Best Inflatable Water Slides For Kids (and Adults)

What’s better than long summer days and a garden? Having an inflatable water slide or water park with long summer days and a garden, that’s what! And unlike days gone by, inflatable water parks and slides are no longer just for hey-days, holidays and birthdays. You also don’t have to travel half the country to get to a theme park to enjoy the thrills and spills water slides, climbing walls, and crawl tunnels.

Water slides and inflatable water parks are available for the very young, the young and the young at heart. They’re a little more expensive than the average toy but cheaper than a lot of electronic devices and games, and the return on investment is invaluable family time and happy kids. You can also choose inflatable water parks or slides that can be used without water during the colder months.

Our Top 10 Best Inflatable Water Slides

Now for the fun bit. We have reviewed 10 inflatable water parks and water slides that we think are the best. Carry on reading to find out which ones have made our list.

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide

Talk about a whole lot of fun in one! The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Dual Slide has two slides, a climbing wall, as well as a splash pool. It comes with repair patches, a storage bag, ground stakes, a blower motor and water fillable ballast bags.

The Little Tikes inflatable slide offers plenty of activities to keep the kids busy, and parents can see all of the action, all of the time. We love the surprise dump bucket that splashes water on unsuspecting kiddies climbing up the rock wall. Also, the two slides, climbing wall and splash pool ensures everyone has fun. The four water sprayers ensure the slide stays wet and they keep the kids cool. With a combined weight capacity of 350 pounds, adults can use it too.

There is a 90-day limited warranty on the fabric and a 1-year limited warranty on the blower. This is a great choice and a top buy in our opinion.

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Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Water Park with Slide

The Blast Zone Misty Kingdom water park with slide doubles up as a bounce house and can be used all-year round. The splash area works well as a ball pit too, especially for the little ones. A climbing section, bouncer, and a slide keeps kids of all ages busy, and for extra peace of mind, there is a net that keeps jumpers safe.

Initially, set up takes a little bit of time, but the unit inflates in two minutes and can hold up to six children at one time.

The Misty Kingdom from Blast Zone is an excellent buy that offers value for money. If looked after properly, this water park will last a long time, and because there are so many activities, it’s suitable for children as young as three.

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Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park

Blast Zone makes inflatable water park and slide combinations that are durable, reliable and loads of fun. The pirate-themed inflatable has a huge splash and bouncer area, as well as a crawl tunnel and dual spray water cannons. There is also a climbing wall for the more adventurous kids.

The Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park can accommodate up to five children at a time and is made from a commercial grade vinyl. If it’s maintained correctly, the combo slide and water park will last a long time.

This is a great investment and comes highly recommended.

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Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable Water Park with Dual Slides

The Blast Zone Crocodile Isle water park has recently been upgraded and features higher tail walls, a wider ramp as well as safety rails. The crazy crocodile can handle five children at a time, and they can climb his foot, and slide down his snout or tail. The convenient ladder means kids can climb back up from the ‘lagoon’ area, keeping grass and sand out the water.

The dual slides have their own sprayers and it’s made from a commercial grade vinyl for extra durability. It’s suitable for smaller kids, as young as 18 months, with adult supervision of course, and children as old as 12 and 13 have a ball on it.

The crocodile shaped water park inflates quickly and is light enough to be moved around easily. We love this because of its generous size.

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Blast Zone Shark Park Inflatable Water Park

Possibly one of the more expensive inflatable water parks on our list is the Blast Zone Shark Park, but trust us, it’s money well spent. There is an enclosed bouncing section, an 80-square foot pool area, and a long slide. The pool area doubles up as a ball pit when it’s not being used for swimming. Also included is a crawl tunnel, an overhead sprayer, and three shark fin sprayers.

From a safety point of view, there are foot holes, safety handles, and a safety platform. Older kids enjoy it as much as the little ones, and if you’re looking for the perfect way to keep them entertained throughout the year, this is it.

The inflatable water park and slide combo inflates quickly, but because of its size, it’s quite heavy to lug around.

People who have purchased this from Blast Zone are very happy and it gets a very definite thumbs up from us.

