Best Gymnastic Mats

Do you or your children take gymnastics classes? Have you thought about taking your skills and continuing to practice them at home? Well, now you can with the help from the best gymnastic mats. Now you can continue to practice tumbling, flips, and even aerobic exercises all from your gymnastics mat. Make sure you look at our list of the best gymnastic mat reviews to help you pick out the best one for you.

BalanceFrom GoGym Extra Thick Gymnastics Mat

The BalanceFrom Company makes amazing gymnastics products. In my opinion, they make the best gymnastics mats on the market. This is a ten-foot-long mat with four feet of width. The mat itself is also two inches thick. The inside of the mat is made with a high-density foam. This foam provides you with excellent support as you jump, tumble, and practice on it.

One of the coolest things about this gymnastics mat is that it is portable. It can be folded up super easily and moved from room to room or place to place. You can take this with you to the park, gymnastics class, or anywhere you would like.

The material of the mat is made from all safe, non-toxic materials. This is a special kind of vinyl that is tear and puncture-resistant.  The mat is easy to clean, and you can spray it with your favorite cleaning solution and use paper towels to clean it. You can always use a rag with hot soapy water too.

There are four color options for you to choose from. You can choose black, blue, pink, or purple. You can also buy more and connect them together with the Velcro on the bottom. These are all the reasons why we love this gymnastics mat and why it is on our best gymnastics mat list.

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ZENOVA Gymnastics Landing Mat, 4” Thick Tumbling Mat Crash Pad

This gymnastics mat is a super thick four-inch-thick landing mat. This mat is specifically designed to be landed on after gymnastic bar work. You can also use it to land tricks or falls. You can use this mat in all sorts of exercises. It is perfect for putting under your kip bar, extra padding on top of your regular mat, perfect for material arts, and even yoga.

The sides have Velcro strips that allow you to connect this mat onto others easily. The handles on the side of the mat make it easy to carry it around from place to place. The surface is made with non-toxic materials. This is a non-absorbent PVC leather. This makes the mat extremely easy to clean when you are done with it.

You get the option to choose between two colors blue, or purple. This is a great landing mat for beginners because you may need that extra padding when you first start out tumbling. The padding is nice and thick, which is beneficial with certain tricks.

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Polar Aurora Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat

This mat from Polar Aurora is made with a very strong dense EPE foam. This foam makes you well protected when you do tricks. You won’t feel the hard floor through this foam. It also has great shock absorptions so you can do very high impact exercises.

This is a 10-foot by 4-foot-wide gymnastics mat that is two inches thick. There is a leather casing that covers all the foam on the inside of the mat. You can easily clean and sanitize the mat as needed after workouts.

The mat is also very portable. You can easily move it from place to place. There is a sewn-on handle on each end that will make it much easier and comfortable to hold. The mat also has attached Velcro strips to allow you to connect other brands of mats or even more of this same product together.

The feature I like best about this company is the fact that they offer so many different color options. There are ten different options, and it is perfect to style the mat to your child’s favorite colors. You can also use this gymnastics mat not only for gymnastics but also for other activities such as martial arts, yoga, regular fitness, or even for toddlers to crawl and play on.

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Matladin Folding Tri-fold Gymnastics

This another one of the best gymnastic mats you can purchase. This mat is six feet by two feet and right at two inches thick. This mat can fold down pretty compactly. When it is folded, you will be left with two feet by two feet and six inches wide.

The inside of the mat is filled with an eco-friendly foam. This EPS foam is way healthier for the environment and people. The outside is made from a PU leather that is very strong and hard to tear. This material is non-toxic, waterproof, easy to clean, and non-slip.

The stitching has been reinforced on all sides to make sure it is truly tear-resistant. This mat is so safe that even some people use these mats for places for their young children to play. Perfect for babies or toddles.

This mat is also great for other activities besides just gymnastics. Plenty of people use these mats for cheerleading, yoga, martial arts, dancing, and much more. The price on this mat is extremely affordable. This is the best gymnastic mat for people on a budget.

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Giantex Incline Gymnastics Mat

If you or your child knows anything about gymnastics than you know just how versatile and important an incline cheese mat is. This inclined slope is perfect for tumbling moves, stretching, and other aerobic activity.

The cool things are these mats can be folded down into a square cube shape. This makes it much easier to transport around your home, workout space, or gym. The covering on the cheese wedge mat is made from a strong PVC material. This material can withstand all sorts of jumping and tumbling. It is truly tear-resistant.

