Best Power Wheels for Kids

Did you or some of your friends growing up have an electric car for kids? Some of my friends had an electric car and I thought it was one of the coolest toys for kids that I have ever seen! Power Wheels for children have become increasingly popular and now there are so many brands on the market. How do you know which one to choose?

I am here to help you decide what ride on car will work best for your family. I have gone through and looked at tons of vehicles on the market and narrowed down my list of the best power wheels for kids. In this list, I will be talking about why each one is the best and the different features of each one.

Make sure you check out our list of the best power wheels for kids and also check out our buying guide where we answer frequently asked questions about ride on cars and how to shop the features. If you have any questions leave them down in the comments below!

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor has a variety of different ride on toys for children, and one of their best electric vehicles for kids is their MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike. This miniaturized motorbike can go up to 14MPH, and it can work for thirty continuous minutes when the battery is fully charged!


One of the coolest things about this miniaturized motorbike is that it can go off-roading just like a real motorbike. Your child can explore through the dirt trails without getting stuck. The big tires can power through dirt and mud better than other electric ride on toys making it the best power wheels for grass.

Chain Driven Motor

The motor is a chain-driven motor that has a single chain that goes round and round. The motor has a throttle control that gives the motor great operation, but at the same time, it is quiet. The motor allows the motorbike to go up to 14MPH.

Adjustable Handlebar

You can easily adjust the handlebar of the bike to your child’s height. You can continue to do this as they grow. This will give your child a more comfortable ride. The rubber grips are also a nice feature because it will feel comfortable to touch.


  • Up to 14MPH
  • Thirty minutes of ride time when the battery is fully charged
  • Hand operation breaks
  • Strong chain driven motor
  • Huge tired let your child go off-roading
  • Strong steel construction


  • You may have to reoil the chain from time to time to keep it running smoothly


This is a great choice from younger children that aren’t ready for a real dirt bike or motocross bike. This gives them the beginning feeling of riding. It’s a very affordable option on our best power wheels for kids list, some of the other options we have reviewed cost way more.

The bike is made from a high-quality steel so it is very strong. I really like how the bike uses a chain that helps the motor deliver such great speed. I also like that you can take this motocross bike on trails and let your child go off roading.

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Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

This John Deere electric car is one of the coolest looking play vehicles ever. Little boys and girls love to pretend play and you can take it to a whole new level with this electric car. It has a trailer that is detachable. There is also a FM radio indie the vehicle that your child can listen to while they drive around. There are two speeds and the faster speed can be locked until your child is ready for the faster speed.


The design of this power wheels is so fun because it is made to look like a tractor. All little boys love tractors and the fact that you can purchase your very own tractor to drive around in it awesome. It has an adjustable seat that you can adjust for the height of your child. There are also armrests that come forward and then down for your child to rest their arms on it.

High Traction Wheels

This power wheels tractor has a big set of high traction wheels that can be used outside. They will not go slow when outside in the grass like some other electric cars. With these high traction wheels, it can ride over grass, dirt, gravel rocks, and it can even ride over the smooth pavement.


  • It has a working FM radio.
  • The wheels on this electric car can be used outside in the grass, dirt, gravel, and even the pavement.
  • Trailer attached for carrying toys and things.
  • Adjustable seat with flip down armrests.
  • Two speeds as well as a reverse setting.
  • Recommended for three-year old to seven-year old.


  • Not very fast compared to other power wheel toys on the market.


I love this John Deere power wheels tractor because it allows for so much fun! The large trailer in the back is great for carrying toys around as well as helping you in the garden. There is a parental control lock on the speed is another great feature that I like. The price point is very fair compared to other power wheels on the market costing you more money.

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Razor 25143540 Kids Single Rider Electric Car

Are you looking for a unique fun electric car for children? Well look no further than the razor dune buggy. This electric car is so much fun because it is fast and it has the same look like the adult dune buggies. Your child can feel just like an adult racer in this thing! It comes with two 12-volt batteries that will least 40 minutes of charge!

Safety Precautions

This Razor rider has some excellent safety features. This electric buggy has been made out of a steel frame that is very safe. It is made in such a way that if your child tips the buggy that it has a side roll cage that will ensure the protection of your child. It also has a seatbelt which is very important. The buggy has a bucket seat that has been padded for extra comfort and support.

Battery Life

This dune buggy comes with two 12-volt batteries. That is a total of 24 volts of battery power in that motor. This will give you over forty minutes of riding time on the dune buggy. Once the dune buggy runs out of juice just plug in the two 12-volt batteries to get them charging again. This dune buggy goes fast. It goes up to 9MPH which is fast for a toy powered vehicle.


