Best Rectangle Trampolines – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

At first, it seems like the round and rectangular trampoline must be exactly the same. Well, that’s not the case. In this article, we will break down the key differences, and cover the best rectangle trampolines available.

Image TrampolinePriceRating
Skywalker 15ft Rectangle TrampolineSkywalker Rectangle Trampoline 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk$$$99
Happy Trampoline - Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline$$$$$95
JumpKing 10 x 14 Foot Rectangular TrampolineJumpKing 10' x 14' Rectangular$95
Mega Outdoor Trampoline with Fiber Flex Enclosure System$$95
AlleyOOP 10'x17' PowerBounce Rectangular TrampolineAlleyOOP 10'x17' PowerBounce$$$$$94
Upper Bounce Easy Assemble "Spacious" Rectangle TrampolineUpper Bounce Rectangular$$90
JumpSport Rectangle Trampoline with EnclosureJumpSport 10' x 17' StagedBounce$$$$88
Summit Rectangle Trampoline with Safety EnclosureSummit 14′ w/Safety Enclosure$$88

Our Top 8 – Best Rectangular Trampoline Reviews

Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk

Skywalker 15ft Rectangle TrampolineSkywalker rectangle trampoline was our winner for top overall backyard trampoline. The Skywalker is our top choice for a lot of the same reasons as its round counterpart. You will be able to show off your great moves and wow everyone with your best rated rectangle trampoline.


  • Best “bounce” for your buck
  • Great for recreation and gymnastic use
  • Comes with a safety enclosure net
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • UV protected jumping pad


  • Some users say the instructions are confusing
  • Try to open all the boxes and get everything organized into groups before building

Final Thoughts:
If there’s something that you don’t like about a Skywalker rectangle trampoline, or you still have any hesitation, please reach out or leave a comment below.

This trampoline is voted the best rectangle trampoline! This is great for all users, but it is especially great for a gymnast. Gymnasts practice on this same type of trampolines every day. What a perfect gift to give them their own trampoline to practice at home.

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Happy Trampoline – Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline with Net Enclosure

Are you ready for more than half the jumping surface than a regular rectangle trampoline? This trampoline offers the biggest size rectangle trampoline we have ever seen. Coming in at 13 by 23 feet and 750 pounds of weight capacity, you are going to get a huge trampoline.

The perimeter of the trampoline contains 172 springs, which with the more springs a trampoline has, the bouncier the trampoline is. This trampoline is very bouncy and offers a huge jumping area.

You will also get an extra-wide spring pad that will protect and cover the springs and also protect you from stepping on them. The trampoline also comes with a safety net enclosure and a ladder to help you get in and out.

They also offer six other sizing options for you, so if you don’t want the biggest size, you can measure the space in your yard and choose a smaller one of their rectangle trampolines.


  • Seven sizes to choose from total
  • Large 750 pounds weight limit
  • Strong galvanized steel frame poles.
  • 2 times larger jumping mat surface than a regular trampoline
  • 172 springs connected to the mat for a strong bounce


  • Very expensive price point

Final Thoughts:
This is one of the more expensive options to go with when picking out a rectangle trampoline. This would be perfect for someone who has a lot of kids and a lot of extra outdoor space to utilize. The biggest size is 13 feet by 23 feet, so that is incredibly big. If you don’t have enough room, then I suggest picking out a different trampoline.

If you or a child you have is invested in gymnastics, then this would be a good option for you because it will allow you to practice moves you are learning at home on your very own trampoline.

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JumpKing 10 x 14 Foot Rectangular Trampoline with Safety Net Siding

JumpKing 10 x 14 Foot Rectangular TrampolineTime for endless hours of fun with the JumpKing trampoline. This trampolines net is made from polyethylene material which is a super strong netting that shouldn’t tear easily at all.

This trampoline doesn’t come with that many features. Other brands come with a lot more stuff for the same price.


  • Super great bounce.
  • Steel poles for safety.
  • Perfect for a gymnast.
  • Has great safety features.


  • Instructions are hard to read.
  • Doesn’t come with a ladder.

Final Thoughts:
If you’re looking for something at a cheaper price point, then get this trampoline. I don’t really like the fact that it doesn’t come with a ladder. It comes with the standard safety features that you will want in your trampoline.

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Mega Outdoor Trampoline with Fiber Flex Enclosure System

This heavy-duty trampoline made by Outdoor Heights could be the next trampoline option for you and your family. This trampoline has a strong galvanized steel frame that will not rust and comes coated in a thin powder to keep the durability of the product up.

This trampoline features a 500-pound weight limit. The trampoline offers plenty of space and capacity for multiple people to be playing on it together. The strong galvanized steel springs stretched the mat to be extra bouncy.