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Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

Another great option from Little Tikes is the Slam ‘n Curve slide. The water park and slide combo is perfect for kids aged 5 to 10. While the little ones can play and splash in the pool area, older kids can test their climbing skills on the inflatable rock climbing wall. For extra fun, there’s even a basketball hoop. Kids don’t have to get out the inflatable to climb the rock wall, which means less grass and grime.

The Slam ‘n Curve slide has a weight limit of approximately 350 pounds and comes with a blower, spray hose, storage bag, anchor stakes, a repair kit, and an inflatable ball. The entire unit inflates in under 30 seconds and is a good size for smaller yards.

The Little Tikes water park and slide is good value for money and a real hit with parents and kids alike.

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Blast Zone Tropical Splash Compact Backyard Water Slide

The Blast Zone Tropical Splash Compact Backyard Water Slide is a budget buy, but it doesn’t compromise on quality. It weighs around 40 pounds and is quick and easy to set up. The inflatable water slide comes with a blower and is made of a commercial grade vinyl, making it extremely durable.

It’s perfect for playdates and can hold up to 75 pounds. If space and budget are an issue, this is the perfect choice.

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Blast Zone Great White Water Slide

The Great White Water Slide from Blast Zone is an absolute hit and can be used during the summer months as well as in winter. One of the best inflatable water slides around, it inflates in seconds and stores compactly when not in use.

The slide is approximately 6 feet high and is enclosed with a safety net and there’s a generously sized pool area. Kids can also make use of the slide in winter, with sheets or blankets and the pool area can be filled with balls.

The slide is made from a commercial quality PVC material and has all the necessary safety features. There is also a safety platform for extra peace of mind. Blast Zone has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best bounce houses and water slides, and the Great White water slide exceeds all expectations.

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Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer with Slides

If you want to keep your kids (as well as the entire neighborhood) occupied for hours, then you need the Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer with Slides. From climbing cliffs and sliding down rapids to swimming in the Tiki lagoon, adventurers of all ages will love it. It’s suitable for children from 3 years old all the way up to tweens, and it can accommodate six kids at a time. This huge all-in-one amusement park inflates in under two minutes, and it has a combo jumper and two mega slides.

There are climbing walls and for added safety, it has handles that kids can use to pull themselves up. This is a great investment if you have the space and some cash to spare.

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Banzai Inflatable Adventure Club

Fun just got serious with the Banzai Inflatable Adventure Club. It has two curved water slides and two water cannons for extra fun. It’s made fro 100% PVC and can handle a lot of fun in the sun. It has a weight capacity of 200 pounds and at its highest point, it reaches around 8ft.

The Banzai inflatable water park comes with a blower and inflates easily and stores conveniently. It’s a great buy and while it costs a little more than others, it’s definitely worth the investment.

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PicassoTiles Water Slide Park Inflatable Bouncing House w/ Pool Area

One of our favorite water slides is the PicassoTiles Water slide bounce house. This takes us back to a very simple, sleek design. It is the perfect sizer without being gigantic, taking up a huge amount of lawn space. The material is non-toxic, so it is safe for children. The climbing area is strong and sturdy for your children to climb up to slide down the slide.

The inflatable also comes with a 385-watt blower to inflate it. With this blower, it takes less than a minute to inflate fully. There is a built-in water cannon that your children can use to play with each other by squirting water. There are also shower head sprays located at the top of the slide to get the slide wet as well splash you as you’re going down.

After your children go down the slide, they can relax in the splash zone, which is the kiddie pool at the bottom of the slide. Your children will have fun exploring and learning by playing with this super fun inflatable water slide. This option is one of the best inflatable water slides if you happen to be on a budget and are looking for something that won’t take up too much space.

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L.O.L. Surprise Inflatable River Race Water Slide with Blower

Are you ready to surprise your little girl with one of the coolest inflatable water slides on the market? Every little girl is obsessed with the L.O.L. dolls, and now they have their own water slide! What could be any better? This inflatable water slide comes with two slides, a surprise water dump bucket, a climbing wall, and a splash pool.

The weight limit is 350 pounds, which is quite a lot; you could have four little girls all playing at one time on this water inflatable.  You will get all the necessary things needed to set up your inflatable, and it comes with; seven stakes, four blower stakes, one blower, one hose, and four patches if you need to repair in the future.

