Best Pogo Sticks for Kids and Adults – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Pogo Sticks for Kids & Adults and AdultsPogo sticks are an invention almost 100 years old that has remained one of the most popular toys to use both for sporting and fun-related activities. With many people still using pogo sticks today to do death and gravity-defying tricks or simply just bouncing around to burn the time. Whether you are considering purchasing a new pogo stick or simply shopping around to see what it takes to have your own personal pogo stick, this page will serve as a resource in helping you see many of the best pogo stick options.

Many people, both kids, and adults alike enjoy using pogo sticks as a hobby. There are countless different maneuvers and tricks that you can do on them when you get good enough, which is a good reason why they remain so popular a century after their invention. Since pogo sticks are a growing trend that doesn’t show any sign of stopping anytime soon, they are a popular hobby for people all over the world.

Best Pogo Stick Reviews

To help you consider whether or not you want to purchase a new pogo stick, let’s go ahead and look at some of the best pogo stick options so that you can decide whether or not this product is right for yourself personally. Presented below are various different high-quality pogo sticks for both kids and adults so that users of all ages can consider whether or not they want to get a new pogo stick.

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

A pogo stick for ages 9 and up (at least 80 lbs.)
A Beautiful model which comes in many colors and designs.
Foam covered grips and frame for ensured safety.
Non-slip foot pegs.
Rubber-tipped bottom for added stability.
160 lbs. maximum weight.

Although this model from Flybar is listed for kids, it can also be one of the best adult pogo sticks if you fit into the maximum threshold of 160 pounds. Best of all, this is one of the few models where you can customize the color and design of the product so that you can have a pogo stick which fits your personality. The non-slip footpads and handlebars will allow you to stay safe and on the pogo stick instead of on the ground.

Coming from one of the first pogo stick companies, other companies which produce pogo sticks have considered the design of a Flybar model like this one at one point or another while determining how to create their own version of the classic pogo stick. However, just keep in mind that if you are at the upper-end of the weight capacity spectrum that you might notice that the spring will wear out much more quickly.

Can be used by kids within the weight limit.
Effectively used by both kids and adults who are under 160 pounds.
Beautiful design is attractive and pleasing to the user’s eye.
Non-slip footrests make it easier to learn tricks.
Affordable for all budgets.

Longer-lasting when used by lightweight users.

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ThinkGizmos Pogo Stick for Riders 80lbs to 160lbs

A pogo stick for kids around 9 years and up (at least 80 lbs.)
Anti-slip footpads and handles.
Durable, low-friction industrial-strength spring.
Rubber-tipped bottom helps provide added stability.
160 lb. maximum weight.

This pogo stick is another option for people who are either young or old. If you fit into the weight maximum, you might find that this is one of the best adult pogo sticks for the price. However, kids who are at least 80 pounds will also be able to use this pogo stick effectively. It has a beautiful yellow and black design which can also be changed to red and black.

If you want an attractive-looking pogo stick which comes with added security features like anti-slip footpads and handlebars, this should be one of your first considerations while you are looking for the best pogo stick for your needs. Just keep in mind that this model is slightly higher-priced than similar pogo sticks, with only a better-looking design and (perhaps) a slightly more durable spring to show for it.

A high-quality pogo stick for kids between 80 – 160 lbs.
Can also be used by adults within the weight limit.
Durable, long-lasting spring will last longer than many other models.
Anti-slip footpads and handles allow added security while in use.
Beautiful artwork printed onto the pogo stick.

Higher-priced than other similar models with only a few added benefits.

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Razor Gogo Pogo Stick

A pogo stick for ages 6 and up (at least 60 lbs.)
Simple black, grey, silver, and red design.
Lightweight aluminum frame construction.
Footrests can fold to save space
Rubber-tipped bottom for added stability.
130 lb. maximum weight.

Coming from Razor, the same company who produces legendary scooters that are treasured by riders around the world, they have put their best minds together to produce a pogo stick for children between 60 – 130 pounds. Although some adults might fit into this weight limit, it is encouraged to leave this model for the kids and to get one with a higher maximum so that you can ensure the spring lasts for a long time.

This model has a lightweight design which makes it both easy to carry and jump to high heights. It also has foam handle-bars and sturdy footrests so that your kid will stay balanced and secure while they are using this pogo stick. However, one thing to keep in mind is that if you meet the minimum of 60 pounds that you should have a heavier person break in the spring before it will be as bouncy as likely desired.

Folding footrests allow it to be easily stored when not in use.
Durable fully-enclosed spring system with low-friction bushings.
Lightweight design makes it easier to carry around.
Foam handlebars are comfortably held for long periods of time.
Can be used by anybody who fits into the weight capacity.
Affordable for all budgets.

May be difficult to break in for users at the minimum weight threshold.

