Best Gymnastics Bars

Many children all over the world love and practice gymnastics. Many people want to bring their gymnastics training home, and one way to do this is by getting one of the best gymnastics bars. Below you will find the five best gymnastics bars on the market. They are stable, made from exceptional materials, and affordable.

Z ATHLETIC Expandable Kip Bar for Gymnastics

This expandable gymnastics bar from the company Z-Athletic is one of the best gymnastics bars on the market. This is a very strong, sturdy gymnastic bar made from a strong steel. The core of this product is made from a strong fiberglass. Even the legs have extra welded support to make it way more stable when you are doing tricks.

The bar has a very impressive 300 pound pull down weight limit and a 120-pound weight limit when in use. This allows for a wider range of people to use this gymnastics bar at home.

The bar also comes with a gymnastics mat. This mat fits perfectly under the bar measuring 4ft by 6ft and 2 inches wide. The mat is made with a high-quality polyethylene foam that is a closed-cell foam that is used in gym mats that competitors use.

The gymnastics bar can be adjusted for different heights. You can change it from 36” to 58” or anywhere in-between. It is easy to adjust because of the convenient pin-lock system.

The gymnastic bar itself is extremely easy to set up when you finally get it delivered to your home; you can set it up within minutes. This set only uses ten bolts total, and if that doesn’t tell you how easy it is to set up, then I don’t know what does.

One of the other reasons I like this gymnastics bar is because of the affordable price. You can get this for your or your child to practice their skills on at home. Perfect budget-friendly option for you.

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Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Gymnastics Bar

This is another extremely popular product in the gymnastic bar space. This is a great gymnastic bar for children. The bar is made with exceptional quality, and the company makes sure the safety of their products is the most important thing.

The frame of this gymnastics bar is made from a strong steel that has been tubed. This allows for the life of the steel to be longer. The steel is then coated with a powder substance that keeps it looking brand new, and it is also rust-resistant. The bar is made from a beech wood, which is a really high-quality wood that will last a very long time.

This a height adjustable bar too so you can change the height as your child grows. It starts out at 38” and can go all the way up to 59”. The frame itself is four feet by six feet, so you are getting quite a big gymnastics bar.

A mat is not included with this set, so I suggest you purchase one separately for safety reasons. However, just remember this frame is incredibly strong and safe. The frame can hold 125 pounds of weight.

This is one of the more expensive gymnastics bars you can get, but it is still one of the best quality ones on the market.

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Reliancer Expandable Gymnastics Bars Junior Training Bar

This gymnastics bar from Reliancer is perfect for children between the ages of three to seven. It is perfect for a child that takes gymnastic classes regularly or even for a child that just wants to start practicing.

This is an adjustable home gymnastics bar. It starts off at 34.5” and can go all the way up to 50.5”. This will grow with your child, so you can use it for longer. The frame features a spring knob that allows you to adjust the height very easily without having to take half of it apart.

The set up of the frame looks like a triangle. This triangle shape gymnastic bar and frame will help to stabilize the system as a whole. So, it will not sway back and forth or move when your child is performing tricks. The weight limit on this bar is 140 pounds. Much more than some of the other brands.

Another amazing feature that makes this one of the best gymnastics bars is that this one can hold up in a matter of seconds. Other brands do not offer this feature. Especially if you live in a tinier space, this is an amazing feature.

There are also multiple no skid pads around the bar. This is just extra protection around the corners of the bar. All of the features combined together to make this gymnastics bar one of the best.

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SHIWEI Gymnastics Training Bar

Here we have our best gymnastics bar for someone that is on a budget. This is a very budget-friendly option for people who want something basic with not a whole lot of features. Just the product and what it is intended to do.

The weight limit on this bar is 230 pounds. That is one of the highest weight limits we have seen based on other brands. This is an adjustable height bar so you can start it out at 36” and adjust it all the way to 59”. There is a double locking mechanism that will not slip when you adjust the bar. It will leave it in place.

The ends have covers on them to not only protect your children’s feet, but it will also protect the floor of your house. There is also ABS knobs on the bottom of the frame to keep the base more stable when the bar is moving.

You can choose to either get this gymnastics bar in either pink or blue. Again, this is a very affordable way to go. There isn’t a lot of extra features that come with this bar, so you can except just a basic gymnastics bar that is still a high-quality option.

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Costzon Double Horizontal Bars

This is a very unique gymnastics bar that offers you two bars instead of one. This is a set of parallel bars that can be adjusted from 38” to 55”. The weight capacity for these bars is 220 pounds. This is significantly higher than other brands.

The frame is made from a strong steel that is very sturdy and can hold a high weight limit. The gymnastics bar uses steel pipes and steel plates to keep the bar more stable when it is in use. This gives your set up a strong support to allow your child to continue their training successfully.

The gymnastic bars are extremely easy to setup. All you need is a few tools and the instructions to set it up. You can have everything set up in around 30 minutes or less. If someone is helping you, it could take even less time.

These parallel bars are perfect for children from six years old all the way up to twelve years old or until the bar becomes too short for your child. Have your child practice their gymnastics skills in style.

