Best Square Trampoline – 2021 Reviews & Ratings

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Maybe you’ve decided on a square trampoline, or you’re trying to figure out what they are all about. Today, we review the best square trampolines on the market. Square trampolines will give you a bigger jump space, and people like the square look for their yards better. We also discuss the main differences between the round and rectangular versions. Check out all the square trampolines that I have reviewed below.

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Skywalker 15′ Square – w/ Enclosure and Spring Pad

If you’ve read our top trampoline brands article, then you know why we love the Skywalker brand. The Skywalker 15′ Square trampoline is loved by almost everyone that owns it. While it’s hard to find a lot of people talking about square styles (most are round), this Skywalker model is the top dog.


The Skywalker brand is all about Safety. Safety is the Skywalkers brand number one priority that they actually check and test all their trampolines for their durability and how safe they are overall. They are not required by law to even do this, but they know that it is important to have a quality trampoline. They even have a patented no-gap closure that makes sure there will be no gaps between the springs and the net.


This trampoline has 96 tightly coiled springs. The springs are made of strong steel, and they have been dipped with an anti-rust material that will make the springs last longer. The enclosure of the net comes with a zipper to open and close to get onto the trampoline. The poles are also padded with foam, which is another great feature. This trampoline comes with a ton of great features.


  • Built to last.
  • Amazing value price wise.
  • Large jumping area.
  • Great bounce.
  • Optimal safety features.
  • Great as a gift for a child.


  • It is tough to assemble


This trampoline is great for children of all ages. The Skywalker brand prides itself on safety, so you know you are getting a top-quality safe trampoline. I love that it is square because it makes it feel like you have a bigger jumping area than the round shape trampolines.

The price on this trampoline is very fair with other trampoline brands out there. I always think the Skywalker trampolines are worth the money because of their great quality.

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Skywalker Trampolines 13′ Square Trampoline

Of course, our favorite Skywalker brand is back to bring us another Skywalker square trampoline! A lot of people love this square trampoline because of the price point on this one.

It is a few inches smaller but comes at an affordable price if you want a trampoline for the whole family. It holds up great in harsh weather, it’s super stable, and the net encloses the whole trampoline to keep your children safe.

Patented Gap Free Enclosure

The great thing about the Skywalker trampolines is their patented gap-free enclosure system that they have put into every one of their trampolines. This allows the net to be connected to the jumping mat by the springs.

This means there will not be a gap from the springs to the net, which could cause children to step onto the springs or fall through the spring gaps. This will make your trampoline so much safer than the traditional trampolines out on the market.

More Jumping Space

Did you know that square trampolines allow for more jumping space than a round trampoline? Well, that is entirely true with the Skywalker 13’ trampoline. The jumping space is actually bigger because you will have more room in the square corners of the trampoline. The square trampolines use a higher gauge of steel, which allows for more stretch of the trampoline mat, which will give you a better bounce and more jumping space.

If you would like this trampoline in the blue color click here. It is the same trampoline, just the protective mat that covers the springs comes in blue instead of camo.


  • Great price point.
  • Comes with Skywalkers safety patented gap free technology.
  • Rust resistant springs.
  • Square design allows for more jumping space.
  • Made of high-quality steel.


  • You have to buy add-ons separate such as a ladder.
  • Not so easy to read instructions.


You should know now how much I love the Skywalker trampoline brand, and that is no exception to this trampoline. This trampoline is very affordable for everyone. It will make a perfect Christmas gift for the entire family. This trampoline is made of a higher quality gauge steel, which makes the trampoline more sturdy, durable, weather-resistant, and it even has a bigger bounce space. What’s not to love about this trampoline?

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Skywalker Trampolines Square Trampoline with Enclosure – Soccer and Basketball Trampoline

This Skywalker trampoline is very unique because this one comes with a duel basketball net and it can also be used as a soccer practice area at the bottom of the trampoline. With all these great features you will still get the amazing safety features that are offered with a Skywalker trampoline.

Basketball Hoop

This trampoline is fun because it comes with a basketball hoop that is connected to the net. This is a great fun feature on the trampoline. Not only will you get to jump on the trampoline and have fun, but now you can shoot hoops with your friends. There is also a net that you can kick the basketball to hit the target. This is another fun feature that comes with your trampoline.

High Weight Limit

Another great feature of this trampoline is the high weight limit. The weight limit on this trampoline is 250 pounds. This is high compared to other trampolines on the market. This means that multiple children can all play on this trampoline at the same time without surpassing the weight limit.


  • Fantastic safety features with the patented gap enclosure.
  • Steel springs and steel frame that make the trampoline really sturdy.
  • Comes with two soft foam basketballs and basket ball hoops that are connected to the net.
  • Net at the bottom of the net that comes with a target to practice soccer and shooting goals at the target.


  • Hard to assemble.


This is a very fun model of trampolines because the basketball hoop and soccer goal add a whole new level of fun. I love that the weight limit is high because it means that more people can be on the trampoline at the same time. The price is very reasonable considering all the things that come with this trampoline. This our pick for the best square trampoline if you are on a budget.

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Springfree Trampoline – 13ft Jumbo Square with Basketball Hoop

This is another really popular and wildly known trampoline brand. The Springfree brand also prides itself on safety and their trampolines contain no springs. This trampoline is made of a really strong double-coated galvanized steel. The mats and the net have a UV coating on it to protect it from the sun. the weight limit on this trampoline is 330 pounds! This will allow the whole family, even the adults will be able to bounce with the children on the trampoline.