The trampoline is easy to put together. It will only take a few hours and will go even faster if you have someone to help you. You can choose from three different sizing options to give yourself the best rectangle trampoline for your size yard.

You can also customize the colors from three different choices. Blue on black, green on black, and blue on yellow are the cool, vibrant colors you can choose from.


  • The frame is made from rust-resistant galvanized steel
  • It comes with a foam safety pad which will protect you from the springs when jumping
  • The safety net is 106 Inches when standing up.
  • 500-pound weight limit
  • You can choose from three different sizes of rectangle trampolines
  • There are three color options to choose from green/black, blue/yellow, or blue/black


  • It doesn’t come with a ladder to help your children get in and out of the trampoline. You can also purchase separate accessories for trampolines.

Final Thoughts:
If you are looking for a very affordable big rectangle trampoline, then this is the option for you. You can fit up to 500 pounds on this trampoline, which can be around three to four children or two children and an adult. Customize this trampoline to your space by choosing between the three sizing options to choose from.

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AlleyOOP 10’x17′ PowerBounce Rectangular Trampoline

AlleyOOP 10'x17' PowerBounce Rectangular TrampolineThis rectangle trampoline with enclosure is another favorite among many people! This trampoline provides a great bounce that will send you flying up in the air! It has a huge weight limit of 650 pounds so the whole family can join in on the fun.


  • High Weight limit.
  • All ages can play on this trampoline.
  • Gymnasts can practice routines on this trampoline.
  • Quality parts and materials.
  • Great for recreational and gymnasts


  • Price point is higher than some other brands.

Final Thoughts:
When you purchase this trampoline, you are getting the highest quality materials with your trampoline. You’re getting a trampoline that will last you and your family years with a great amount of fun!

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Upper Bounce Easy Assemble “Spacious” Rectangular Trampoline

Upper Bounce Easy Assemble "Spacious" Rectangle TrampolineThe upper bounce rectangle trampoline is special because it can hold 500 pounds of weight! If you have little children, then so many of them can jump on the trampoline at once! This trampoline comes with all the safety features you need to keep whoever is bouncing on it safely!


  • Great for smaller backyards
  • Durable


  • Setup instructions are confusing
  • Some users claim it has design defects

Final Thoughts:
This brand of trampoline is durable and safe so you won’t have to worry while your children are playing. This is a good investment to last your family years of fun!

As you can see, the results are a mixed bag. Some owners absolutely love the Upper Bounce rectangle trampoline for their backyard.

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JumpSport 10′ x 17′ StagedBounce Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

JumpSport Rectangle Trampoline with EnclosureThe Jumpsport is really awesome because they have their own patented technology on their springs. This means they have designed their springs like nobody else to get you the great bounce possible.

Another great thing is that this trampoline is deigned to lower joint and back pain in the knees and feet. This is super important for the adults who want to jump. It feels like you aren’t even using your feet to jump the material is so light on the feet.


  • High quality, thick safety matt.
  • Fun for the whole family.
  • Ladder included.
  • Perfect for gymnast or cheerleaders.


  • Assembly can get confusing.
  • Wears over the years.

Final Thoughts:
If you were getting this trampoline for a toddler or a young kid, then I would suggest a cheaper model for you, but if you have a bigger family with a lot of children, this is the best buy for you. It can hold a lot of people, and it will get your bigger kid’s energy out.

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Summit 14′ Rectangle Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Summit Rectangle Trampoline with Safety EnclosureThe Summit 14′ rectangular model isn’t as popular as the Skywalker, but that doesn’t take anything from this “hidden gem.” While Skywalker might be more of a household name, the people that own a Summit trampoline absolutely rave about it.

What’s awesome about this trampoline is that if your child is a gymnast, then they can price moves and tricks without having to worry. Round trampolines don’t allow them to do tricks because there is no length, but with this rectangle trampoline, you can practice tricks all day long.


  • Amazing “bounce”
  • High-quality build
  • Built to last
  • Easy to setup
  • Perfect for tricks.


  • Comes in two heavy boxes. (Try to organize everything together before setting up)

Final Thoughts:
If your kids are interested in gymnastics, or you think they will become interested, then we recommend the Summit. The Summit brand builds their trampolines with gymnasts in mind. Allowing them to practice anything they are learning!

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Round Vs Rectangle Trampoline

The round models naturally make the jumper return to the center. While injuries are always possible, this fact makes the round models slightly safer. Because the rectangle trampoline has springs that don’t work in unison, the jumper is free to jump and land where they choose.

As you can see, this is valuable for the jumper that is interested in gymnastics. A round model will alter their jump unfavorably manipulate their routines. For this reason, the rectangular model poses a slightly higher chance of injury for recreational users.

Note: you will become accustomed to the bounce of your rectangular model early on, and the risk of injury will diminish quickly.

