Best Slackline Kit for Beginners and Kids

Have you heard of the newest coolest activity called slacklining? It’s almost like practicing the art of tightrope walking. This is a great way to get children and adults outside doing a very fun fitness activity. Check out the best slackline kits below in my review. You will love this new outdoor activity; it improves balance, muscle strength, and core strength.

Complete Slackline Kit with Training Line

If you are looking for just a slackline kit, then this will be a great option for you. You still get the amazing idea of challenging your children with an obstacle style game. This slackline can safely hold 300 pounds of weight. You won’t have to worry about the line snapping because it is a very strong material that is durable.

When you balance on a slackline, you are actually working out your body and improving not only your balance but your muscle strength. Your children and even you will be able to improve your core strength, posture, and balance.

Not only does a slackline benefit all of those things above, but it will even help you in other activities such as yoga, surfing, other balancing sports, and even rock climbing.

This is one of the lightest slackline kits on the market! It is lightweight but ultra-durable. It can hold 300 pounds of weight. The best thing of all is this entire kit can be set up within ten minutes. Perfect fitness activity for all year long. These are the reasons why this is the best slackline kit on the market.

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flybold Slackline Kit with Training Line Tree Protectors

In this slackline kit, you will get everything you possibly need to have fun and a successful slackline kit set up in your yard. You get two lines with this kit, one for main stuff, and the other is a training line. It is really rare to see a kit with two lines.

Both lines are just about 50ft long, and the mainline is two inches wide while the training slackline is one inch thick. You will even get a hand strap that has loops. You can hold onto this while you practice until you fully have your balance down.

The impressive 300-pound weight limit will sufficiently hold a lot of weight. This is the best slackline kit for beginners because of the training line. You can still use it even if you are advanced because you have the mainline to walk on. The lines are made of a durable polyester, and the ratchets are made of strong steel.

Jump into fun by learning how to walk and balance on a slackline. This is a great high-quality kit that belongs in the best slackline kits category.

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Premium Slackline Kit 60ft Longest Ever

This is another complete kit that will come with everything you absolutely need to set up your slackline. This is made by the brand Trailblaze which we reviewed above. This is a very reliable brand when it comes to outdoor equipment, especially slacklines.

This slackline kit has been new and improved, and now they offer it at 60ft long. This is one of the longest slacklines you will find on the market. They have even upgraded the tree protectors making them longer to fit around bigger fatter trees. This slackline can now hold 330 pounds of weight, making it the highest weight capacity slackline in the Trailblaze brand.

This is one of the lightest slacklines. It doesn’t feel robust or heavy. You can easily carry it around in the provided bag, or you can take it with you in a sperate bag easy. The instructions are listed step by step to make it easy to follow. You will have no issues getting this slackline up.

The best thing about slacklines are the benefits it gives you. You will notice improved leg and abdominal muscles. This is a great core fitness exercise that will help improve your balance as well. Perfect for children and adults!

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ZenMonkey Slackline Kit with Training Line, Arm Trainer

This is a great advanced slackline option. This slackline kit does not come with a training line, so you are just getting the mainline with this kit. If you are new to slacklining, then I recommend one of the other products I reviewed that has a training line. This is a great kit for people who want to really test out their slacklining skills.

The ratchets used in this slackline are made far more superior to the other brands. These ratchets have been forged from tempered heat carbon steel to make it extra strong. The steel has then been tested to have a 5T breaking strength.

The mainline is also 20% longer than the competitor’s main lines. This will allow you more room to practice your balance and core strength. This kit also has larger tree protectors that are made up to 60 inches. You can easily connect this slackline to any tree or even wooden post.

The slackline line has a custom multi-weave surface that has been made to have the perfect amount of stretch when walking on it. This is such an affordable slackline. It is one of the best budget friendly slacklines kits on the market.

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Slackline Kit 60ft with Training Line

Here we have one more product that has made it into our best slackline kit for beginners because it is a complete set with a training line and everything you need to make an ultimate slackline kit. This is a 60ft mainline, and the training line is also 60ft.

The weight foot ratchet straps can fit over very big wide trees. You can also connect it to concrete posts and wooden posts. The line can hold up to 300 pounds of weight, and the line has great stretch from the webbing.

One of the coolest features is the rubberized design on the line. You may be wondering why does it have rubber on it. Well, the rubber is actually a gripper. It makes it very easy for you to walk across because your feet will not slip and slide on the line.

This is another very price comparable product compared to the competitors. It is more on the affordable side. Once you get done and have mastered the training line, you can switch over to the mainline and begin practicing without having to hold on.

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Best Slackline Kit for Beginners and Kids

How to Choose the Best Slackline Kit

Here you will find categories that you can look through to help you narrow down what you specifically want in a slackline kit.