Springfree trampoline

This trampoline uses absolutely no springs on it at all. They have rods around the base of the rim, and the rods can actually bend. These rods are made of fiberglass. When you jump on the trampoline, the rods will bend and then bend back, making you bounce high.

Basketball Hoop

This trampoline also comes with a basketball hoop. This is another great feature because now, while you bounce up and down, you can practice shooting some hoops. The set does not come with a ball, but you can buy a cheap foam ball or basketball at a reasonable price.


  • Super strong galvanized steel frame.
  • 330-pound weight limit.
  • UV resistant mats.
  • Doesn’t use any springs.


  • Very expensive trampoline


This is a very safe trampoline. This trampoline is made without any springs making it a very safe trampoline. However, this great trampoline comes at a great cost. This is the most expensive square trampoline we have reviewed, but it made our best square trampoline list because of its safety features.

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Benefits of Purchasing A Square Trampoline

If you’re thinking about buying a trampoline for your home or backyard, you might want to consider purchasing a square model. Even though the round ones have been more popular in recent years, square models offer a lot of advantages. Here are a few of the reasons you should take a closer look at square-shaped options:

It Can Fit Inside All Kinds of Yards

Even if two trampolines are about the same size, the rounded edges of a round product may cause the trampoline to take up more space. One with a square shape won’t take up any more room than it has to. You’ll be able to fit it into your yard and still have plenty of space.

They Are Safer

If you’ve been looking at trampolines, you’ve probably heard about the injuries associated with them. A lot of people are concerned that their children will be harmed when playing on a trampoline.

Square-shaped trampolines can be safer for families. They often have a higher weight limit than round ones do, and they don’t jump as high. While there’s no way to get rid of the risk altogether, you won’t have to worry about your children getting hurt when they go into the backyard.

To make things even better, you can purchase a safety net. That will allow everyone to jump without getting hurt. All of the trampoline brands I have reviewed come with a safety net.

There Are A Lot of Products Available

A lot of people assume that you won’t have a lot of options available to you when you’re shopping for a trampoline that isn’t round. However, that isn’t true. There are all kinds of square options on the market. Whether you look for a massive trampoline with a basketball hoop attached or something that’s a little more compact, you should be able to find something that’s right for you and your family. Check out our best picks for the best square trampolines.

How to Measure A Square Trampoline?

To measure a square trampoline, the first thing you need to do is start at the farthest edge of the trampoline. You will want to measure all the way to the other side all the way to the other metal edge. Each side of a square trampoline should be the same length in feet. If they are different, it isn’t a square trampoline. The mat size is definitely a different measurement than the frame.

How to Measure a Mat for a Square Trampoline?

To measure the mat for your trampoline, whether it is to buy a replacement one or just to have in your knowledge. To measure it, you need to start at the end or edge of the fabric, then go across to the other end. Make sure you do not measure the springs. The square mats should be the same exact size on each side of the mat. The frame will be a different measurement because it is bigger than the mat.

What Is the Largest Square Trampoline?

The largest square trampoline on the market is the (Skywalker 16′ Square) this trampoline is very large and gives you a huge amount of jumping space. This trampoline is 16 feet long, so you need to have a big backyard for this trampoline.

Best Trampolines

How to Play Four-Square on a Trampoline?

You can play the classic game of four square on a trampoline easily. It’s basically played the same exact way. All you need is a piece of chalk to draw a square onto your trampoline. Then you will want to divide the square into four equal sections.

To start playing the person in the number, one square bounces the ball in their square, and then they hit the ball to another player to their square. You have to have the ball bounce at least one time in your square.

The objective of the game is to eliminate players. The best way to do this can happen in a few different ways. You will be eliminated if you:

  • Hit the ball out of bounds.
  • If the ball bounces more in your square more than once.
  • You do not hit the ball to another player in the game.
  • If you hold the ball or catch it into your hands instead of hitting it back.

Square Trampolines VS Round Trampolines

The square models are similar to the rectangular trampoline in many ways. Those similarities are what make it different than its round counterpart. Square, like rectangular styles, are designed for people looking for that extra bounce factor. Square trampolines give the user a firmer and higher bounce. That said, it’s not ideal for the younger jumpers as they are too light to achieve the bounce they are looking for.

The round trampolines have springs that are pulled at the same time. This causes the bounce to be deeper and softer. In addition, the round trampoline will pull the user back to the middle of the trampoline. This is not the case with the square variety; The jumper has the chance to land all over the jumping pad. In that regard, it’s better designed for serious jumpers as it allows them to execute tricks.

Square Trampolines VS Rectangular Trampolines

Obviously, the square and rectangle trampolines are similarly shaped. The only difference is the fact that the square has an equal length and width. Despite the closeness, the rectangular models will give the user a higher bounce than the square, but it’s not by much.

Also, the square has a slightly softer bounce than the rectangular version, which makes it more suitable for lighter/younger children. All things considered, the square is a hybrid of a round and rectangular style. If you decide to go with a top square trampoline, then you will get the best of both worlds.


Take a look at your options and decide what kind you’d most like to purchase. There are advantages to every shape! Whether the trampoline you buy is round, rectangular, or square, you should make sure that you’re happy with the product that you purchase. There’s no reason for you to settle. Get one that you’ll feel good about using.

I hope you checked out our list of the best square trampolines. All of them are great and would be a great purchase for your family. If you have any questions about any of the products above, leave them down below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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