Best Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids

Have your kids ever watched the show ninja warrior and said, where can I go to play on one of those? Well, now you can get your own with the help of my best backyard obstacle course for kids review. Obstacle courses are a great way to get your child outside being active away from the screen devices. It engages them and gets them healthy at the same time! Check out these ninja warrior kits below!

Ninja Outdoor Obstacle Course Line Kit

This is a very fun and cool ninja obstacle course from the company Flybold. This is a long 40-foot line that has many different fitness accessories for children. This line is capable of holding 300 pounds, including accessories. So, even an adult can have some fun with their child while playing with this.

You will get eight different attachments with this set. Four gymnastics rings are included, and you can do multiple things with these. You can hang on them, swing, and even practice your balance. Two fist holds also come with this set that you can use to swing on or climb onto. Lastly, there are two monkey bars that you can use to really strengthen up your core.

The instruction booklet will give you step by step instructions on how to set this up completely. When you connect it to your tree, you will get a gear ratchet to help you pull the line to the tree as well as some extra wide tree protectors.

This is a very affordable fun option to add something new to your backyard. Kids love obstacle courses, especially ones that remind them of challenges from the hit T.V. show ninja warrior.

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Gentle Booms Sports Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Kit

This is another option for the best outdoor obstacle course for kids. You can connect this easily between two different trees. You can also take off the attachments and use it just as a slackline if so desire. This is a great fun but challenging course for your children to try out.

Some of the items this kit includes are three gymnastics rings, two monkey bars, one ladder stand, and one monkey ball. These can all be connected to the auxiliary line. You also get a slackline, two tree protectors, five square buckles and locks, and lastly, a portable bag to put accessories away or to store the entire set in.

You can use the set in multiple different ways. You can readjust and move equipment around to make it more challenging. There is something for each skill level. The weight capacity of the entire line and accessories is 440 pounds. So multiple children can all use this at the same time as well as an adult can join in and not even exceed the weight limit!

This is truly one of the best backyard obstacle courses for kids because you can use it in so many ways. It is also made from high-quality materials and metals that will last a long time. I like the blue color of the lines and pops of yellow on the accessories. Very fun and affordable ninja warrior obstacle course for children.

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Slackers NinjaLine 36′ Intro Kit

Do you want your kids to stay active during the summer and to stop staring at their devices? If you said yes, then this is a great product for you to consider. The Slackers Ninjaline promotes a healthy lifestyle for not only your children but for you too. This outdoor obstacle course is perfect to challenge your children, giving them strength and endurance.

This ninja warrior obstacle course comes with seven different features. Two gymnast rings, three monkey knots, and two handlebars. You will also get a convenient carrying bag. This set is made of strong, durable material that you can rely on to hold your children up and yourself. This obstacle course can hold 250 pounds of weight.

This kit is really cool because you will get to feel like you are just like a ninja warrior while you are climbing and twisting through the air. You can out the accessories for the obstacle course anywhere on the slackline. You can even buy additional ones and them on too.

This is the best backyard obstacle course for the money because this is the most budget-friendly option out on the market for you. This is a great intro obstacle course for children.

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Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids 42′

You can attach this ninja warrior obstacle course to tress, wood posts, pillars, etc. Seven different accessories come with this obstacle course. You will get two monkey bars, three knot ropes, two gymnasts rings, and one climbing rope.

You will get everything you possibly need to set up your obstacle course. You will get all the clips, buckles, and attachments you need. You can keep anything extra or stuff you don’t want to add to your line inside the storage bag that comes with your kit.

This is 42 feet long high-quality line that will hold 440 pounds of weight on it. The whole family can enjoy this obstacle course. You will get everything you need to set up your course in a matter of minutes. Connect with other obstacle courses or keep it by itself; it’s up to you!

The price is very fair and right around the expected price of an obstacle course. You can’t beat the quality compared to other brands. Keep practicing until you finally reach the end of the course. Your body will thank you for all the amazing core strength you will gain.

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Best Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Obstacle Course

Below you will find our buying guide. The goal in min is for this buying guide to help you narrow down the choices in our list to pick out the product that is best for you.


The length of the actual course varies from product to product. You will want it to fit inside your backyard, so you need to make sure you have measured your yard first before making a purchase. You will also need something to hook your course onto, whether its two big trees, wooden posts, or even concrete. You need to think about these things before anything else.

Once you have measured, you can look through our best backyard obstacle course and pick out the length you would like. I have reviewed multiple different lengths, so there is an option for everyone.


The material used to make the line and accessories is extremely important. You want something that is going to hold up over time and something that can accommodate a high weight limit. You can find lines made out of nylon; this is the most popular material used. It is very strong and holds up great during UV exposure.

You will also find wood used on some of the accessories like the rings of the gymnast bars and even in the monkey bar. Steel is used in the attachments that you use to secure the line. Sometimes you can even find rubber in some of the accessories.


You want an obstacle course that isn’t going to take forever and a day to set up. The instructions are typically easy to follow. Try to have the post already in the ground, or your tree marked and ready to go before you set up the course. Make sure you follow the instructions when assembling your course.

Obstacle Accessories

There is a wide variety of things you can add to your obstacle course to make it extremely fun. The most common ones you see are the gymnastic rings, monkey bars, rope knots, and climbing ropes. You can buy other add-ons to add to your course; some of those options include cargo nets, T-bar, traverse rings, and so much more.


Price is the last figure to consider before making your purchase. How much would you like to spend on this ninja warrior set for your back yard? Make sure you learn about the cost of not only the course but also the posts you will have to put in if you do not have a tree to anchor it too.

Outdoor Obstacle Courses for Kids


Below you will find common questions and answers for everything about obstacle courses.

How Old Do Children Have to be to Use an Obstacle Course?
You should always follow the recommended age on the product that has been given by the manufacturer. Children can use this product even at a young age. The course may be harder for them, but all it takes is practice. You can help your child do the course until they get the hang of it.

What is a Backyard Ninja Obstacle Course?
This is much different than any playground you will ever see. This is made of a very strong line that has been woven very tight to not break.  On this strong line, you can attach many different activities such as ropes, monkey bars, gymnast’s hoops, and much more. You go along the line, grabbing each activity, trying to make it all the way to the end of the line.

This is a very fun way to get outside and get exercise for both you and your children. The weight limits on these obstacle courses are so high that they usually can go up to 400 pounds of weight. This means that multiple children and even adults can use this fun backyard game.

How do I Set Up an Obstacle Course in my Backyard?
When getting ready to get a ninja warrior obstacle course, you first need to determine how much room you have in your backyard. Some of the best backyard obstacle courses go past thirty feet long. You will need to measure out how much space you will need. See if you can tie your obstacle course to a tree; if not, you will need to put down pillars to attach to.

You want to make sure you have something strong to attach your anchors and obstacle course too. If it’s not strong enough, then it could ruin your entire course. If you are looking for a set, you can find the best backyard obstacle courses above in my reviews.


It’s amazing all the different things you can learn to help entertain your children. This is such a fun and exciting way to get your children outside. It engages them and also gets them fit and healthy. I hope you found the best backyard obstacle course review helpful, and it helped you find the product that you like the best.

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