Best Trampolines for Adults with High Weight Limits

For starters, it’s important that you inform yourself about what trampolines with high weight limits are exactly. After all, you may have a preconception that doesn’t align with reality at all. Additionally, it’s important that you know how weight limits are calculated in the first place, and what exactly they imply.

Trampoline Weight Limit

Any sort of trampoline that you find on the market has some sort of weight limit. This weight limit typically is the number of pounds of force that the trampoline can handle in one moment of time before the material and parts start to become compromised. Some people are able to test the limits of weight limits for quite some time before it results in damage, but it is still a number that should be respected throughout the life of your trampoline.

If you want the best trampoline for adults, start by considering how many pounds you will have on the trampoline. Adult trampolines will typically cost a little more since they naturally have to support more weight.

Best Adult Trampoline Comparison Chart

TrampolineWeight LimitPriceRating

Acon Rectangle Trampoline Air 15 Sport HD with Enclosure Net
800 pounds$$$100

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline with Net
550 pounds$$$$98

Mega Outdoor Trampoline with Fiber Flex Enclosure System
500 pounds$$99

Exacme Hight Weight Limit Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net & Hoop
400 pounds$91

Zupapa 12 – 14 Feet TUV-Approved Trampoline with Enclosure Net & Poles
300 pounds$95

Best Trampolines with High Weight Limits

With this basic background information out of the way, you should now be ready to look through the various top-rated trampolines with high weight limits. As you look through each of the following products, consider how many pounds your ideal trampoline would have, set your budget, and then find the product which will suit your needs perfectly.

Acon Rectangle Trampoline Air 15 Sport HD with Enclosure Net

If you want to find a trampoline with one of the highest possible weight limits, you will also have to be willing to spend a little extra than you would on an average trampoline. If you are okay with this, then one of the best trampolines with high weight limits for you to consider is this large & beautiful rectangular trampoline from Acon. With a generous amount of jumping space, the weight capacity to handle multiple adults, and various other premium features, anybody with enough of a budget that wants one of the best adult trampolines will instantly make this one of their top options.

800 Pound Weight Limit
With an 800-pound weight limit, there are few adults on Earth that would be able to exceed this capacity on their own. In reality, though, you can hold 4 adults simultaneously jumping on this trampoline without worrying that it will break. This is definitely one of the best trampolines with high weight limits for anybody to consider. There will probably be very few instances where you will be able to exceed 800 pounds in the first place. Additionally, you will have a hard time finding a higher weight capacity.

Rectangle Shape with Plenty of Space
If you prefer to have a trampoline with a rectangular shape, then this product will only be that much more attractive of an option for you to consider. With 170 square feet of jumping area, multiple adults will be able to comfortably jump simultaneously on this trampoline without bumping into one another. There is also a net and spring pad included with the product to make sure that you won’t hurt yourself if you do end up attempting to breach the space limits this trampoline provides you.

Price & Extra Accessories
Although there are many nice features that come with this model, it is definitely not going to be a great option for those on tight budgets. However, this product comes with many different features and accessories like an enclosure net, ladder, plenty of jumping space, ground anchors, no single user weight limit, and so on.

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Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline with Net

Anybody who is looking for rectangle-shaped trampolines with high weight limits should definitely consider this product from Happy Trampoline. Although this is not the most affordable option on the market, it has a very beautiful & unique design that comes with a lifetime warranty and plenty of weight support. If you want one of the best trampolines for adults, this should be one of your main options.

550 Pound Weight Limit
If you have multiple adults that want to use the trampoline, your options tend to become a little more limited and expensive. After all, manufacturing trampolines with high weight limits is an engineering process that is not entirely simple. If you have three average-sized adults that want to use this trampoline simultaneously, you should be able to use it safely and responsibly.

Rectangle Shape & Lifetime Warranty
Many people prefer to have a rectangle shape for their trampoline for various reasons. You will be able to jump with a lot more peace of mind than you would be able to with some of this product’s competitors since this one also comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and springs.