Compared to other dune buggies this model is way safer and it has a lower speed than other dune buddies. That being said it is still fast for a child. This model will go 9 MPH which is faster than any of the other electric cars I have reviewed. Make sure that your child is ready for this type of electric car before buying it. Do not let little children under five use this dune buggy because honestly, it is to fast for them.


  • Vintage buggy style
  • Can support children up to 120 pounds.
  • Seat belt included.
  • It has a variable speed; highest speed can get up to 9 MPH.
  • It has a steel frame and side roll cages.
  • Bucket seat.


  • Speed is controlled by a thumb throttle, not a peddle.
  • No reverse mode.


This electric dune buggy is so fun! It is fast, yet it is also safe. It has a side roll cage so it is safe and protective if something were to happen that the buggy flips over. It comes with an impeccable battery. It will give you forty minutes of fun riding time. I really like this product for older children.

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Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride-On Truck Car RC Toy w/ Remote Control

Best choice products make a lot of electric cars for kids. They have multiple products but their power wheels truck is the best.  This electric car for kids has 14-inch traction wheels which means it can be used outside in the dirt or grass. This is the best electric car for both outdoor and indoor riding. It comes with optional music you can listen to when riding and it also has real working LED lights. This is a great choice for any boy or girl.

Music and Real Headlights

Children have the option to listen to music while they ride around. There are built in tune that your child can listen to as well as an AUX where your child can plug in their own tunes. The electric car also features real working headlights. The headlights use LED lights that are the best quality lights you can buy.

Three Speeds

This electric car offers your child three different speed settings.  You can choose between high, medium, and low speeds. Start your child off with the low speed. If they are young and its their first time don’t allow them to go any faster. Bigger children will do great with all the speed options.

Non-Toxic Plastic

Another great feature about this product is the fact that they use non toxic plastic. The chair and the body of the electric car has been produced with a non-toxic plastic. You will have no worries as your child drives around because you will know the plastic isn’t leaking any harmful chemicals. The seat also comes with an adjustable seat belt that can be used and adjusted for all children.


  • Foot pedal accelerator.
  • It has a remote that can be used to control the electric car.
  • 3 speed options – low, medium, and high.
  • Comes with its own sing-along music tunes.
  • It also has its own AUX to hook up your own music.
  • Recommended for children the ages between three and eight.


  • Trucks are bigger than the electric cars so it may be harder for your family to store this product.


I really like all the features that come with this electric car. I love that the plastic has been tested and approved to be non-toxic. The price point is about average compared to the other electric cars. It’s not the cheapest but its also not the highest priced. I love the color options and how it can be used for both boys and girls. Great buy for someone looking for an all traction electric car.


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Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Does your child love anything Hot Wheels? I know my son loves anything that has to do with the brand Hot Wheels and he loves this electric car. The car is covered with to make the jeep look like a real Hot Wheels car. It is an open-air design that will even allow two children to ride on it at the same time! With this car, your child will learn the basic skills of driving.

Two Children Seats

This power wheels jeep is great because it will allow two children to enjoy all the fun that has to be had with this product. The jeep is higher off the ground than a regular electric car. There are two seats inside the jeep for two children. The weight limit goes up two 130 pounds so it is perfect for two little children. There are two speed options 2.5 MPH and the highest, 5 MPH.

Storage in The Back

Another unique feature about this electric jeep is that it has a storage area behind the seats. If your child wants to bring some toys along with them, then they certainly can in the storage compartment. There isn’t that much storage room but there is enough to fit a few things back there.

Safety Features and Assembly

This jeep comes with roll bars. This makes it look more like a jeep but it also functions that if your child were to somehow tip the jeep the roll bars would help keep your child safe.

You will have to assemble the jeep when it arrives to you. You will need to assemble the roll bar, the windshield, and place a bunch of different screws in the right spot. This will probably take you a good hour to get everything assembled.


  • Hot Wheels brand.
  • Fun motor sounds to make it sound like a real car.
  • Rear storage space.
  • Chrome wheels and chrome accents.
  • Two children can use the jeep at the same time.
  • Rollbar for safety.
  • Two-speed features.


  • Takes quite a while to assemble.


I love that this one is very customizable to your child’s personality. They have many different options to choose from as far as kid characters go. I love the fact that both my children can use the product instead of having to fight and take turns. The price is a bit higher but with all the quality features you are receiving it is a great deal.