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Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick

Pogo stick for most ages, heights, and weights (at least 75 pounds).
Beautiful green black and silver design.
Adjustable air pressure means everybody can use this pogo stick.
Durable and long-lasting design.
Rubber-tipped bottom for added stability.
300 lb. maximum weight.

If you are looking for one of the best adult pogo sticks, this is one of the options that you simply have to consider. With an impressive adjustable pressure gauge, anybody ranging from 75 pounds to around 300 will be able to hop extremely high using this model. Although it is not the most affordable option available, this is one of the best adult pogo sticks on the market, and a title like this will typically mean that there is a price to pay.

This pogo stick has adjustable heights, weights, and can be used both by children and adults once the pressure is set at the right level. Since it has three different models, people of all heights are sure to be able to rest their hands on the handlebars without too much difficulty. If you simply want one of the best adult pogo sticks, this should probably be your top option.

Adjustable pressure allows anybody to get a pogo stick that is right for their needs.
Provides different sizes so that people of all heights can use this pogo stick comfortably.
Can be used by lightweight users and heavy users alike.
Professional quality pogo stick which is very durable.
Included with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.
Allows you to jump to heights not otherwise possible from lower-priced pogo sticks.

Not as affordable as many other pogo sticks.

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Flybar Maverick Pogo Stick for Kids

A pogo stick for kids roughly ages 5 to 9 (at least 40 lbs.)
Attractive model available in many different colors and designs.
Anti-slip footpads and handles.
Foam-covered metal frame allows safer mistakes.
Rubber-tipped bottom provides stability when hopping.
80 lb. maximum weight.

If you have a child within the strict weight range of 40 – 80 pounds, this should be a pogo stick that you make one of your top options. One thing which is particularly nice about this model is that it allows you to select from over 5 different possible designs to get the color which suits your kid’s personality best. It also has anti-slip pedals and foam handles which are easy to grip.

A pogo stick like this one which is reasonably priced is great for kids who are curious about whether or not they have a pogo-sticking passion. Since it is a great beginner pogo stick, your child will soon be able to determine whether or not this is a hobby that they want to continue into their teen and adult years. Just don’t try using this if you are over 80 pounds unless you want to break the spring and waste your money.

Excellent for beginner pogo stickers who are at least 40 lbs.
Foam-covered frame and handles with non-slip pedals for extra protection.
Lower-priced model for kids to learn on before deciding to get a nicer one.
Many different colors and designs to choose from.
Affordable for most budgets.

Only for children between 40 – 80 lbs.

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My First Flybar Foam Pogo Stick for Toddler

A pogo stick for toddlers and small children (no weight minimum).
Fun-looking blue, green, and black model with added protection for toddlers.
Built-in squeaker provides a humorous sound for kids to count each hop.
Won’t scratch or mark the surface that is used on.
Large foam bottom makes it extremely safe and stable for small tots.
250 lb. maximum weight.

My First Flybar is the ultimate pogo stick for toddler and adults alike who are concerned about the safety issues that come along with using pogo sticks. Whether you are a parent who wants their child to learn on a safe and soft pogo stick or an adult who might even use it alongside your child, this model has a generous weight capacity that reaches up to 250 pounds. With each jump, you hear a squeak which can be used to assist in helping your child learn how to count.

This pogo stick has an elastic frame which can be stretched to the level of both kids and adults and has perhaps the most affordable price you will find on the market. If you want a pogo stick for toddler, this should be your top option since it is both safe and fun. Just keep in mind that you likely won’t be able to do any gravity-defying tricks with a simple model like this one.

Wide base allows the user to hop without losing balance.
A great pogo stick for toddlers to learn on before using a standard one.
Made of soft and elastic parts that are safely used by toddlers.
Can also support the weight of most adults should they decide to use it.
Affordable for all budgets.

Not for people who want to jump to the highest height possible.

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Pogo Stick Reviews

Buyer’s Guide

Features to Look for in the Best Pogo Stick

There are factors that you need to consider when getting ready to purchase the best pogo stick. Check out each one of our sections to get all the information you need about pogo sticks.

Weight and Age
It is important to know if the pogo stick you want to purchase can accommodate your weight. If you have a small child using an adult size pogo stick, it is obvious they will not be able to use it because it was not recommended for them.

You can purchase a pogo stick that is slightly bigger than your child that way they can grow into it. I have reviewed some great options for pogo sticks for children so take a look at them up above.

Pogo sticks are more than often made from metal. You want this to be a very strong metal because it will have to hold up your weight. You can usually find steel or aluminum metal used on pogo sticks. The springs are typically made from steel or aluminum too.

Most pogo sticks also come with foam that is used to cover parts of the metal. This makes it easier for you to hold and grasp when ready to bounce. Some also use rubber to help with shock absorption.

It’s important to stay safe no matter what activity you are doing. A long time ago the first pogo sticks were extremely dangerous. Nowadays they are made much safer but you still want to keep your safety in mind.