Price & Extra Accessories
When you pay a premium price, you should also expect to have premium features that come for that price. When it comes to this product, this holds true. With a lifetime warranty, a high weight limit, a top-quality jumping mat, a spring pad cover, a net enclosure system, and a ladder, there are many features and benefits if you decide to go with this product.

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Mega Outdoor Trampoline with Fiber Flex Enclosure System

This trampoline made by Outdoor Heights would be a great addition to your everyday routine! Made from a strong galvanized steel frame and heavy-duty materials, you will have a very strong trampoline. The rectangle shape of the trampoline allows for better bounces than a traditional round one. All the springs work together than being stressed to produce a better bounce.

500 Pound Weight Limit
When you are using a trampoline as an adult, you want it to have a high weight limit because, as an adult, you are obviously bigger than you were when you were a kid. This trampoline comes with a 500-pound weight limit. This means that two to three people can all jump on the trampoline at the same time.

Safety Net and Pads
This trampoline comes with some incredible safety features. This trampoline comes with a big safety net that will go around the entire trampoline. When standing the net up, it measures 106 inches. There is also a foam safety mat that covers the springs. This will prevent feet and legs from stepping and falling through the trampoline. Your trampoline will also come with a ladder to help you get in and out easier.

Cool Colors
One of the coolest things about this trampoline is that you can customize the size and color of it. There are three different sizing options to choose from. You will be able to decide what size will fit best in your space. There are also three color options to choose from. I personally love a pop of color on things instead of traditional colors. You can choose from green/black, blue/yellow, and blue/black.

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Exacme Hight Weight Limit Trampoline with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net & Hoop

If you would like the most feature-packed and customizable high weight trampoline on the market, this model from Exacme may really catch your eye. Coming at one of the most reasonable prices on the market, especially as you consider the extra features that it has, this is definitely one of the overall best trampolines with high weight limits to check out.

400 Pound Weight Limit
No matter what size you get, you receive the various benefits that will come with having a 400-pound weight limit for your trampoline. This will work great for two average-sized adults or multiple children. As long as you don’t expect to have more than two average-sized adults on your trampoline, you should have no problem ever exceeding the weight limit of this product. Best of all, it comes with a great set of accessories.

Comes with Basketball Hoop & Many Sizes
Anybody with children who want to use their new trampoline has probably already considered getting a trampoline, which also comes with a basketball hoop. When you consider the potential hours of fun that come with this feature, many people will be immediately sold by this feature. Anybody with specific sizing needs will also especially like this product since it has 7 different sizes ranging from 8 – 16 feet.

Price & Extra Accessories
When it comes to how much you pay and how much you receive for the price, this may be the overall best option to consider. Since this product is TUV certified, GST tested, UV resistant, rust-resistant, and even comes with a net and basketball hoop, ball & pump, many other similar manufacturers simply have a hard time competing to this product in terms of price and features.

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Zupapa 12 – 14 Feet TUV-Approved Trampoline with Enclosure Net & Poles

This trampoline from Zupapa stands out due to its reasonable price, reasonably high weight capacity, and the many different sizes and accessories that are offered along with the trampoline. For example, anybody who wants to get a safety net will have one included with this product. Anybody who only needs trampoline weight limits which are great for one adult or a few children will like this trampoline.

300 Pound Weight Limit
For starters, its worth mentioning that the weight limit of this product may not match your needs. With 300 pounds of maximum supported weight, this may just barely match the needs of some people. However, it’s also important to note that any of the other products on this list have higher weight limits. If you don’t imagine that you will ever breach this capacity, then this is one of the best trampolines with high weight limits for you to consider.

Different Sizes Available
One of the best features of this product is that you have some freedom in deciding how big your trampoline is. Specifically, there are sizes that come in 12, 14, and 15 feet in diameter. Considering that this is a trampoline that can easily support the weight of an average adult, this should be plenty of space for you to use. Additionally, 2 to 3 toddlers will be able to jump around safely since there is an included net.

