Best Backyard Zipline Kits for Kids

Are you tired of your kid’s spending all day long in the house using their phones and tablets? You need to get something that is going to pique your kid’s interest, and I know just what you need to do that. You need one of the best backyard zipline kits for kids. This is a fantastic way to get your kids outside, enjoying the sun while also getting some exercise.

The best thing about a zipline kit is that you can take it anywhere it’s not just restricted to your backyard. You kids can take it to a friend’s house, the park, or even camping. The weight limits are usually very high that even adults can join in on the fun. Are you ready to get yourself one of the best zipline kits? You can check out the best zipline kits on the market below in my review.

CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit

The CTSC is a leading company in the outdoor market. They make a variety of products, one of them being this fun 95-foot zipline. This is a great addition to any obstacle course in your backyard, or even just something for your child to do this summer that’s different and interesting.

The zip line can hold up to 250 pounds of weight so children will be able to fit on this no problem. This brand focuses on safety as the number one priority. They have a bungee braking system that will allow you to slow down the zipline instead of coming to a halting stop. The grips that your child will hold onto have rubber on them to make them easier to grab.

You get extra linage on the zipline to make sure it is connected to the tree properly, even if the tree is quite wide. The seat is adjustable by a rope knot so you can retie it based on different children using it. The seat is also nice and wider and comfortable.

This zipline meets all the quality standards set by the international roHS and the CE. This is one of the best backyard ziplines because it can easily be set up between two trees. Your children will enjoy hours of fun, and even adults can go ahead and try it out too.

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90′ Zipline Eagle Series w/ Spring Brake Kit

This is another great option for a backyard zipline. This is a strong galvanized steel zipline set that has super durable zip wires. The zipline cable is 90 feet long, and it also has a 10-foot sling cable. Both children and adults can take a ride on this zipline because it has a 250-pound weight limit.

One of the best features of this zipline is that all the materials used to make it are weather and water-resistant. You can leave it outside and not have to worry about it getting ruined. Also, the entire system will only take you 30 minutes or less to fully install. If you have help, you will get done even quicker!

This zipline also comes with a bungee cord braking system; that way, you can stop if you need to. The seat is adjustable and a nice big comfortable size. Slacker is a very trusted brand when it comes to all sorts of outdoor equipment. You can really trust this brand. This is why they have multiple products on my best zipline kit for kid’s review.

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Slackers 100′ Night Riderz Kit with Spring Brake

This is a very interesting zipline because this one will light up. Yes, you read that correctly this one has ropes with blinking lights and a LED light up zipline trolley. This zipline is much longer; the cable runs 100 feet long. The cable length is a total of 113 feet, but that includes what you will need to connect it to the tree.

The system is made from strong steel, just like the other slacker brands. You won’t have to worry about it getting damaged during weather because it is weather element resistant. The handle of the zipline has rubber around it to help hold onto it easier while you are on the zipline.

This zipline is extremely easy to set up. Most of the parts come to you already assembled, so all you have to do is hook it up onto your tree and but the trolley on. This should only take less than thirty minutes to set up completely.

This is one of the more expensive zipline kits. The quality of the zipline is great, and the LED lights make this zipline extra special. How fun will it be to play outside just as the sun is setting and to have all those lights blinking, making the zipline light up. This is such a fun thing for your children to play with.

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ANW American Ninja Warrior Zipline

Here we have a zipline for children and adults from the American Ninja Warrior company. This company makes a variety of fun outdoor items that you can put inside your backyard to make your own ninja warrior obstacle course. Adding a zipline will be a great addition to that.

This zipline is available in two different sizes. You can choose to get the 50 foot or the 80 foot. The entire system is made from a strong galvanized steel. You can rest assured that the steel will hold on the zipline and not break easily. The seat is also completely adjustable so you can lower it or make it higher for each person.

The trolley sports the entire ninja warrior theme with the name very large on the front. The handles have a silicone or rubber on them to make it easier for your hand to hold onto. The seat is quite wide and comfortable for your bum.

If your child loves the ninja warrior show, they are going to love this zipline. It’s strong and durable because of the stainless-steel construction, and it will hold up to 200 pounds. A great addition to your backyard to add in some fun.

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Adventure Parks Zip Line

This zipline that I am about to review right here is the cheapest, most inexpensive zipline you will see out of all my reviews. This zipline is made by the company adventure parks, and it is a very simple zipline product. This one has a weight limit of only 125 pounds, so it is really only suited for kids.