Safety is extremely important when outside activities and sports are concerned. You want to make sure that you are making sure you are following safety guidelines given by the manufacturer. Also, if you have young children, you should make sure you are supervising them when they are walking on the line.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you and your children walking on the line will be safe is by having your line and ratchets set up correctly and nice and tight.

Line Width

Slacklines are offered in two different widths. The original width is one inch, and this is for more advanced to intermediate line walkers. The two-inch width was introduced much later; the two ich width is perfect for beginners. This allows them to have better balance when they start out with until they get the hang of it.

Weight Capacity

Man Using a SlacklineThere is a wide range of weight capacity limits when it comes to these slacklines. Typically, the slacklines can hold a lot of weight, so both children and adults can use it. The average weight capacity is around 300 pounds. Some brands have higher weight limits around 450 pounds. Figure out which weight limit you would like and look at my best slackline kit reviews above.

Ratchet System

The ratchet is important when discussing a slackline; it’s what holds everything together tightly. Try to find a ratchet system that is comparable to the ones you can find at a hardware store; that way, you can always replace it if you need to. The quick-release option inside the ratchets is a cool feature.


Consider the material that your mainline or training g line will be made out of. A lot of them are made out of strong nylon or woven polyester materials. You want a line that will hold up for long periods of time, as well as some type of material that will give good stretch. Check over each product you look at closely to see the materials used to make the product.


Another consideration is how portable your slackline too. How heavy will it be to carry from place to place? Ask yourself these questions because if you plan on taking your slackline different places, you don’t want it to be extremely heavy. Most slacklines come with a convenient carry bag to help you transport it.


Price is the final category to consider. What budget do you have for a slackline kit? How much are you willing to spend? The average range of prices of slacklines range from the lower end to the higher end of a couple hundred dollars.

Walking on a Slackline

What are the Different Types of Slacklining?

There are a few different types of slacklining, and more and more are becoming popular each day. Check out these different types below.


Walklining is your basic slacklining. All you do is just walk across your line without falling off. You can really develop balancing skills and core strength while walklining. You can do this on any slackline you purchase. This is perfect for beginners.


Tricklining is a really cool way to slackline. This type of slacklining includes a bunch of tricks and spins you can do on the line. People take a ton of time practicing these tricks to nail them perfectly. You can find tricklining competitions where people gather around to show off what they can do on a slackline.


Longlining is just what it sounds like; it is the art of slacklining at very long extreme distances. Typically, slacklines are around 50ft average, but you can get slacklines in even longer distances. People like the challenge of an even longer line to see just how far they can go without falling off. Since the lengths are usually so long, the line tends to sag down more when you walk on it because there isn’t as much tension like there is in a regular slackline.


Highlining is another type of slacklining that involves incredible heights. This is usually done with a pulley rigged line. This is mostly for professionals who have been doing this a long time and the usual thrill seeker. You always want to have a harness when doing highling; that way, if you do fall, you will not plummet to your death.

How to Setup a Ratchet Slackline

Here you will find the basic steps on how to set up your ratchet slackline. Remember, this is just a general guide, but if you need more information, check your products instructions for more help.

  • If you are connecting your ratchet to a tree, then I suggest using your tree protector. This protects the webbing and its super important if your system is set up this way
  • You will want to anchor the webbing down to the tee. Take the end piece and noose it through the loop that is at the end of the line
  • Then begin anchoring your ratchet down. You will do this the same way as the webbing
  • Once you have done that, connect the webbing to the ratchet and loop it with the axle of the ratchet. You will want to pull this very hard to make no slack in the line.
  • Next, you will tighten the ratchet
  • Make sure the lever is locked firmly in place with the lever facing down. This is a preventative measure to make sure no one gets hurt.
  • Finally, you can begin walking on your new slackline

Best Slackline for Beginners


Below you will find common questions and answers about slackline kits and even beginner slackline kits.

Can you Leave your Slackline up All the Time?

Yes, if you want to leave your line out for longer periods of time, you can definitely do this. Now you need to keep in mind that your ratchet is made of metal, and if it gets wet or moisture on it, it will start to rust. Rust ruins products, and it will begin to eat away at the ratchet.

How Far Does the Line Need to be Off the Ground?

As a rule of thumb, you should have your line one foot above the ground. You can move the footage up higher if you would like to make more of a challenge. If this is your first time on a slackline, then start off with only a foot of the ground because I’m sure you will do a lot of falling off.


Slacklining is extremely fun, and it is getting more and more popular each year. People push their limits to the test to see how far they can make it on a slackline without falling off. Did you find my best slackline kit review helpful? Which slackline did you decide to go with? Let us know down below which one you went with.

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