Price & Extra Accessories
Outside of the reasonable price and included net and padded poles, this product also comes with a ladder, rain cover, win stakes, and two separate pairs of gloves for you to use during the installation process and any maintenance that may be necessary. As a result, this will be a great trampoline to have for year-round use and storage in on particular place.

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Best Adult Trampoline

Best Trampolines for Adults Buying Guide

Here you will find everything you need to know before making your trampoline purchase.

Weight Limit
Full-sized adult trampolines that we have been talking about this entire review, typically have a weight limit from 350 pounds upwards to 800 pounds. I have reviewed a wide range of different weight limits, so take a look above at the reviews.

A higher weight limit can accommodate more people. Do you have a large family with a lot of kids? Then one of our highest weight limit trampolines above will be perfect for you. Ask yourself what number range of weight limit you want in your trampoline.

Safety Features
Safety features are an essential component of every trampoline. Some trampolines have more added safety features than others.

For example, you may want to purchase a trampoline with just a safety net, and that is totally fine. Other people may want the entire package, which includes a net, safety pads cover for the springs, padded poles, etc. Decide what safety features you like the best and read over the reviews to see which trampolines have the most features you are looking for.

The construction of the overall trampoline is important. With a poor-quality constructed trampoline, you may run into problems with rips and tears. Always make sure you are buying a trampoline that is made of a strong stainless-steel frame.

If you see a trampoline advertising a galvanized steel frame, then this is one of the best constructed durable trampolines on the market. You also want stainless steel springs that will give your trampoline terrific bounce.

The mat should be tightly woven, and some mats even come with UV protection from the sun. This will help the mat last longer. Other things to add to the overall construction of your trampoline would be the net, spring covers, padded poles, and even a ladder.

All of the trampolines I have reviewed above, have the best quality construction possible. We only review the best adult trampolines here.

Price controls everything we buy. You will find a wide range of price points in my reviews. Adult trampolines are typically bigger and can hold more weight. This factors the prices because the trampoline will have to be constructed better to hold more weight. So, you will find that some of these trampolines are more expensive.

It’s good to start saving for a trampoline, especially a really good one. Set a budget for how much you are willing to spend on a trampoline and try to look for one in my reviews that is in your price point.

How Much Weight Can a Trampoline Hold Normally?

Since there are so many variables that are involved in the calculation of a weight limit, figuring out how much weight a trampoline can hold exactly is a little complicated. Some trampolines can only hold around 200 pounds, which is barely the weight of an average adult. Anybody who wants to have multiple people on their trampoline at a time should calculate their ideal trampoline weight limit before shopping through the various options.

Anybody who wants the best trampoline for adults should still consider the possibility that they will still have to use the trampoline within reasonable limits. Even adult trampolines will limit your capabilities of space and weight capacity.

In Ground Trampoline


Here you will find a few common questions about adult trampolines.

Do They Make Indoor Trampolines for Adults?
Yes, indoor trampolines for adults are called rebounders. Rebounders are a smaller trampoline that can be used for fitness and fun.  This is a great way to workout, and it is also essential for specific therapies. When you jump on a rebounder, you will take 80% of the jumping impact off your joints.

Are Trampolines Safe for Adults?
Yes, just like for children, it is also safe for adults. You should still always be following specific trampoline safety rules while jumping. Always make sure your trampoline is set up correctly before jumping too. You can purchase trampolines that come with extra safety features such as a safety net, safety pads, and padded poles too.

Which is the Best Trampoline for Adults?
The best adult trampoline, in my opinion, is the Acon Rectangle Trampoline. It has a huge weight limit that can be used for multiple adults as well as multiple children all at the same time. It is also a very trusted trampoline brand. Many people love the construction and bounce they get from this trampoline. The jumping space is 170 square feet, which is one of the biggest I have ever seen! This trampoline rocks.


Since there are many different trampolines with high weight limits on the market, you must start by setting your ideal trampoline weight limits and maximum budget first. Once you have these things figured out, it will be much easier for you to find the best product to suit your needs.

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