Best Slip and Slide for Adults & Kids

Summer will be here before you know it, instead of your children being stuck inside the house staring at their screens with nothing to do; why don’t you get them some fun outside activities they can do. One of the coolest things you can get for summer is one of the best slip and slide from my list below.

Slip and slides are not just for children; adults can get in on this fun too. You will notice I have some of the best slip and slide for adults down below too. Check everything out, and don’t forget to take a look at the buying guide, which will help you make your purchase.

Wow World of Watersports Super Slide

This water slide is a giant wide slide that is perfect for children, teenagers, and even adults. The water slide is made from a thick, durable PVC material that is thicker than the competitors. The PVC is a slick embosses PVC, so it doesn’t require any soap to make it slick.

There is also a sprinkler system that is attached along the entire side of the slip and slide. It sprays in a zig-zag motion. You can connect the sprinkler easily with any garden hose you may have. You also get two sleds that can be used to slide down the super slide. This is a great feature because sometimes it hurts sliding on your belly.

Another great feature about this super slide is it can be connected with multiple slides of the same model to create an even longer slide. This is one of the more expensive slip and slides, but it made from high-quality materials. Perfect play option for a hot summer day.

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WAHII Waterslide World’s Biggest Backyard Water Slide

Wahi waterslide brand makes some of the biggest and longest waterslides on the market. You can even connect it to multiple Wahi waterslides to make it even longer, which makes it unbelievably long. You can set this up within minutes and get it all ready to play on.

The best way to use this slip and slide is to put it down a hill or on some sort of a slope. This will let you go down the waterslide faster than if it was just laying flat. This is a very sturdy thick mat that is UV protected. The top surface is smooth, and it will hold up to 256 pounds per square foot.

You won’t have to worry about the weight capacity with this waterslide. It can hold a lot of weight, so this is nothing to worry about. The slide goes with a sprinkler that will wet the slide to make it slippery. You can use a sled, or floats to help you down the slide.

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WAHII Waterslide 75ft Backyard Water Slide

You can also choose to get this waterslide in a 75-foot option instead of the 50-foot option. The 75ft option is still 12ft wide, and it has the same weight capacity per square foot. The only difference is that it is long and a little more money than the 5oft version.

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Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider Double

This is Wham-o the original slip n slide. This is a double lane slip n slide to race your friends on it. This is the perfect slip n slide for children coming in at 16ft long. So, an adult wouldn’t really have a tong of room to play on this. This is mostly a slip n slide for children.

It does work well if it is on some sort of slope. That way, you can have more speed going down. There is a splash pool at the bottom of the slide that will fill up with more water. It will give a refreshing feel sliding right into a puddle of water. Each slide is a different color, which makes it easier for racing.

It comes with a lot of added accessories like two anchors to hold down the slide, two repair patches, and two inflatable sleds to race on. You can also easily attach your hose right into the slide to give the continuous sprinkler flow. The hose can actually go all the way inside the bumper, and as it fills up, it sprays out water.

This is just perfect for a child from toddler range to teenage range. After your child gets older than a teenager, then I suggest getting a bigger slip n slide. Your children can race each other, and it comes at a very affordable price range for all the fun you will get out of it.

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Slip N’ Slide Triple Racer

This is the same slip n slide we have reviewed above except this model has a third race slip lane. It also comes with a third slide board to ride on. If you have three children, then this would be the perfect model for you because all of your children can play on it at the same time!

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TEAM MAGNUS Slip and Slide XL

This slip and slide is perfect for children from the ages of five to twelve. There is a splash pad at the end of the slide that will drench you from head to toe when you slide into it. The slide comes with two lanes so two children can race each other to the finish.

This waterslide measures 31 feet long and about five feet wide. A general water hose can be easily connected to the waterslide allowing you to have water sprayed all of the slides evenly. More water puddles up the button because of the splash pad. You may have to add a little soap at the beginning to make it more slippery.

The PVC material used to make this water slide is 38% thicker and heavier than other competitor’s waterslides. The price is one of the most affordable options on our best slip and slide for kids review.

The set comes with a repair kit, so if you do get a tear, you will have a way to repair it easily and quickly.

