Best Nerf Guns 2020

Best Nerf Guns for Nerf War

What’s great about Nerf Guns is that they come in a variety of styles with features that will entertain players of all skill levels. If you are a player that loves to be mobile, then some of the best Nerf guns offer quick reloading as well as compact bodies that make it easy to run and shoot. If stationary shooting is more of your cup of tea, then Nerf has made sniper-like shooters that are powerful with long distance range that can strike a target dead center every time.

Nerf has made several improvements recently on many of their guns, most notably, the ability to hold down the trigger for automatic firing that will send multiple darts toward your intended target. The company has also increased the quick turnaround in reloading your gun for maximum delivery of darts.

But first, you need to know all the great features you’ll be choosing from on the best Nerf guns available. Here’s a quick guide to help you narrow down your choices.

How to Choose a Nerf Gun

Choosing the right Nerf gun is not a simple process. Many features and styles need to be poured over before you can select the perfect gun for the game you want to play. Here’s a quick guide to the cool features you’ll find on the best Nerf guns.

Shooting Style – Motorized vs. Pump-Action

Nerf blasters come in two varieties that assist the firing of darts. The first is a motorized blaster that takes advantage of battery power to fire and then reload darts. All the shooter has to do with motorized blasters is pull the trigger.

The more conventional method for priming Nerf guns for firing is through a pump-action slide. As you pump the slide, the next dart is moved into place, and the player can fire with the trigger. Some newer Nerf guns are capable of using just the slide as the firing mechanism while you continually hold down the trigger.

Dart Capacity – Drum vs. Clip

There are two methods of feeding darts to the firing area of Nerf guns. The first is a drum where multiple darts are stored, all ready to be supplied to the barrel for firing. If the Nerf gun is motorized, then the drum is fed with the motor to the firing area of the gun without hassle. Some Nerf blasters have front loading drums that can be switched when empty to other loaded drums with a secondary trigger.

Another way to feed darts to the barrel of your Nerf gun is through a spring-loaded clip that pushes bullets to the barrel to be fired after each dart leaves the gun. The clip is detachable for easy reloading so you can quickly grab additional clips and darts to resupply during your extended battles.

Multi-Piece vs. Single Body Guns

When searching for a Nerf gun, take into account the gun’s ability to add additional parts such as a stock for steady shooting, an extended barrel for improved accuracy and well as a second assault handle for more stability when on the run. All of these features are common in the advanced Nerf guns.

Most of the compact blasters are one-piece guns that can be easily held with two hands and work well in games where players are mobile.

So with those details in mind, let’s look at several reviews of the best Nerf Guns on the market.

Best Nerf Guns for Nerf War

Strongarm Blaster

Lightweight with the ability to fire quickly, the N-Strike Elite Strongarm blaster is perfect for the battle on the run. With a firing range of up to 75 feet, not only is the Strongarm blaster accurate but also sends darts at the target with dynamic velocity.

A rotating barrel keeps six darts handy, and the Slam Fire slide lets the shooter fire away without worrying about jamming the gun. Another great feature of the Strongarm is that it is adaptable to most N-Strike accessories. Easy to reload, the blaster is ideal for the nerf gun lover who wants a fast resupply when on the move.

The Strongarm Blaster pairs perfectly with Nerf’s Revolutionary Elite Darts for maximizing distance and accuracy. And opposed to other Nerf guns, the Strongarm blaster does not need batteries to operate. So the only obstacle to day-long playing will be your ability to keep your game going!

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For Nerf fans who don’t mind sacrificing a little weight in their guns for maximum firepower, then the Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus is the perfect heavy gun for you. With motorized speed-load technology, Nerf has created the Infinus to be a wonderful on-the-go gun with a 30-round drum that automatically loads after every shot. The drum stays attached to the blaster so reloading the gun, even after you’ve emptied all your darts, is a smooth and straightforward process.

The Infinus uses the battery-powered motor to not only fuel your rapid shooting but also allows the drum to be reloaded immediately. When ready to fire, the shooter holds down the acceleration trigger to power up the motor on the Infinus and then pull the blaster’s trigger to fire. The Infinus is perfect for those long battles where every dart counts!

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Rampage Blaster

With two handles to keep your shots steady, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage blaster utilizes the side-attaching drum to keep the darts streaming toward your target. Without a motor, the Rampage does not need batteries, but that doesn’t mean that the blaster can’t fire quickly. The Rampage blaster has a jaw-dropping range of 90 feet and can run semi-automatic by using the Slam Fire handle to unleash a fury of darts that no opponent can dodge.

If you are worried that the compact frame of the Rampage will cause a loss of accuracy, then shake those fears away because this blaster will shock you with how on-target your shots will be. An anti-lock button will keep your Rampage blaster firing continually and without jamming as long as you understand the method to fire one of the best Nerf guns available. If you are in the market for a portable long-range Nerf gun, then the Rampage is the blaster for you.

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The Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire blaster is pure muscle with a 15-round drum that fires Elite darts at over 90 feet in length. For shooters who love combat in close areas, the pump-action SurgeFire is the perfect Nerf gun due to its small body and a second handle.

