This normally either happens when too much weight is put on the trampoline, or when it is misused or treated. As long as you know how to measure trampoline mat, figuring out how to replace trampoline mat products are very simple.

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