The set only takes minutes to set up, and it even comes with stakes to hold the waterslide down to the ground. This could be on a sloped hill or just flat in your yard.

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Best Slip and Slide for Kids

How to Choose the Best Slip and Slide for Adults and Kids

Slip and slide are an immense amount of dun, but it is important to look at all specs before making your purchase. Check out my buying guide below so you can consider everything before you make your purchase.


The first thing you need to think about is the safety of whoever will be using the slip and slide. Check the product you are thinking about purchasing and see if it comes with any small part or pieces that could be a danger to your children. You may also want to check out the label to make sure the slide isn’t made with any harsh chemicals.

When you are a parent, your children’s safety becomes your number one priority, so you want to make sure the product you are purchasing is going to be safe to use.

Age Range

Age is another thing to consider when you are making your slip and slide purchase. Is the slide suitable for toddlers? Can adults ride on the slip and slide? You need to ask yourself these questions when you are looking at each product and determine what you want in a slip and slide.

You want to make sure whatever product you purchase that it’s going to be age appropriate. Make sure that if the product is advertised for the ages of 5-12 that you stick to that range.


Some slip and slide can be designed to look themed. For example, if you kids love an underwater fish theme, then maybe you can find one that has fish on them. The design doesn’t have to be themed; it can be very colorful and playful looking. So, you need to ask yourself, what do you want your slip and slide to look like?


Material is another important thing to think about when choosing any type of product. The material needs to hold up over time and be strong while people are sliding on top of it. Look for a strong PVC material that will be very thick and durable. You can check the detailed product information to find out exactly what the slip and slide are made of.

Sprinkler Feature

All of the products I have reviewed above come with a way to attach your garden hose to use the sprinkler attachment. The sprinkler option is a great way to get your slide wet so you can actually slide on it.

Some of the waterslides I have reviewed below even have an inflatable splash pad at the end that will fill up with water, so as you slide into it, you will get soaked with water. This is a very cool feature, not all slip and slides have this feature, but it is a very cool option if you have younger children.


Price is another thing to consider. You need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a waterslide. You can find a wide range of prices when it comes to these products. Do not worry. I have reviewed the best slip and slides above in a variety of price ranges, so make sure you are checking my reviews.

Best Slip and Slide for Adults


Below you will find common questions and answers about all the things associated with slip and slides.

Do You Need Boogie Boards?
Some of the best slip and slides I have reviewed above come with their own boogie boards to slide on. Now keep in mind this is not the case with every single one you may purchase. The product must physically state that it comes with one.

You definitely do not need one to slide down your waterslide. You can certainly slide down on your stomach or even on your butt. The boogie board is just a fun way to slide down your slip and slide.

How Safe are Slip and Slides?
Slip and slide are very safe for children as long as you are doing your part to make sure you are following simple safety guidelines as well as age-appropriate guidelines. You want to make sure if you have young children outside playing that there is an adult supervising the situation.

Always inspect your products to make sure they are safe to use. If there is a hole or tear, make sure your children do not play with the product until you have repaired it.

What is the Best Slip and Slide for Adults?
The best slip and slide for adults in my personal option is the WAHII Waterslide. This is an amazing option because you can choose to have it in either a 50ft option or a 75ft option. This is the biggest waterslide I have ever seen, so it is perfect for teenagers and adults. I don’t really recommend this option for children unless you are closely watching them while they use it.

What is the Best Slip and Slide for Children?
The best slip and slide for children in my personal option is the Wham-O Slip N Slide. This is the original slip n slide brand. This is the perfect option for children because it isn’t as big and it comes with two lanes so children can race each other. It’s extremely affordable and such a blast with the splash pad!

Best Slip and Slides


Slip and slides are extremely fun, and they are such a great way to get your children outside having fun instead of being inside all day using screen time. Also, if you live somewhere where the weather gets extremely hot, this is a great option to get cooled off with.

Did you find a product off of our best slip and slide for adults and kids list? I hope that all my hard work helped you pick out a product that you are excited about and one that will work great for you and your family. Let me know which one you decided to go with.

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