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Whether your family owned a trampoline, or you begged your parents to jump on your friends’, a trampoline was probably a fun part of your childhood. Now, as adults, we have a family of our own, and we want to give our kids something that brings smiles to their faces, and keeps them safe.

Our trampoline reviews make it easy for you and your family to the find the perfect trampoline. The buying process can get tricky, and it’s important you have all the facts before you make a huge investment.

Choosing the best trampoline can be confusing, and they aren’t cheap. It’s important to make sure your money is being well spent.

Check out our comparison chart below. We’re confident there’s a perfect model for your family.

Comparison Table

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If you decide to go with the Skywalker 15-Foot Round trampoline, be sure to watch the assembly video below. The instructions are clear and it makes the setup process super easy.

Skywalker Easy Setup Video

Trampoline Buyer’s Guide

Finding a top rated trampoline for your family will require you answer a few questions about your upcoming purchase. Before you continue, take a second to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much are you willing to spend on your family’s trampoline?
  • How many kids do you have?
  • Will your kids invite the neighborhood children over often?
  • How old are your kids? How soon until they outgrow?
  • Do you want the “bounciest” one for you and your kids?
  • What type of weather climate do you live in?
  • How big is your backyard?
  • Are you good with instructions? Not all trampolines are easy to setup.


Trampoline safety is most parents number one factor when it comes time to buy one. It’s only been a little over a decade since the majority of trampolines have started including safety enclosures.

Nowadays, it’s uncommon to find a family trampoline that does not come standard with one. Our individual product reviews all mention whether your trampoline purchase comes with one.

There’s an even newer area of safety that has grown in popularity over the past few years: Springless trampolines. If you’ve ever jumped on a standard model, then you are probably familiar with the outer ring.

The springs give the trampoline its bounce, but also increase the risk of injury. Even with an enclosure, which only prevents kids from hitting the edge or falling off the trampoline, it cannot a leg or arm from getting caught through the gap.

With enough jumping, it’s inevitable that some injury will occur. And that brings us to a company that does it differently: SpringFree trampolines. They are the top rated trampolines for safety. Of course, everything good in life comes with a price, and that’s true for the SpringFree products.

Read more about the safest trampoline brand in 2016.


After safety, the most important factor is usually the price. Trampolines aren’t a small family purchase. You want to make sure your hard earned dollars are going into something of great value.

Most backyard models fall into the $400-$800 price range. There are a few popular brands that fall into these categories. The shape, size, and overall quality will have the greatest impact on the price.


The size is an extremely important decision. It’s important to consider both the short term and long term goals of your family’s investment.

Do you have two kids or four kids? Maybe you have six kids, or your kids will inevitably invite all their friends over. It’s critical to consider how kids (or parents) will be using the trampoline most of the time. As discussed above, a smaller model will cost you less than a bigger one.

It’s also important to consider your backyard situation. Do you have enough space to support a 15 footer? In addition to any spacing issues, double check there aren’t any overhanging obstacles (i.e., a tree branch).


Round, rectangle, square, octagon, or oval? Seriously, did you know there were that many shape options to sort through?

The round trampoline is often thought of as the most traditional; it’s the one most of us remember growing up on. The top trampoline brands all carry at least one round trampoline, which gives you, the consumer, a wide range of options if you go this route.

Round models tend to provide its jumpers with a softer and deeper bounce. Rectangular trampolines have historically been reserved for gymnasts, but that trend has changed.

The rectangular brand has grown in popularity among backyard trampolines. The rectangular shape will give the user a firmer and stronger bounce than its round counterpart.

Square shaped trampolines are similar to the look and feel of the rectangular version. While there are square shaped models intended for backyard use (i.e., 14 feet), most are reserved for kids or adult fitness trampolines.

The oval and octagon hybrid shapes aren’t as common but act quite similar to their round counterpart.


Most people are looking to buy a product want something that’s worth their investment. They want a trampoline that will last years and bring big smiles to their kids.

One of the biggest concerns for prospective owners is whether inclement weather will wreck havoc on their investment. There are products our there that last better than others, but most longevity issues can be avoided with some simple care and maintenance.

Does you trampoline come with a cover? If you live in an area with a harsh winter, we recommend you invest in a plastic tarp. While a little rain and snow will always hit your investment, a cover will add years to your trampoline investment.