Another key factor with the rectangle models is the limited supply. Obviously, the round trampoline is clearly the most popular style of the market (check out our top picks).

In addition, the rectangular market doesn’t focus its energy on safety enclosure nets. While the big brands do offer them, it’s going to be more challenging for some prospective buyers. The main reason the safety net is excluded is that a lot of prospective rectangle buyers want it for gymnastic purposes.

Best Adult Trampoline

What to Look for in a Rectangle Trampoline

When you are shopping for anything, it is always best to look at a buying guide to give you a glimpse at what to expect from a rectangle trampoline. This will also tell you about features that are in some trampolines, and you can decide if you want that in yours or not.

Weight Limit
The weight limit is an important factor with any size or shape trampoline. It is important to follow the wight limit guidelines set by the company of the trampoline. To much weight can make it unsafe and buckle your trampoline.

In my personal opinion, the best trampolines are the ones that have the highest weight limits possible to accommodate your entire family. For example, the highest weight limit rectangle trampoline we have reviewed is the Acon, which has an 800-pound weight limit.

If you just have one child that may invite a friend or two to play, you can go for a smaller weight limit trampoline. If you have a lot of kids, maybe four or five, then you will want to go with the higher weight limit options because than all your children can play together without making it unsafe.

Safety Features
Safety, as I am sure you are aware, is another important factor when decided which trampoline to buy. You want whatever trampoline you purchase to come with all the necessary safety features to keep your children safe.

You will want an enclosure net. The enclosure net stops your children from flying off the trampoline. If they miss a step or fall into the net, it will cushion their fall and protect them. If there wasn’t a net, they could potentially fall off and get hurt or worse break a bone.

They also make spring mats that cover the springs of the trampoline. This is important for a lot of reasons. The first is that it protects the springs from being open to elements. Water can rust even the best steel after long periods of time. The mats on the springs will protect them from water, weather, and even the sun.

The second way the spring mat is important is that it will protect your children from stepping on the springs. Do you remember the old school trampolines with no spring mats? Then, of course, you remember the pain of stepping on one of the springs and it hurting for days!

When jumping on a rectangle trampoline, you may notice that when you jump, you go a lot higher than on a traditional round trampoline. This is because of the springs; the springs in a rectangle trampoline all work at the same time, which makes them bounce for the same on every section of a rectangle mat. When on a round one, the springs are stressed and only bounce you in that one area.

Overall, the bounce on a rectangle trampoline is much greater than a round trampoline.

Price is a factor determined by everything. Rectangle trampolines are traditionally more expensive than round trampoline because they are bigger. We have reviewed above both more economical options and more expensive options. You will not the more expensive priced ones are the biggest ones. You will also have to factor in the quality too for the cost.

Trampoline Safety Rules


Below you will find an answer to common questions about rectangle trampolines.

Are Circle or Rectangle Trampolines Better?
The answer to this question really depends on personal preference. Both options are great, depending on the qualities you are looking for. A rectangle trampoline is going to offer you higher weight limits, more jumping room, bigger trampoline, and better bounces compared to a round trampoline.

Round trampolines don’t take up as much space, they are less expensive, and some come with a lot of cool accessories to add to your trampoline fun.

You need to decide how many family members will be jumping on the trampoline? How much space do you want to take up in your yard? How much money do you want to spend? Lastly, are you using this trampoline for pleasure or practice in a sport like gymnastics? Once you answer all of these questions, you will then know if you should buy a round trampoline or a rectangle trampoline.

What is the Best Rectangular Trampoline?
In my personal opinion, there are two rectangle trampolines tied for first place; they are the Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline and the Acon Rectangle Trampoline. Both trampolines offer the best features, weight limit, and bounce of all the other companies. Both companies have a great reputation that upholds their standards. You can check out specifics about each product above in my review.

How Much Weight do Trampolines Hold?
This will all depend on the trampoline you are buying. Each manufacturer has their own weight limit guideline to follow. The highest weight limit rectangle trampoline we have reviewed is the Acon rectangle trampoline; it has a weight limit of 800 pounds.

Other trampolines hold around 500 pounds, which is still very good compared to the 200-300 weight limit range that some have.

Why are Rectangle Trampolines More Expensive?
Rectangle trampolines are more expensive because they are bigger. They are made bigger, and they have more jumping square footage than a traditional round trampoline.

They typically hold a higher weight limit than round trampolines. This means they are using more expensive poles and frames to hold that much weight up.


Whatever trampoline you are looking for, here at Trampoline Guru’s, we know all there is about trampolines, and we are glad to help in any way you may need. This article was all about the best rectangle trampolines on the market. If rectangle trampolines aren’t for you, check out our best round trampolines.

If you have any questions about rectangle trampolines, just ask! We can help with any information you need! Happy hunting through our list of the best rectangle trampolines!

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