There is a zipper on this mat that you can use to take off the cover and clean it when needs. Then you can put it back on the cheese wedge and do more tumbling exercises.

There are many colors to choose from. There are 14 options to choose from between colors and different sizes. There are bigger and smaller sizes you can choose from. This is a very comfortable cheese wedge, and the eco-friendly foam is safe and non-toxic.

This is the best gymnastic mat cheese wedge on the market. The price is very affordable and one of the perfect additions to your home gymnastic equipment.

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Best Gymnastics Mat

How to Choose the Best Gymnastics Mats

Below you will find multiple categories with things you need to consider before making your gymnastics mat purchase. Check out my buying guide to help you narrow down my best gymnastic mat list.


You should consider what the purpose of your purchase will be. Is it to practice gymnastics moves at home? Is it for children to play on? Is it for other exercises? These are all questions you should ask yourself before committing to a purchase.

Most likely, you are purchasing a gymnastic mat for gymnastics. Then you have come to the right place. In my best gymnastics mat review above, you will find the latest and best products on the market. Everyone single one has lived up to certain standards to make it one of the best.


You want your gymnastics mat to be thick; that way, when you do tricks or tumbling moves, you don’t hurt yourself from the hard floor. The thickness needs to be just right to protect your feet. You also don’t want a mat that is to thick either because then your hands and feet will sink into the gymnastics mat. A mat around two inches thick is probably about the perfect thickness for you.

Material Used

You always want to take into consideration what materials have been used to make the mat. Does the inside use foam? Look to see what type of foam it uses. Some of the best mats use an EPS foam that is healthier and safer.

The outside of the mat is just as important as the inside. The outside is usually made with some sort of PU leather or PVC material. This is usually easy to clean and tear-resistant. Try to find these materials when looking through my reviews above. These materials will last the longest.


You also want to consider what size mat you may want to purchase. There are all types of different sizes. People tend to like the ones that are big because then they have more room for tumbling and flips. In my reviews, you will find a wide range of sizes.


Price is also a big consideration. Gymnastics mats can get very expensive, especially for the biggest high-quality ones. You will find a wide range of prices in my reviews above. I reviewed a couple of very affordable options and also some that are slightly more expensive.

Best Gymnastics Mats

Benefits of Gymnastics

There are a ton of great benefits to doing gymnastics. Check out a few down below.

  • You will stay healthy and in shape practicing your gymnastics moves
  • You will develop better sleep when you get good exercise
  • You learn how to follow basic instructions when learned new tumbling moves from instructors
  • Motor skills will develop and improve, and your muscles will learn how to do the moves basically forever
  • Muscles will get bigger, and you will become stronger
  • You will learn important lessons about dedication and never giving up on your goals

Girl Doing Gymnastics


Below you will find common questions and answers about gymnastics mats.

How Much are Gymnastic Mats?

Gymnastics mats can range from extremely expensive to more moderately priced options. You will have to set your own budget and decide your price point. Remember to price compare and check out all the features each mat has to offer to make up your mind.

What is the Best Kind of Gymnastic Mat Made Of?

Typically, the best gymnastic mats are made from an EPS foam. This type of foam is better for the environment, and it safer for humans to use. You will find this foam in most of all the products I have reviewed above.

The outer material is typically made of either two options. The first being a PU leather, and the other is PVC material. Both are very good options, and they wipe clean easily. The PU leather this very strong and known to be tear-resistant. You can find both options in my review above.

How Thick Should a Gymnastic Mat be for a Six-Year-Old?

Your six-year-old should use the same amount of thickness as you. A two-inch-thick mat should work perfectly. Now, if your child is practicing with gymnastic rings or bars, you can add a thicker mat underneath that is around four-inches thick. This will protect them if they have a fall or harder landing.

How Thick Should a Gymnastic Mat Be?

You don’t want the mat to be too thick because it will be tough to do tricks and tumbles. When the mat is too thick, it will actually press down further, and your feet and hand will dip in or sink in a little. The perfect thickness will be around one inch or two inches thick. Any thicker than that, than you will just have issues.


Gymnastics mats are a great way to bring your gymnastics learning into your home. It will keep you or your child engaged, and you will benefit greatly from it. I hope this article made it easy to narrow down the best gymnastics mat for you. I hope you found the information that I have provided in this article useful. Let me know which gymnastics mat you ended up getting.

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