ACON Air Rectangle Trampoline Review

The ACON Rectangle Trampoline is a rectangular-shaped triangle with plenty of space and support for users of all ages and sizes. There is a sturdy outdoor-safe frame on this product, which can be replaced easily using the warranty should you even need to take it this far. Due to its safety features, space, and sturdy design, the ACON Rectangle Trampoline stands out as one of the best trampolines for backyards.

· 16 ft. x 9 ft. rectangular trampoline
· Soft foam spring pad
· 138 10-inch heavy gauge galvanized springs
· Included net enclosure for safety
· Great for adults and kids of all sizes and shapes
· 5-Year manufacturer’s warranty on the frame

In a nutshell, we can see here that this isn’t the average budget trampoline. On the contrary, this product has a considerable amount of jumping capability and a sturdy frame to hold it all together. The jumping mat is very soft to sit, stand, and jump on, and when paired with the net enclosure there is little risk of injury with this product.

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Jump Space

On any trampoline, one of the most important things is that you have plenty of space. Often times, it is fun to have more than one user on a trampoline, but small amounts of space can stop this from happening. This trampoline has 16 feet in length and 9 feet in diameter, allowing for at least 3 people easily. The rectangular shape also allows the space to easily be converted into a soccer or basketball arena with the right equipment. All of your kid’s friends will want to come spend the night when they see how big this thing is.

Spring Support

Space is one of the most important parts of a trampoline, the springs are another. In total, there are 138 springs surrounding the spring pad which have a spring preload of 82 N. Since each spring measures 10”, these things allow for some serious hops. They are also made very durable and long-lasting. However, if you need to replace a spring or two in the future they are kept in stock for an affordable price. As long as you are sure to jump closer to the middle, there is usually minimal risk of harming the springs in the first place.

Net Enclosure

There are some trampolines which hastily have a net attached to them which can easily be torn down in the event that they are actually needed. When installed correctly, this net isn’t one of them. It has poles which reach up and add to the support of the net. Of course, the poles themselves are padded as to not defeat the purpose of installing the net enclosure.

However, as with any recreational activity, a certain amount of respect must be given to the potential dangers so that nobody gets hurt when they use this trampoline. Never run into each other, jump into each other, or test the limits of the net and you will ensure that an accident never happens.

Can Be Left Outside During All Four Seasons

When added all together, thing trampoline weights about 510 pounds. This means that moving it around your home would be a very difficult experience. However, thankfully this trampoline is designed to be stored outside at any time of the year. Should you ever have a rusting problem, you can take advantage of the included warranty or simply buy a new spring or two. There are foam pads surrounding the metal parts which keeps it mostly safe from any moisture to produce rust in the first place. This product is designed to last years and years in one position.

Replacement and Upgrade Parts Available

Once you receive your ACON Rectangle Trampoline, you will soon figure out what you like about the product and what could be better. Since not everybody’s needs are the same, some people might want some extra features. For example, higher-rated springs, thicker support pipes, a better jumping mat, or a thicker foam spring pad. If you decide that you want any of these things after purchasing the trampoline, they are available. This same service can be used if you need to replace a spring or any other part outside of the warranty.

Included Frame Warranty

As stated, this trampoline is durable to last outside storage at any time of the year. The manufacturers of this product are so confident in this claim that they even include a nice 5-year warranty on the frame. This means that you can expect 5-years of problem-free hopping without even worrying that your investment will be lost.

In any case, replacement parts are relatively affordable and won’t be too much of a hassle should you need to fix anything after the warranty period. With a sturdy frame that is built to last a long time, this product should be seen as an investment into years of fun.

Either Self-Installed or Expert-Installed

Some people are handy, some simply aren’t. This is a reality. If you estimate that you need an expert to install this product, then you can find a price quote here, and see if this trampoline will still fit your budget. Normally, the price for installation is only a fraction of what you pay for the trampoline and is recommended for anybody who isn’t handy or knows someone who is.

If you do install this trampoline by yourself, make sure you have access to basic tools and you will likely be able to figure it out. Just remember that you are building something that could be potentially dangerous and that each part should be assembled carefully, firmly, and correctly.

ACON Rectangle Trampoline Review Summary

The ACON Rectangle Trampoline stands out as a great trampoline since it has plenty of space, comes with a durable frame, a generous warranty, and the ability to upgrade your trampoline for better features in the future. It is safely stored outdoors all year-round and has a safe & sturdy net surrounding the jumping area.

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