How To Clean A Trampoline – Keeping That Spring In The Mat

You want to bounce, and you want to keep on bouncing. The life of a trampoline depends on how well you take care of it. Extending the lifespan means learning how to clean a trampoline, as silly as that might sound. If you’re a new owner, you might not be aware of all the pitfalls or which cleaning products to use. Take into consideration these tips to protect your purchase. Learning how to clean a trampoline takes no longer than a few minutes of reading.

How Long Do Trampolines Last?

If you follow the tips on how to clean a trampoline, your purchase can last for many years. You should, however, expect your trampoline to need some part replacement sooner than others. As a rule of thumb, the safety pads last anywhere from 2 – 5 years while the mat should last around 5 or 6 years.

Take extra care of your trampoline and you can lengthen these periods even further. Springs and frames should last for decades with proper cleaning. Nets last about the same as the safety pads, and will require replacement in time.

How To Clean A Trampoline Section By Section

Gather Your Trampoline Cleaning Supplies

Before you head out to tackle the task, round up the necessary supplies. Pull from the list below:

  • Long Handle Push Broom
  • Bucket With Soapy Warm Water
  • Soft Brush For Scrubbing
  • Water Hose For Rinsing
  • A Few Large Towels To Dry
  • Car Wash Hose Attachment
  • Rust Inhibitor

How To Clean A Trampoline Frame & Netting

You could always take the whole net down and clean it by hand, but you’d still have the frame to deal with. It is an option. Another one is to invest in a hose attachment for auto washing. Not every owner feels they need to clean the net and frame each time. They concentrate more on the mat instead.

That’s fine! Just be aware that rain and wind will transfer dirt onto your mat without a cover. When you do wash the frame and netting, make it the first task. Don’t clean the mat first then run dirty water back down on it. Rinse all the soap off before the net and frame dries, then move on to washing the mat.

If you decide to take the net down and wash it, it gives you the chance to spray rust inhibitor on the frame. Just clean and dry the frame first. It’s important to avoid getting chemicals on the mat, pads, or netting. Finally, check each frame leg to make sure it’s not holding water. You may have to remove them one at a time and wash them out.

Cleaning The Trampoline Mat

Learning how to clean a trampoline mat is as easy as memorizing a few steps:

  1. Sweep off all dirt, leaves, and remove anything else on the trampoline mat.
  2. Give the entire mat a thorough soaking with your hose.
  3. Begin gently scrubbing the trampoline mat with a soft brush and soapy warm water. Make sure not to damage the material. Working in sections then stopping to rinse may make the job easier. For best results start on one end, working and rinsing on a downhill angle.
  4. Rinse all soap out of the jumping mat and use the towels to dry it as much as possible. Leave it uncovered so that any remaining moisture can air dry.

How To Clean Trampoline Pads, Springs, & Ladder

Clean the trampoline’s springs and pads with warm soapy water as you do the mat. If you want to spray rust protection on the springs, remove them. You can do this in sections without having to take down the mat. The ladder you comes off so you can spray it off to the side.

Trampoline Cleaning Conclusion

Learning how to clean a trampoline is one thing, but you have to put it into practice for it work. You’ll find the effort well worth the result. Set a semi annual cleaning schedule, and it’s good idea to check your trampoline after storms.

As you clean, keep an eye out for any damage in the form of tears or bent springs. You might even make a list of items that need replacement. Keep your trampoline out of the sun and with cover on when it’s not in use. Make sure you store it for winter, another good time for a cleaning, or anchor it to resist the winds. With proper care and maintenance, you’ll trampoline will keep jumping year after year.

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