This is one of the more expensive options to purchase, but remember, this is a set of parallel bars so you can do more tricks, and it has a higher weight limit. This is another great option, and that is why it has been put on the best gymnastics bar list.

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Best Gymnastics Bars

How To Choose the Best Gymnastics Bars

Below you will find our buying guide. In this guide, you will find things to consider before making your purchase above. This will help you narrow down your options.

Bar Material

You want the bar that you are using to be flexible but yet still very strong. Try to find out what the manufacture is saying they use. What type of wood do they use? You want to make sure it isn’t a cheap wood that will cause issues when you use it.


Quality is one of the most important things when it comes to a gymnastic bar. You want something that is going to hold up over time and one that has a super strong structure. If the structure fails, then the gymnastic bar will be useless for practice.

Typically, the bars are made from either wood or a strong fiberglass. Make sure you know what type of wood you are getting with your bar because you want to make sure it is of high quality and not cheap crappy quality wood.

Remember, the products in my best gymnastic bar review above are made with really great quality so you will get a good quality product from this review.


You need to look carful at the height of your bar because some of them are only made for children. Some of them are adjustable and can be used for different size children but to truly make sure you need to measure the height.

Weight Capacity

There are weight limits when it comes to equipment. Most often, these bars can hold up to 100 pounds on the kid gymnastic bars. Some bars can hold a lot more, but you will have to look closely. The less weight you weight in ratio to the weight limit will allow you to perform your tricks and exercises better.

Make sure you always check the product information about the weight limit. This is crucial to making sure you aren’t purchasing a product that isn’t the right weight or size.


When it comes to assembly of an at home gymnastics bar, it is usually straight forward and pretty simple to set up. You should still follow the instructions given with the bar set. If you still get stuck, you can always watch a tutorial to set up your gymnastics bar more quickly.

Bar Width

Bar width is important when you have children using the gymnastics bar. Sometimes kids can’t quite fit their hands around the bar. Make sure you know what the bar width is as well if your child can grip it well. You can also purchase bar grips to help your child keep a hold of the bar.


These gymnastic bars should not be used unless you have some sort of protection under them. Gymnastics mats are a great way to protect yourself and children when you are doing tricks. If you were to fall and land on the hard floor, you could really hurt yourself.


Price is the last thing for you to think about before making your decision. Prices of gymnastic bars can really range dramatically from lower priced options to very expensive luxury options. Go ahead and pick a price and try to stick within that price range.

Girl with Gymnastics BarSafety Precautions When Using a Gymnastics Bar

When your children use a gymnastic bar, there are certain safety precautions you should follow to keep your child as safe as possible.

  • You should always keep a gymnastics mat on hand underneath your gymnastics bar. If you do happen to fall and get hurt, the thickness of the mat should help absorb the fall that way, you don’t get hurt.
  • Buy the right size bar. I can’t stress this enough; you want to make sure you are getting the proper size bar because if you purchase something that is too big, then it can be much harder to do your tricks and exercises that you need to do.
  • Make sure you are always supervising your children when they are using the bar. Just like when they are at their gymnastics gym, there are many people supervision and making sure children are staying safe.
  • Stretching is very important before starting any workout. This is something you should incorporate or have your children do before they start their workout.
  • Make sure wherever your gymnastics bar is set up that you have left plenty of room. You don’t want to practice your moves in a crowded area that many people will be moving through. Try to make your own workout space or even a separate gymnastics room if you can.
  • Girls should wear their hair tied back because this will reduce the risk of their hair getting tied or tangled up on the bar.
  • Lastly, always check the bar before you being any training or exercises. Make sure everything is stable and secure.

Skills You Can Learn with a Gymnastics Bar

You may not realize that you can learn and practice a lot of great tricks and moves on your gymnastics bar. Here are a few you can start learning today:

Kip – This is a great skill to learn in gymnastics. This will usually start off your routine when you are mounting the bar. The hardest part is learning how to practice getting into the front support position with enough follow-through.

Leg Cuts – these help you learn how to get your body higher off the bar. You can practice this on all types of gymnastics bars.

L-holds – these are great exercises that help build up the muscles inside your core. You will really feel your abs working.

Skin the Cat – This is a simple exercise that younger children can do. Let them hang from the gymnastics bar and have them twist from side to side. This will help make their shoulder muscles strong as well as it will give you more flexibility.

Girl Doing Gymnastics


Here you will find common questions and answer on all thing’s gymnastic bars. I hope this helps you to fully understand them better.

What Is a Kip Bar?

A kip bar refers to a term people use in gymnastics. It is a skill that you can do called a kip skill. This can be done on a men’s high bar or even on a women’s uneven bar. You can do this skill on an at home gymnastics bar. So, if you hear people call gymnastic bars kip bars, then just know it is a skill you can achieve using gymnastic bars.


If you love gymnastics and need a good piece of equipment to use to practice your skills, then I am glad you checked out the best gymnastics bar review I made. Having a home gymnastics set is such a great thing because you can practice over and over again until you perfect your skills. Which one did you end up getting?

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