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Best Choice Products 12V Kids Battery Powered Remote Control Electric RC Ride-On Car

We have another great product from the company Best Choice Products. This fun pick car is perfect for the little girl in your life. It has the design of a luxury sports car. It has real working LED lights and radio. This car only accommodates one child at a time. It comes with a safety belt to keep your child safe when they are riding in the two speeds provided by the car.

ASTM Certified Plastic

Once again, the Best Choice Products company has made their ride on car with a safe non-toxic plastic. This is so important because what we don’t realize is a lot of plastic is made with chemicals that leach out and become unsafe for us. You can rest easy knowing your child will be okay riding in their electric sports car.

Two Hour Run Time

This electric toy car will take about a full ten hours to completely charge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged you can plug it back into the car and ride around for two hours on that charge. That is a significant amount of time. Other electric ride on car batteries only last an hour. So, this is very impressive that you will get a whole two hours of play time on a single charge.

Remote Control Access

Not only can the child control the electric car themselves, but you also have the power too. You will be able to monitor your child’s speed and change it if you think your child is going to fast. You can also start and stop the vehicle with the remote control if necessary.


  • Real working LED lights.
  • Real horn sounds and car motor sounds.
  • Two speeds – high and low.
  • Seat belt comes with the car for safety.
  • AUX cord for kids to be able to play their favorite music.
  • 66-pound weight limit.


  • The speed can be a bit slow for bigger children riding the car.


I love that this car is all about the pink color. This is the perfect choice if you have a little girl who wants a fun car to play with but in pink. This is one of the budget-friendly options for best electric cars for kids. It comes with standard features such as the headlights, safety belt, and radio. This is a great option for a Christmas, or birthday gift for the little girl in your family!

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Peg Perego Case IH Magnum Tractor/Trailer

Is there a special little boy in your life that just loves tractors? My son is obsessed with anything that has wheels, especially tractors. This life like electric tractor is so fun because you can go up to 4.5 MPH. this tractor has very big traction wheels that can ride over dirt, grass, and gravel. This is perfect for children ages three to seven.

Super Cool Features

This ride on tractor has some great features that truly make this product special. The seat has an adjustable arm and the seat itself is adjustable. As your child grows you can change the height of the seat. The trailer on the back can be detached. You can also store thing on the trailer. The wheels are made bigger so that way they can go on any traction. You can use this tractor on dirt, grass, and even gravel.


This tractor comes with a 12-volt battery.  The battery is very powerful and should give you about an hour of playtime before needed to be recharged. The battery will probably take 7-9 hours to completely charge. So, plug it in overnight and then use it the next day!


  • Extra-large trailer in the back to carry things.
  • Automatic brakes.
  • Big traction tires that works on all types of terrain.
  • You can drive in reverse.
  • Realistic tractor design.


  • It can be really tough to assemble.


This product is specifically made to give your child the feeling of riding on a real tractor. I love how it really lets you have imaginative play. The price point is actually really good for this product. You would expect it to be very expensive but it is actually reasonable. It has an awesome trailer that can be used to carry things around. I love this product for little boys who love everything about tractors!

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Costzon Ride on Truck

If your child loves a tough looking electric truck then this is the electric vehicle for you. It allows your child to drive the vehicle themselves with the pedal and steering wheel. It also has a parental control remote that you will be able to use to control the speed of the truck. You will get forty full minutes of run time on a single charge. This is enough time to get your child outside having fun.

Great Features

This ride on electric truck has some really great features. It has a twelve-volt battery that will give you forty minutes of fun. There are real working headlights and dashboard lights. On the steering wheel there are some buttons that will make real horn sounds. There is a MP3 jack that will allow you to plug in your own music. These features make this truck so much fun.

Great Price

This electric ride on truck is one of the most affordable electric cars for children. The price point is very reasonable and you will still get all of those great standard features like the other brands that cost way more. You won’t have to spend a fortune to get your child a special ride on electric vehicle.


  • There is a parental control remote that can be used to control the electric cars speed.
  • Forty minutes of battery power for long lasting play.
  • Seat belt for safe riding.
  • Super stylish look of a jeep.
  • Made of super durable plastic.


  • Assembly can take some time.
  • The truck is quite heavy.


I think the price is what makes this brand one of the best because it is extremely affordable for all families. You will still get some of the same great features that the other expensive brands have. The truck comes with traction wheels and real horn sounds. You will also get a parental control remote to control the speed of the truck. Overall, I think this truck is one of the top contenders for best electric cars for kids.

