Best Mini Trampoline For Toddlers & Kids – 2016 Reviews

With so many great benefits, selecting the best mini trampoline for your toddler or kid can be a wonderful investment. Research has shown that a toddler trampoline has the potential to help with speech development.

Most parents will agree that the idea of getting their kids active is a huge benefit. The modern world is full of so many “lazy” activities for kids: video games, tablets, and tv; the list goes on. A mini trampoline is a great way to introduce your toddler or kid to the wonderful benefits of exercise.

We’ve collected our top mini trampoline models in the comparison chart below. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect indoor jumper for you kid(s).

Comparison Chart

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Toddler Trampolines Are Safer

It may seem like a no-brainer to get a toddler trampoline, but many people worry about the injury risks. The good news is these models are significantly safer than large backyard trampolines.

image of mini trampoline help kidsThe main reason they are safer is because the potential bounce height is only a fraction of the larger models. They are designed for the younger age group (2-4) will have a low bounce. While there are always injuries risks for any physical activity, proper parent supervision will dramatically reduce the chances of a major injury.

The bigger models that are meant for the older age group (5-7) do provide a higher bounce, but again, it’s a fraction of the large trampolines. In addition, the larger mini trampolines have a safety enclosure net which reduces the risk of an awkward landing.

With all the options, which one should you choose?

The most important aspect of your buying decision should be your kids age and size. The toddler trampoline market has a lot of options that are designed for smaller children (ie, ages 2-4) as well as options geared for bigger kids (ie, 5-7).

Another important consideration is how much space you have in your apartment or home. Some mini trampolines make it easy with jumpers that fold up; that makes it convenient for storing away.

Top 3 Mini Trampolines For Toddlers

The following models are designed for the younger kids, aged in the 2-4 group (but it also depends on the size/weight of your child).

1 – The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline (TM)

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline (TM)

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline (TM)

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline is our best toddler trampoline.

So, why are so many owners happy?


  • Easy to assemble
  • High weight limit
  • Sturdy build
  • Comes with a handlebar
  • Can be stored away


  • Some owners complain of a strong “plastic” smell
  • Disassembly takes longer than advertised

Is It Right For You?

This is the go-to toddler trampoline. We like it more than our #2 choice, the Little Tikes 3′ trampoline, because it supports a larger age group. The Tikes is best suited for 2 and 3-year olds, but doesn’t do as well at ages much older.

The Fold & Go company states it can support up to 150 pounds. It’s ideal for kids under the age of five, but those are only suggestions. With the higher upper weight limit, it’s possible for your kids to enjoy it well beyond their early years.

It’s a great investment as it will let them burn a ton of energy (perfect to get them ready for naps).

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2 – Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

 image of little tikes mini trampoline for toddlers 1

Little Tikes 3 ft. Trampoline

The Little Tikes 3′ is our second best mini toddler trampoline. Is it right for you?


  • Easy to assemble
  • No springs; reduced injury risk
  • High-quality / sturdy build


  • Potential foam hazard
  • Cannot store it easily
  • Slides during jumping sessions

Is It Right For You?

The Little Tikes 3′ is an awesome product with extremely satisfied customers. There is a common area of complaint: The foam cover for handlebar.

Most reviewers agree that it poses as a choking hazard. Kids love to chew things, and some parents have found the foam cover is ruined after a short amount of time. While it doesn’t take away from the bouncing experience, it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Some reviewers also have said the trampoline will move around during a bouncing session. The severity of the complaint seems to boil down the jumping area. Carpeted areas will hold up better than harder floors, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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3 – Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline

The Diggin JumpSmart breaks convention when compared with our first two picks. Its triangular shape and use of funny sounds makes it truly unique.

What makes the Diggin so cool?


  • Kid-friendly colors and design
  • Makes fun sounds
  • Sturdy build
  • Unique tricycle like handlebar


  • Tough to assemble

Is It Right For You?

The Diggin JumpSmart is almost the perfect toddler trampoline, but falls short in one area: Ease of assembly. Could you imagine the how popular this model might be if assembly was simpler?

Owners love the unique design and the fact kids have fun with the sounds. If not for the assembly issues, it would make a run for our top pick.

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Top Mini Trampolines For Kids

1 – Skywalker Trampolines 60 In. Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure

image of mini trampoline for kids 1

Skywalker Trampolines 60 In. Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure

The Skywalker 60′ Seaside mini trampoline wins our top pick for “kids”.

The Skywalker Seaside trampoline is great for a wide range of kids. If your kid is younger than three don’t think it’s only for the older kids.


  • Comes with a safety enclosure net
  • Large jumping area
  • No “gap” area when jumping
  • Great bounce


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Terrible assembly instructions

The Seaside trampoline is a high-quality model, but some find the instructions to be a bit difficult.

Is It Right For You?

The 60′ jumping area makes is fun for kids to get that genuine trampolining experience at a young age. The Seaside is a great choice when you consider the size and safety enclosure net.

Before you buy, you’re going to have to decide if assembly instructions are important to you. Some reviewers say the setup was easy, while others complain about the process. If you’re willing to setup the trampoline then you’ll have something your kids will love.

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Handlebar Trampoline Benefits

Going with a handlebar mini trampoline brings some added benefits. Your child will be able to use the handle to keep their balance. The extra balance will reduce the chance that they fall off the mini trampoline and hit the ground.


But, there are a couple of risks that come a handlebar mini trampoline. The bar will always be right in front of your kid while they are jumping, and that poses a risk. There is a chance their mouth or chin could come in contact on the way down.

Some companies make the bar adjustable, which will help remove some of the risks. Also, the mini trampoline brands usually put the handlebar far enough away from the jumper. The chances are small, but it’s to keep in mind while you supervise your kid.

Also, the best handlebar models use a foam cover to soften it. Many Amazon reviewers say that they appreciate the extra padding, but their kids have chewed through it. Not only does it expose the hard metal, but the foam is a serious choking hazard.

Want to check out a mini trampoline without a handlebar? Read our full review.

Best Toddler Trampolines With A Bar

1 – Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline

image of bazoongi bar trampoline for toddlers 1Why is it so good?

The frame is made out of rust-resistant galvanized steel, which makes it great for outdoor use.

Parents love the extra sense of sturdiness. A lot of kids try to hang on the bar area. When they do, it makes it has the chance of flipping. Multiple reviewers mention that this is a huge relief for them.

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