You can now find pogo sticks with foam covered handles, foam covered frame, non-slip foot pads, and so much more. These will keep you safe but you should also consider wearing a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads when you are bouncing on your pogo stick.

Best Pogo Stick For Adults

What is a Pogo Stick?

A pogo stick is a device which is typically made with a vertical metal frame that has a spring located on the inside. When used with footpads, a user can stand onto the pogo stick and cause to spring to bounce. When used correctly, the user can hop off of the ground and reach heights that would otherwise be impossible using your leg muscles.

Since their invention around 100 years ago, pogo sticks have risen to become a popular device for fun and competitive activity. Many people who use pogo sticks will quickly become confident in their balance and increased jumping ability and soon learn how to do some gravity-defying ticks.

How Does a Pogo Stick Work?

The heart and soul of the pogo stick’s function come from the spring that is put inside the metal frame of the pogo stick. The pogo sticks are normally either very firm or soft to suit people of different weights. The easier a spring contracts and detracts, the lower the weight limit of the model is.

To use a pogo stick correctly, start by standing onto the footrests and then getting your balance. Since it can be difficult to balance without hopping, it is recommended that you start by doing small hops as soon as your feet are in position and your hands are firmly holding onto the handlebars. As your confidence develops, you will soon be able to jump very high and do tricks.

Which Pogo Stick Should You Buy?

Determining which pogo stick you should buy will require that you start by looking at your own personal needs. For example, certain pogo sticks can only accommodate users within a certain weight range. If you use a pogo stick that is meant for people half your weight, you will soon wear the spring out, causing the pogo stick to break.

As a result, the most important factors in getting the right pogo stick is stepping on the scale. The height of a pogo stick is normally not as much of an issue unless you are extremely tall. In any case, if you want to get a pogo stick that can accommodate users of most different sizes, heights, and weights, you should first check out the Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick.

How to Choose the Best Pogo Stick

Although the price of a pogo stick is assuredly one of the first things that you will look at when considering getting a new pogo stick, there are also other factors that are important to consider. For starters, adult pogo sticks typically come with a stronger spring and higher handlebars. However, unless you are an abnormally tall person, you should be able to reach the handlebars on models that are designed for kids.

Although adults under 160 pounds will be able to use many different pogo sticks designed for kids, it’s important to note that there are models like the Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick which can be adapted to use effectively for most adult pogo-stickers. If you have a child and you want to get the best pogo stick for their needs, simply consider how old they are and what their weight is and you will soon find the best pogo stick possible.

How Are They Beneficial?

Despite being extremely fun to use, pogo sticks also have a few benefits for anybody who uses them. Firstly, they provide an easy and fun way to get your daily exercise in without even knowing that you are doing so. Since a great cardiovascular exercise requires you to simply raise your heart rate for about 20 – 30 minutes, all you need to do is hop around for a few minutes before you can start your cardiovascular exercise.

Pogo sticks are also a great social tool. People often times unite on their passions when they are searching for a friend. If you or your child has friends that use pogo sticks, it will help them to have some additional fun with their friends. Lastly, pogo sticks can turn into a lifetime passion that evolves into a competitive career. Many pogo stickers who become good at tricks will discover that they can even turn their pogo sticking passion into a source of income if they are good enough.

Is Pogo Safe?

Pogo sticks are just about safe as rollerblades, skateboards, and other similar street-enhancing toys. When you are using a piece of equipment that you can fall off of at high heights without a guaranteed form of padding, there is always a certain risk of injury. This is why it is important to get pogo sticks with features such as anti-slip footpads and handles.

A good rule of thumb is to consider whether or not you think other similar activities such as rollerblading and skateboarding are safe for your own circumstances. If you would trust yourself to be safe using one of these items, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to pick up a pogo stick and stay safe while using it.

Safety Tips

As with any sort of street sport, there are certain rules that you should abide by if safety is your primary concern. For starters, never use a pogo stick without a helmet. Although even a beginner user will soon notice that they can land their jumps 99.99% of the time, there is always a risk of falling onto the hard pavement. When this happens, the last thing that you will want is a blow to the head.

In addition to using a helmet, consider using separate pads at common injury spots such as elbows and knees. In any case, remember that even professional pogo stickers use safety gear and that there is never any shame in protecting your body from harm. After all, the last thing you need to have happen is a life-altering injury.


As we can see from the pogo stick reviews, there are several different options for you to consider if you want to purchase the best pogo stick. Since pogo sticks come in many different weight capacities and prices, it is important to consider your budget before purchasing the one that will work with your body. If you are over 75 lbs. and want to simply get one of the best adult pogo sticks, check out the Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick. If you want a pogo stick under this weight minimum start by checking out either the Pogo Stick for Kids or the Beginner Pogo Stick for Toddler.

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