Cool Trampoline Tricks That Will Impress Your Friends

I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited to write this article. As a kid, doing cool trampoline tricks was part of the trampolining experience. Jumping up and down is fun, but gets old after time.

Before reading any further, please make sure you use caution if you decide to try any of the tricks. Please note that Trampoline Gurus is not responsible for the actions you or your family takes on your trampoline if you decide to try any of the tricks you are doing so at your risk.

Tip for parents:
If you’ve never heard of this trampoline trick and you’re concerned about your kid’s safety, it’s safe to assume they will figure this one out on their own. The risk of injury is significantly reduced if your trampoline has a safety enclosure, but pay attention as their knees or ankles may give out due to the extra force.

Basic Trampoline Tricks

Okay, you are officially bored of jumping on the trampoline, and you’re ready to spice it up a little bit with tricks to do on a trampoline.

The Double Bounce

This trick will require at least two jumpers on a backyard trampoline. The odds are that your kids have already figured out this trick on their own, but it’s still worth a mention.

The goal is to bounce extra high. If you execute the trampoline trick correctly, you will be able to bounce much higher than you could on your own.

Start bouncing with a partner and have tried to time it where they land about half-second before you. It works best if both jumpers are closest to the center of the trampoline (especially for the person looking to jump extra high).

The person that lands a split second earlier will pull the jumping pad down with their weight. The second jumper will hit the pad right after and be jolted with an extra force.

This cool trampoline trick can increase the chance of injury. As a kid, I can remember being bounced extra high into the air and almost falling off the trampoline. Also, the extra bounce put a tremendous force on one’s knees. I can still remember my knees buckling a couple of times.

Time For A Spin

How many spins can you complete before landing? I was a bit of a hyper kid, and I loved trying to spin as many times as possible on a trampoline. If memory serves me, I will be able to complete a 720-degree spin (that’s two full turns).

The trick is as easy as it sounds, but we recommend starting with a small turn and working your way up the ladder. While it might seem trivial, start by executing a one-quarter turn; get used to what it takes to create the spinning motion.

An underrated aspect that many people fail to consider is the landing. Being able to land, a spin on a trampoline, is much more difficult than it looks. Once you complete the one-quarter, try doing a half-spin.

Got that nailed? Time to go for the full 360-degree spin. Again, landing is probably going to be the toughest part.

That’s because your body will be spinning fast, and you will lose sight of the trampoline pad. You will have to rely on your instincts in order to properly land. If your spin gets out of control, you will likely land awkwardly. That will increase your chance of injury.

Seat Drop

The Seat drop trampoline trick is pretty much a cool way to land on your butt. First, you need to start by jumping straight in the air bringing your legs forward each time. When you bring your legs forward, they will be out in front of you, and you will land on your butt.

Put your hands directly back against the matt, and it should spring you back up. People due this multiple times in a row!

Pike Jump

This jump is more challenging, especially if you are a beginner. This is a cool trampoline trick because it makes you go very high in the air. So when you jump into the air, your legs should be pointed together and in front of you. Your arms will be straight up, and once you bring your legs together, you will touch your toes in the air.

If that still seems really confusing, watch the video below for more help on how to complete this trampoline trick.

Knee Drop

This is a trampoline trick for beginners, it’s super easy to accomplish, and it is an easy way to impress your friends. So basically, you jump in the air and land with your knees first, then you pop back up. It’s that simple! Check out the video below for more help understanding this trick.

Back Drop

The backdrop trick is another pretty simple trampoline trick. This trampoline trick is essentially a trust fall on a trampoline. Usually, in a trust fall, someone catches you well in the backdrop, the trampoline catches you and pushes you back up. You should land in the middle of your back if you are doing this trick correctly!

Front Drop

A front drop is the same thing as a backdrop, except for this time you are on your front. So remember when you jump fall forward, and then you will spring back up into an upright position.

Front Pullover

The front pullover is an amazing trampoline trick for more advanced trampoline jumpers. This trick starts off with you jumping in the air, and you basically do front flips and land on your back. When you land on your back, the motion continues to push you forward, propelling you into another flip. It’s kind of essentially like you are doing a roll flip. Check the video out below to see how the front pullover is properly done.

Back Pullover

So you are pretty much doing the opposite of what the front pullover is. You start by jumping straight up and land on your back. From all the momentum in your jump, it should push you into a backflip and spring you back up. The back pullover is much harder than the front pullover. Start by mastering the front pullover than work your way to the back. Check out the video below to get more of an idea on how to master this trick.

Back Handspring

This is a very common trampoline trick for beginners and people who are more advanced. This is simply put a backflip with a handstand. So as you are flipping back, you put your hands down on the mat; then, you push your feet back down on the mat.

Front Handspring

This again is a flip and then a handstand. So this time, you are flipping frontwards, putting your hands on the mat, then pushing up to fling yourself forward. I have a short video showing how to master this move.

Advanced Tricks

As stated above, use extreme caution if you decide to try these tricks on your own. The natural progression from side spinning is to complete a front or backflip.

The backflip (or front flip) was a trick I was never able to complete as a kid or teenager. I was too fearful of the potential things that could go wrong. It wasn’t my lack of physical ability, but rather, my fear to even attempt the motion.

Front Flip

So a front flip isn’t that tough to accomplish. All you need to do is start with a good jump on the trampoline. Once you have a good jump, you need to tuck your legs in and start to flip forward you should successfully flip and hopefully land on your feet.

Back Flip

So once again, a backflip would be the opposite of a front flip. You would still jump to get a good rhythm going, then tuck your legs in. Instead of flipping forward, you will tilt your head back. The backflip is more challenging than the front flip because people are usually scared to flip back instead of forward.

Side Flip

So this is a harder trampoline trick, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get it right away. It is similar to the front and backflips, except for this time, you will be flipping on your side. So once again, get a strong bounce and tuck your legs in tight. You can either start to flip on your right side, or you’re left. This trick could have the possibility of hurting your neck.


The Cody is a newer advanced trampoline trick that can be used by intermediate to advanced gymnasts. Start by doing a backflip and then do a front drop after the flip. Bounce straight up after the front dop and continue into another backflip. This is a trick that needs to be practiced a lot to master it. The hardest part about mastering this trick is getting enough power and momentum to complete each part of the trick. You need to be bouncing very high and fast to complete it.

The Barani

This is another very advanced trick that will take a lot of practice to master. In simplest terms, you start by performing a front somersault, and then you add in a half twist to finish it out. It sounds more simple than it is. Watch this example video down below to see just how the trick should be done.

A Cradle

The cradle is another fast-paced trick that will have to be performed quickly as it starts. Start by jumping up and bringing your arms out while also bending your legs leaning back into a laying position. After your back hits the mat, extend your legs straight, turning your head and shoulders to the other sides keeping your legs straight. You should start seeing yourself moving to the other side. Just before hitting the mat, bring your arms back out, and your legs bent, then again extend the legs pushing you back off the trampoline mat.


A kaboom can be performed in two different ways. 1. do a full frontside rotation in a front drop position. 2. perform a full backside rotation from a backdrop position. Look at the example to explain more how it can be done.

I hope you enjoyed these cool trampoline tricks. Have you completed any of them before? This may be difficult for beginners, but these are fun tricks to do on the trampoline! Let us know how the tricks worked out for you below!

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