Once you have everything set up, you will have constant water flow. Your children will have a ton of fun sliding down the slides, climbing up the wall, and getting caught under the dump bucket. This inflatable water slide is priced more expensive, but it is one of the most popular ones you can buy.

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Best Inflatable Water Slides For Kids

The Benefits of Having Your Own Inflatable Water Slide

It’s fair to say the initial cash outlay is a little steep, but having your own inflatable water slide at home comes with a few of its own benefits. These include:


One of the major benefits of owning your own inflatable water slide is that it’s portable. Obviously, this depends o the size you buy as well as the size of the area it’s being used in, but generally, it can be inflated and deflated quickly and you can move it around the garden, or take it with you should you ever move houses.


Yes, we said inflatable water slides and water parks can be costly, but they’re a lot more affordable than permanent slides structures. There is also a wide range to choose from, with options to suit every budget.


A lot of the inflatable water parks are versatile in that they can be used wet or dry. This means during the warmer months they can be filled with water and in winter you can turn the splash pools into ball pits.


Another reason is that they’re fun and turn long summer days into fun-filled ones. Adults and children will be able to enjoy them and they’re great to have for family get-togethers and other social occasions.

Long lasting

If you do your research and purchase a good quality inflatable water slide, it’ll last you a long time. The better ones are made from a strong 20-gauge vinyl and can resist wear and tear as well as punctures. By following the care instructions you will also extend its usability.

No matter the size of your garden, the size of your kids or the size of your budget, chances are you’ll find one that ticks all the boxes.

Inflatable Water Slide Buying Guide

There are a few things to consider before you splash out on a water slide. Because there are so many types available, and your needs are different to your neighbor’s, you need to figure out:

  • If the water slide’s going to be used by the entire family, or just the kids
  • What features are you looking for?
  • How big (or small) should the water slide or water park be?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • How heavy is it? Can you set it up on your own?

When you have an idea of what you can afford, the size and the type, you need to look out for a few essential things. To make sure the inflatable water park or slide serves you well, you need to consider:

The material

The best inflatable water parks are made from durable materials including PVC, gauge vinyl or commercial grade nylon. Commercial grade nylon is the toughest but slides made from PVC are popular for home use.

The size

Water parks and slides come in different shapes but you generally need a fair amount of space. Square shape ones, for example, are smaller so they take up the least amount of space.

Recommended ages

For safety reasons, make sure the water slide is suitable for the ages of the children that are going to be using it. There are slides for children as young as three years of age. Something else to consider is the weight capacity; some water slides can safely hold up to 100 pounds, while others can hold in excess of 150.

Chambers and slides

Water parks are available with one or more slides. While the number of slides won’t affect its performance, it will be bigger and weigh more. Of course, it also means a whole lot more fun. Two slides are better than one, but those with four are considered the best.

Chambers are generally the same, but the more chambers make the inflatable suitable for different ages.

The setup time

This might not seem like a big deal, but setup time needs to be quick and easy, otherwise, it’s going to be too much of a bother and they’re not going to get caused.

The best inflatable water slides will take the least amount of effort and time to set up, and some models come with instructional DVDs or manuals. They’re not difficult to inflate, but it does help the first few times.

The accessories

Accessories include carrying bags, repair kits, sprayers, and blowers. While they’re not essential, they do add value for money. Generally the more accessories the more expensive the inflatable, but it’s not always the case.

The price

Price is always a factor, but there are water parks and slides to suit every possible budget. The main difference is often quality, with the more expensive ones lasting longer. However, we recommend buying the best one for your budget.

You’ve chosen your inflatable water slide, the sun’s shining and the family’s rearing to go. Keep it fun and safe for everyone by:

Setting rules

To make sure there are no accidents and everyone has fun it’s important to put a few rules in place, especially for children. One of the most important rules is that it should never be used without the supervision of an adult. They should also be taught to act responsibly, including taking turns, so that everyone has fun

Keep sharp objects away

It’s important that anyone using the inflatable take off their shoes. Also, keep sharp objects away to ensure the slide’s longevity. Nothing ruins a good time quicker than a deflated inflatable.

Follow the instructions when assembling it

Take time to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when assembling it. Inflatable slides might all seem like they’re the same, but if anything happens to it and you haven’t followed the guidelines, chances are it won’t be covered by the warranty or guarantee.