Personally, I hate putting things together as it rattles my patience. Some people are naturally inclined to read and follow through with complex instructions.

While setup isn’t as important as safety, it wouldn’t be fair to omit it. Each trampoline product review will address this factor. Through our research, we have found that setup varies time significantly from brand to brand.

In most cases, the more expensive products will be easier to setup. If trampoline setup is important to you, make sure to consider it when making your final decision.

Our Top Three Rated Trampolines

1 – Skywalker 15′ Round Trampoline with Enclosure and Spring Pad

image of Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet 1

Skywalker 15′ Round Trampoline with Enclosure and Spring Pad

After spending countless hours researching, the 15′ Skywalker round trampoline is our top pick for 2016.


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Okay, there is no such thing as a perfect product. Are you curious what some owners have said about the Skywalker 15′ Round Model?

Our research suggests that the instructions, also known as the ease of setup, can be challenging. Some believe that the setup manual is confusing and that a revision would make it more user-friendly. That said, there are a ton of reviews that praise the setup instructions.

While the Skywalker is extremely safe (it includes an awesome safety enclosure and pad to cover the springs), it still cannot compare to the safety of the SpringFree. That said, the SpringFree trampolines typically come with a much higher price tag.

Read our full review of the Skywalker 15 foot Round Trampoline.

2 – SpringFree 13′ Trampoline With FlexrHoop and FlexrStep

image of Springfree 10 ft trampoline 1

SpringFree 13′ Trampoline With FlexrHoop and FlexrStep

The SpringFree brand is without a doubt the safest trampoline company out there. SpringFree owners rave about their trampolines as they are built with high-quality materials. When you buy a SpringFree you know, you are getting the absolute best.

So why are we showcasing a 13′ version after claiming the Skywalker 15′ is the best trampoline. Well, the as mentioned previously, SpringFree is a premium brand. We recommend checking out the price before making this model a consideration.

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As the name suggests, their trampolines do not have any springs. That means that jumpers will never fall between the gaps.

Also, the safety enclosure ensures that all jumpers will remain on the jumping pad. When you decide to buy a SpringFree, you are simply getting the safest option available.

3 – Ultega Trampoline Jumper With Safety Net – 14′

image of Ultega Trampoline Jumper with Safety Net 1

Ultega Trampoline Jumper With Safety Net – 14′

The Ultega 14′ is one of the most popular trampoline brands out there and delivers a high-quality experience.

One of the best features of the Ultega is that it can support a higher maximum weight than most competitors. According to the Ultega company, it can support 200 lbs of jumping weight (with one person jumping at a time).

Check Amazon To View Current Pricing & Availability


Read our full review of the Ultega Trampoline Jumper with Safety Net – 14′.

Other Top Trampoline Categories

Not all trampolines fit into the same category. Some are only meant for indoor use while others products thrive in the outdoors. Let’s dive into some common buying categories.

Best Backyard Trampoline

The name says it all, “What’s the best trampoline for your backyard?”. It’s important to make this distinction as many parents look to find the perfect mini indoor jumper for their toddler or young child. In addition, many parents themselves are starting to invest in small adult indoor jumpers that are ideal for aerobic fitness exercises.

Safety Rating

Trampolining always presents the risk of injury. It’s the nature of the game when you have children bouncing a few feet in the air for hours on end.

Even so, there are some brands that take the extra measure to ensure your child’s safety. A relatively new concept has been to use SpringFree trampolines. While the spring area of a trampoline can be covered, it still presents a chance of risk for anyone that lands around that area.

Read our full review of the top safety trampolines picks.

Best Fitness Trampoline For Adults

Who says that trampolines are only for kids? Small indoor trampoline designed for fitness are becoming extremely popular. Many trampolining fitness enthusiasts enjoy the high-intensity cardiovascular exercise. In addition to the cardio benefits, a trampoline workout also strengthens a lot of important muscles.

Many brands include a handlebar, which makes it easier to keep your balance throughout the workout. Don’t make the mistake of ordering a mini jumper designed for kids, even if it has the handlebar. The indoor models designed for kids have a lower handlebar, and that makes it impossible for adults to exercise.

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