This zipline does not come with a seat, so your children will have to hang by holding onto the handlebars. The handlebar has foam around it, so they are more comfortable than just holding onto metal. This cable is 35 feet long so significantly less than the others I have reviewed but perfect if you don’t have a lot of space.

The good thing is the trolley is fully enclosed, so there is no way fingers can get into it and cause damage. The cable is made of steel so you can feel relieved about the construction of the zipline. This is the cheapest most budget friendly option, and that is why it has been added to our best backyard zipline article.

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Best Zipline for Kids

How to Choose the Best Backyard Zipline

Below you will find a few categories that you should read and consider before making your final purchase decision.


Safety is the most important thing when it comes to outdoor activities, especially ziplines. Ziplines need to have top notch safety features because if your child is going to be up in the air, you want them to come back down unharmed.  Most ziplines are checked by the international regulations to make sure they meet safety guidelines. I have listed all the great safety features in my review above.


Durability is how strong the materials that hold up the zipline are going to be. There are a lot of stainless-steel options on the market, and that is a really good material to go with. You will not have a problem with that breaking. There are also some made from strong aluminum, which isn’t are strong, but they still hold up very well.


The best backyard ziplines are one that have great ergonomic comfort in the seat and on the handles. The seats usually have a round or oval design to provide you with enough room. The handles are usually covered with either foam, silicone, or rubber. This is much better than holding onto handles that are just metal. The rubber feels good in your hand and helps you grip it easier.

Weight Capacity

Weight limit is also very important. You don’t want to get a product with a small weight limit that your children can’t even use. Try to find a product that has an adequate weight limit. Most often, you will find ziplines with around 200-pound weight limits, but there are some that give you much more. The higher the weight limit means that even an adult can use the zipline.


Price is also important to consider because these zipline kits can get very expensive. Make sure you set a price range you want to stay within. You can find ziplines ranging from lower priced options to higher priced options. I have reviewed both price points, some cheaper and some more expensive.

Best Zipline Kits for Kids

How to Install a Zipline Kit

Below you will find my quick tips on how to set up a backyard zipline. Remember to follow your specific product’s instructions, but you can use my tips as guidelines to help you.

  • You want to make sure you have either your trees or pots already marked off or set up before you can set up your zipline
  • Once you have that done, you can connect the end of the cable to the tree or whatever it is you are using
  • Now take the other end and stretch it all the way to the other tree
  • Now attach the zipline securely on that end
  • You will need to test that ride is going to be smooth and safe. Go on a test run to make sure.
  • Once you have declared it is safe, you can finish installing the bottom attachments before letting your children or yourself use it.
  • Then it is complete, and you can begin using the zipline


Below you will find common questions and answers about ziplines.

How High Should You Install the Zipline?

When installing a zipline, it is important to have enough clearance from the zipline and the ground. You don’t want your feet to hit the ground when you take off or your zipline to be so low that you dip down too far and touch the ground.

As a rule of thumb, you should have around a seven-foot clearance from the zipline and the ground. This gives you plenty of space in between for sagging; now you can raise this even higher if you would like. The higher it is, the better slope you will have.

How Does a Backyard Zipline Work?

A zipline is a series of cables that are put together. You have a high point, and the endpoint will be much lower to give you that slope. The slope is what will make the trolley have a smooth ride across the line. The zipline system is essentially a pully system. It is very strong and can hold a high weight capacity. It is also a ton of fun.

Can You Zipline out in the Rain?

For safety reasons, it is not recommended to zipline out in the rain. So, if it is heavily raining outside, I don’t recommend you doing this. If you get caught outside while ziplining and it starts to rain, then you should get off the zipline when you can and go inside.

What is the Best Backyard Zipline kit?

In my personal option, I believe that the best backyard zipline is the CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit. This zipline comes with all the features you want, and it has also been approved by national safety guidelines. It will be perfect for both adults and children, and the price is right when it comes to this zipline. It is made from strong, sturdy materials and can be set up easily.


Ziplines are the new coolest backyard toy. Kids love the idea of having a zipline across the tress int heir backyard. All their friends can come over and see just how fun it is. I hope you ere able to pick out a product from our best backyard zipline kit review. There are so many great options out on the market that are durable, easy to set up, and a lot of fun. Let us know which one you decided to go with.

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