With the Slam Fire slide, the shooter has many firing options with the SurgeFire. They can be conservative and fire out one shot at a time or rapidly eject all 15 darts for an overwhelming assault on opponents.

Perhaps the best feature of the SurgeFire is the front-loading rotational drum that makes reloading happen in a flash. Shooters can reload the entire drum in just seconds for quick firing that will leave opponents diving for cover. For Nerf lovers, who want a reliable option for close-quarter battles then the SurgeFire provides the range and power that will have you winning battle after battle.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

If blasters or long-range guns are too much power for your typical Nerf battle, then the company has made the pistol-like Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor to fit your needs. Holding six rounds in a rotational front-loading drum, the Disruptor can be held and fired with one hand resulting in stunning long-range firepower.

The pistol is perfect against opponents who can quickly draw and fire their Nerf blaster as darts fired from the Disruptor can travel over 90 feet with terrific velocity. The back of the Disruptor has a quick slide for automatic firing without the need for batteries.

What people love about the Disruptor is its ease of use regardless of the environment, from indoor to outdoor battles, this pistol performs with accuracy and strength. For the competitor who loves mobility during their Nerf battles, the Disruptor is perfect because it can be fired from long distances without long reload times.

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For the Nerf shooter who wants the look and feel of a rifle-like Nerf gun, then the Retaliator is the gun for your upcoming battles. What’s unique about this blaster is that it can take on four different shapes through its interchangeable parts.

The Retaliator can be modified to meet the environment of your mission. The blaster comes with an interchangeable stock for steadying your aim, as well as an assault grip that works as a second handle for long-range shots and a barrel extension that keeps your darts on target after firing.

With a 12-dart quick reload clip, whatever version of the Retaliator you choose, the clip will keep the darts handy for active shooting. When using Elite darts, the Retaliator’s range of firing is roughly 75 feet long. For the warrior who loves adaptable options, the Retaliator is the perfect multi-functional Nerf gun for your battle!

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From their popular Zombie Strike series, Nerf has created a powerful pistol-like gun with the Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot blaster. Instead of their typical slide-firing mechanism, Nerf has given the Hammershot a “hammer” that the shooter pulls back before the gun can be fired. The Hammershot does not need batteries as all the priming is handled via the hammer firing pin.

The five-dart front loading drum on the Hammershot makes the gun light and small enough for one-hand priming and firing. Drawing back the hammer with just a thumb while holding onto the Hammershot’s handle may be a bit tricky initially, but after repeated use, shooters will find the priming mechanism easier to accomplish.

With its relatively light body weight and ability to quickly fire, the Hammershot is perfect for younger Nerf warriors who may not have developed their strength yet. But regardless of age, the Hammershot is an excellent complement for those Nerf soldiers looking to add a pistol to their collection.

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Triad EX-3

One of Nerf’s most unique inventions in the Elite series is the pocket-sized Triad EX-3. The pistol-shaped blaster can be concealed easily in pockets and small bags, perfect for a surprise attack on your enemies.

But don’t let the small size of the Triad EX-3 fool you on first glance, through Nerf’s smart technology the small blaster has a firing range of close to 90 feet. Other than the extended range of the EX-3, the small size of the barrel allows shooters to hide the blaster behind clothing and even their hands!

The Triad EX-3 has a priming handle on the bottom of the gun that must be pulled and set before each firing, so even though it may not be automatic, the firing power will well compensate any delay in priming the gun. For compact power that is ideal for the sneak attack, the Triad EX-3 has no competition among Nerf blasters.

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FlipFury Blaster

Another fun addition from Nerf’s Zombie Strike series is the Flipfury blaster. With two rotating drums that keep the darts coming fast and furious, the Flipfury is a great gun for multi-player battles in confined areas.

What sets the Flipfury apart from other blasters is the flip-fire action that keeps two drums with six-shot capacity on the ready for quick and accurate shooting. Once one drum is empty, you pull the secondary trigger to switch out to the next full drum for immediate blasting. The next fully-loaded drum rotates into position for six new shots.

Even though the Flipfury is small, the bottom of the gun has a handle to stabilize shooting. This feature is especially important when switching between drums while running to cover. The Flipfury blaster is perfect for shooters who love quick reloading while having complete control over their gun.

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One of the most unique guns that Nerf has ever created is the Zombie Strike Doominator blaster. With an adjustable handle that helps stabilize firing based on the shooter’s preference, the Doominator can be modified on the move without sacrificing time for getting darts into the air.

The Doominator’s most eye-popping feature is the four rotating drums, each with a six-shot capacity, that keep the darts coming when the zombies strike! With 24 shots at your disposal, the Doominator quickly rotates the drums via the use of a secondary trigger once a drum is empty.

The three-positional handle can be located on either the right, left or bottom areas of the blaster. This flexibility with the handles allows for natural firing for left-handed players after a quick adjustment. If you are in the market for a blaster with maximum options that carries a high-load of darts, then the Doominator is one of the best Nerf guns available.

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The best Nerf guns on the market share many of the same exciting features, from motorized reloading and firing to multi-functional accessories that can extend or shorten your blaster; Nerf provides numerous choices for whatever battle lies in front of you.

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