How Much Does A Trampoline Cost?

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Many first time trampoline buyers are surprised to find out how expensive trampoline are. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. The same is true with trampolines; if you decide to go cheap you’ll probably end frustrated in a short amount of time.

So, how much do trampolines cost?

Approximate Trampoline Cost

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Based on a round trampoline:

  • 10 foot: $250
  • 12 foot: $350
  • 14 foot: $450
  • 16 foot: $550

image of trampoline accessories great ladderAccessories

In addition to the trampoline quality, the type of features included will also determine the cost. While it’s rare for today’s trampoline, some brands don’t include a safety enclosure net as part of the trampoline price.

Also, some trampoline brands might include the following items:

  • Games (i.e., basketball hoop)
  • Ladder
  • Cover
  • Stakes
  • Spring Cover
  • Surrounding mat

Don’t expect your trampoline to come with all of these parts. Make sure to read the packaging details to determine what parts will be sent after you order.

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A trampolines price will also change according to the style and size. You should expect to pay more for the rectangular trampolines as they are designed for the gymnast.

The round trampoline is the most common style because of it’s considered the “recreational” trampoline. For that reason, you’ll find a round trampoline costs a little bit less. The round trampoline competition is fierce and has forced suppliers to keep the prices low.

In addition to rectangle and round trampolines, there are some lesser known shapes. There’s a brand that makes an octagon style trampoline. While similar to the rectangular style, a couple of brands make a square version.

It may go without saying, but larger trampolines will cost more. Click here to read our full trampoline size guide.

Paying for safety

Safety will always be a top concern for prospective trampoline owners. Back when I was a kid, the concept of a safety enclosure net was completely foreign. Today, almost all backyard trampoline will come standard with one.

If you’re searching for a trampoline, say on Amazon, and find one that is priced much lower than the rest, you should assume it doesn’t have a safety net. The safety net isn’t a cheap piece of equipment, and the low price of the trampoline attracts a lot of unknowing buyers.

If the price is much lower than the competition and it does come with a safety net, then it’s probably not a trusted brand. Here at TrampolineGurus, we are all about the Skywalker trampolines. It’s the perfect harmony of quality, safety, and price. Click here if you’d like to read more about why we believe Skywalker trampolines are the best brand is the business.

Another underlooked part of trampoline safety is the weight limit. Trampoline weight limits are an important factor and have a small impact on overall price.

image of safest trampoline in 2015 1Next Level Safety

Have you heard of the SpringFree trampoline brand? They are the future of trampolines, but it’s taking a while for the public to catch on. The SpringFree trampoline has revolutionized the trampoline industry with the first ever springless trampoline.

The spring and frame area is the most dangerous part of a trampoline. The SpringFree company has been able to remove it from the equation; it’s quite an impressive feat.

The major issue is that the brand hasn’t been able to compete well because of their high price point. It reminds me the 1980s with regards to computers. The concept was so new, and it made the price unbelievably high. Eventually, the SpringFree trampolines will be able to reduce their price.

While you know about our love of the Skywalker brand, we believe the SpringFree brand is the future of trampolining.

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