Storing it

Just like you need to follow the instructions when inflating it for use, it needs to be stored correctly so it doesn’t get damaged or get mold. Make sure it’s completely dry before packing I away.

Stick to the weight capacity

Be aware of the maximum weight capacity. Is it recommended for children only? Can adults also use it? Be aware of the number of people it can hold as well. To avoid any injuries, it’s important to keep this in mind and use the inflatable water slide correctly.

Spending a little time reading up on the best inflatable water slides and asking around will save you a lot of stress and frustration in the long run. Make sure the one you purchase suits your needs, fits in with your budget and the size of the property where it will be used. Once you’ve done that, inflate, add water and kids and enjoy!

Backyard Water Slide

FAQ For the Best Inflatable Water Slides

What is an Inflatable Water Slide?
An inflatable water slide needs air to make it inflatable. These balloon-like toys are blown up using a blower to give it its fun shapes. Inflatables take up less room than a slip in slide would. They will provide your child with a ton of fun, and they come with different slides, water cannons, splash pools, and so much more.

Are Inflatable Water Slides Safe to Use?
Yes, inflatable water slides are completely safe for children. It is still wise to supervise your children while they are playing in case, they start roughhousing too much. Also, if you are letting smaller children toddler age play on one of these above, make sure you follow the age appropriate guidelines to keep children safe.

How Much Water Do Inflatable Water Slides Use?
This really depends on how big of an inflatable water slide you have purchased. A typical one will use around four liters of water in a minute. If you keep thinking this amount of water in mind and say think of how much water you will use in an hour. This could cost you around 30-50 cents an hour of water running. Some models recycle some of the used water too.

How to Clean Inflatable Water Slides?
If your water slide becomes very filthy, there are two ways you can clean it up. The first is to use a garden hose and spray down the slide and get any loose dirt or grass off. Then you can apply a vinyl cleaner that you can use to clean the surface of the inflatable water slide.

Another way to do this is by using a mild dish detergent and hot water. You can make a bucket of this solution and either just pour it on the slide or go to town scrubbing. It really up to you. When you get done, rinse the slide thoroughly and set out to dry.

How do I Dry an Inflatable Water Slide?
The sun is your best blow-dryer! Once you have finished cleaning the inflatable water slide, you can start to deflate it. If you want, you can leave it put up; it just might not get all the way dry if some water is left sitting on it.

So, start by deflating the inflatable. This should only take you a couple of minutes. Leave it flat out to dry in the sun for about an hour. Then come back and flip the inflatable to the other side that was not getting any of the sun. This will help to make sure there is no leftover water on it.

How do I Store my Inflatable Water Slide When Not Using it?
When winter comes, you might need to pack away your inflatable water slide until next summer. To do this, you want to make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the slide and dried it. To learn how to do this, check the above two questions.

One those steps are complete, you can either roll the inflatable and store in back in the box it came in, or a storage case. Some inflatables even come with a storage bag to store it in.

How do you Fix an Inflatable Water Slide?
If you develop a hole, tear, or water leak, it is important to have patches handy. Some of the inflatable water slides come with a few patches for you to use in case this sort of thing happens.

Find the source that requires fixing. Apply some glue onto the patch and push it firmly on. Once you have done this, make sure the entire inflatable is dry before using it again. You can then look at the patch and see if your work has fixed the issue.

How Much are Inflatable Water Slides?
The price of the best inflatable water slides can range dramatically. Some basic models can range around $200, while others with more features and can accommodate more people can range to over $1000.

Who makes the Best Inflatable Water Slides?
This will really range depending on your personality, which one you may think is the best. In my personal opinion, there are a few that I really like. The first is the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River one because this is a trusted brand. They are very affordable and make their products with outstanding construction.

I also really like the Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo. This one is so unique, and it comes with so many features such as two water cannons, splashers, and a big jumping pad. Plus, I love the pirate theme!


Summer will be here before you know it! Do you want your kids stuck inside all day having screen time, or do you want them outside enjoying the weather having fun? Getting your kids one of the best inflatable water slides for the summer will surely get them outside playing. They will have so much fun that they won’t want to even stop for a break.

I hope you found our buying guide and best inflatable water slides reviews helpful in making the decision easier for you! Let us know which one you ended up getting!

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