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Power Wheels Ford Lil’ F-150

Here we have another great product from Power Wheels, this little f-150 is perfect for any young little boy. This f-150 comes with a 12-volt battery and the electric car will go up to five MPH. the car will also go in reverse and it has a steering wheel and power accelerator that the child can use. It also has a truck bed just like a real f-150! Your child will really feel like they are driving a real f-150 in this Power Wheels Ford.

Easy to Assemble

This f-150 truck is very easy to assemble and the assembly time is quite quick compared to other brands. It should only take about an hour to completely set up the truck entirely. You should get an instruction manual with the truck that should give you very detailed instructions on how to assemble the truck.

Perfect for Young Children

This product is best suited for children four and under. This vehicle doesn’t have a high weight limit so it is best for younger children under 60 pounds. This f-150 also drives at a lower speed of a maximum speed of five MPH. Most moms just leave it on the three and a half MPH speed. It’s the perfect look for young children and the perfect height.


  • Truck bed storage for toys and any other thing your child might want to haul.
  • Engine sounds
  • Big giant tires.
  • Power lock braking system.
  • Can be driven on grass or gravel.
  • Lower priced ride on vehicle.


  • Takes a very long time to charge the battery -18-24 hours to get the battery completely charged.


This is a very stylish and cool power wheels truck. Kids love it because it looks just like a real f-150 truck. It’s very easy to assemble and comes with awesome features like the engine sounds, big tires, and working lights. The cargo area in the back is awesome because your child can put toys back there and drive them around. The price of this vehicle is very affordable!

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Carbon Red SLS AMG Mercedes Benz Electric Car for Kids

This Mercedes is so awesome because it is such a mini replica of a real-life red Mercedes car. It comes with so many life-like accessories that actually work like it would in a real car. There is leather throughout the entire car for extra comfort and great features like the LED lights, push-button start, and working screen to watch videos or listen to music. This is without a doubt the most realist electric car for kids I have ever seen.

Tons of Fun Accessories

This Mercedes made by Moderno Kids is one of the best electric cars for kids because this car comes with so many top-notch accessories and features. The seat in the vehicle is made of PU leather and is adjustable to help your child reach the foot pedal. It also comes with a seat belt for extra safety. The steering wheel has a soft leather grip so its easy to handle.

The dashboard has LED lights that make the dashboard look great. On the left side of the dashboard, there is a push button start just like a real Mercedes. There is a charging port for a phone and realistic mirrors on the side of the car. The doors open and close like a real car as well. Lastly, there is a truck that can fit toys and whatever your child wants to bring with them.


  • Single use child ride on.
  • Real working LED headlight, fog lights, and tail lights.
  • Comes with a seatbelt.
  • Three speeds – up to six miles per hour.
  • Realistic doors and windows.
  • Comes with a working radio, sounds on the steering wheel, and even a horn.


  • The most expensive electric car for children I have ever seen.


I love the quality and the color of this Mercedes! It is amazing how much this company got this to look exactly like a real car just a smaller miniature version. All of the accessories work and it is a real high-quality electric kid’s car. This car is very expensive and it’s the most expensive electric kid car I have reviewed. If you can afford it, this electric car is truly fabulous!

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Best Power Wheels for Kids

How to Choose the Best Power Wheels for Kids

There are features that are important when choosing the best electric cars for kids on the market. There are features that I talk about that you might not see in some of these electric cars. Choose what features matter to you the most and then check out our reviews above to see which one you like best.


The age range is a good indication of age-appropriate kid electric cars.  You want a product that will work well with your child’s age but you also want something they can grow into and use a while. All of the products reviewed above have age recommendations. Some products are better for younger children as well as some are better for older more mature children.

Seat Belts

Some of the electric cars only have a top speed of five miles per hour. When they are going at that speed, they are not required to have seat belts. There are a few that I have reviewed that go faster and they have seat belts. Some of the electric cars include seat belts just to start getting children ready for road safety. As a good parent, you should buckle your child in to educate them about proper road safety.


Battery life is a very important feature when it comes to kids’ electric vehicles. You don’t want to charge something for hours and have it only work for a few minutes. All of these electric cars take quite a while to charge. It would say give it a day to charge before you use it.  They should all work over an hour of playtime. Some will work longer but they will all work for about an hour and it will give your child enough time to play.


Design plays a big role in these products. A child wants these products to be personalized. They want it to look cool and connect with them however that might be. All of the products that I have reviewed above have great designs. They are unique and will really wow any child!


