How Much Weight Can A Trampoline Hold?

Figuring out and trusting the weight limit on a trampoline is incredibly important. The first point, figuring out the amount it can hold is not difficult: Most online retailers provide that information. The next step, trusting the weight, is the hard part.

It’s important to note that trampoline weight limits will affect the overall price you pay.

For more information, check out our trampoline comparison chart.

Trampoline brands are incentivized to label their trampolines at higher weight limits. Doing so makes it more appealing for parents. If you have a large family (or know the adults will want a jump) then the weight limit is a big deal.

That said, if you follow our safety protocol, then there should never be more than one jumper on it at a time. Yes, we know that rule is next to impossible to follow, but we thought it was worth mentioning.

Trusting the weight limit is a two part process:

1) Find the stated weight limit.

2) Read customer reviews to get a sense of “true” weight limits.

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*From there, choose a trampoline that you’re interested and click the product. The description will most likely contain information about the weight limit.*

SpringFree Explains Trampoline Weight Limits

Trampoline Weight Limits By Size

Generally speaking, the smaller the trampoline will have a lower weight limit. If you’re interested in purchasing a mini trampoline for you kid, then it’s safe to assume the weight limit can’t hold an adult.

Most mini trampolines for kids state a weight limit around 150 pounds; that makes it impossible for most adult men to jump around (safely).

The opposite end of the spectrum would be a big backyard trampoline that can handle around 400 pounds. That’s enough weight to handle two or three full-sized adults. Image how many neighbor kids would be coming over if your trampolines weight limit was 400 pounds (remember the one jumper rule).

Weight By Style

The style of trampoline greatly impacts the weight limit. More often than not, a rectangular trampoline will be able to hold more weight than a round trampoline. That’s mainly because the rectangular trampoline is designed in way that reduces the stress on the springs.

A round trampoline will use the strength of the trampoline springs during each bounce, no matter the location of the bounce. The rectangular trampoline springs don’t work together, and the location of the jump determines which springs are being used. In short, some springs are not being pulled during all times.

Also, the rectangular trampoline is designed for gymnasts, and the companies try to increase the weight limit because they know it will be on the receiving end of “stunts” and “tricks”.

Trampoline Materials

The materials that go into a trampoline significantly affect the weight limit. The three most trampoline materials are the following:

  • Jumping pad
  • Springs
  • Frame

If you have an average jumping pad then you trampoline will not be able to handle a high weight limit. Similarly, a trampoline with average springs will hinder the weight capacity. Last but not least, the frame will have the same impact on the weight limit of your trampoline.

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