Some of these power wheels vehicles have radios installed in them. This is a cool feature. If your child likes music you may want to look for an electric car that has a radio inside. Some have music already installed with happy sing a long songs.

Remote Control

The remote control feature is a toy for parents. This will give you the parent the ability to turn the electric car on or off. You will also be able to switch the speed on the remote control if you feel the car is going to fast. It is a very handy remote that you will get a lot of uses out of.

Benefits of Using Power Wheels

Electric Car for KidsThere are some developmental benefits besides just having fun when riding on one of these electric toy cars. Let’s talk about a few of them.

Building Confidence

When we as adults get behind a vehicle, we have confidence as we drive. This is true of our children too when they get behind the while of their play electric car. After they learn all the controls, they will be very confident to drive around themselves.

Improves Coordination

When your child is practicing to drive it will teach them coordination with the steering wheel and the gas pedal. This will only help them for their future in driving one day. This will also help them learn spatial awareness.

Adventure and Exploration

Nowadays, with all the technology we have, it has been hard to get our children outside to play and spark adventure. When your child gets on their electric car, it will truly inspire their imagination and their need for adventure.

Promotes Independent and Group Play

Playtime is a crucial component in your child’s development. Once your child sees this electric car, they will be so excited they will want to play with it right away. Not only will this give them their own independent play, but their friends will enjoy playing with them on this electric car too.

Best Power Wheels

Electric Cars for Kids FAQ

What Is an Electric Car for Kids?

An Electric car for children is a small mini version of a real car that is motorized with limited speed. Some of them look like actual, makes and models of real cars and some are designed with more of an imaginative touch with characters from kids tv shows.

They were first introduced in the 1980s and became wildly popular. They still are very popular to this day. These electric cars for kids have so many great features and will provide your children with a lot of fun. They typically run off of a 12-volt to a 6-volt battery.

How Long Do the Batteries Run For?

This question depends on what type of battery came in your electric car. Most likely you either got a 12-volt or a 6-volt battery. They take quite a while to charge; I suggest letting the battery charge overnight. Once it is charged the time allowed to use the vehicle will vary. Should get somewhere between two to four hours of play time before having to charge it again.

Are Power Wheels for Kids Safe?

Yes, electric kid’s cars are very safe. They can’t go past a certain speed. Some of the products I have reviewed above can go faster and they have special safety features in place to make sure your child doesn’t get hurt.  There is also a remote control that comes with most kid electric cars that will allow you to change your child’s speed to lower. It will also allow you to turn the car off if you want to stop your child.  All of these products have passed the safety guidelines set by the country before putting it out to market.

What Is the Difference Between A 12V Battery and A 6V Battery?

When you are dealing with volts, the higher the number the more powerful it will be.  A six-volt battery is less powerful than a twelve-volt is crucially important that you use the correct battery assigned for your ride on vehicle. You cannot place a twelve-volt battery in an electric car that takes a six volt.

What Is the Weight Limit?

This question is very specific to each electric car out on the market. This can be found in our reviews as well as in the details of the product. You want to always look at the age recommendations as well because they will give you a good gauge about how old your child should be in that specific electric ride on toy.

The weight limit just varies some can hold up to 100 pounds as others can hold about 150 pounds. Never let kids heavier than the weight limit ride in the vehicles. They can put strain on the battery. Also never let adults go in these cars that are meant for children. They can break the batteries.

Are Power Wheels for Kids Hard to Assemble?

Once again, this really depends on which electric kid car you purchased. Some take rather extensive assembly having to read instructions trying to set up every piece, while others can be assembled very quickly just having to attach a couple of parts.

Remember before doing anything to read the instructions completely. This will give you a better understanding of what you need to assemble as well as how long it is going to take your electric car to charge. It is always fun if you can get your children evolved in setting up things. They can learn basic tool skills and bond with you at the same time.

How Fast Are These Power Wheels Electric Cars?

Typically, most of the kid cars I have reviewed above go a max speed of five to seven miles per hour. There are some that I have reviewed also that go much faster around ten to twelve miles per hour. You want to keep your child safe so make sure you follow all weight and age guidelines.

If you feel your child is going to fast you might be able to turn the speed down on the remote control that can with the car. Remember to always watch your child when they are using the electric ride on car.

In Conclusion

I hope you have gained a ton of knowledge about what power wheels are and how they function. I also took the liberty of giving you my personal opinion on which brands are the best for kids.

I know these can be a huge investment so I hope you read through all my information about the best power wheels for kids above and find the best one for you and your family. If you have any questions about any of the brands you see above, shoot me a message and I will get right back to you.

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